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  1. Based on general pricing of DAWs out there, I'd expect to pay between 2000-2400 BRL and 4000-4200 BRL for a perpetual license assuming the currency prices for USD and EUR don't change.
  2. Yet had time to change it to be this pixaleted mess and expect me to trust that you can do vector graphics properly.
  3. Unless Bandlab has come up with some magical way to display vector images at runtime with zero overhead, there's no way you're not causing extra resource usage by using vectors instead of raster graphics, especially considering the monitors we use cannot display pure vectors. Looking at this absolute masterful piece of job, I have my doubts:
  4. Because businesses are not your friends and people usually complain about stuff then end up buying the product/service anyways, so companies learned to just ignore the pissed off peple and continue doing whatever they were doing.
  5. I think the new Cakewalk pricing models might get us before any AI has the chance to do the same at the present moment.
  6. My only concern with vector based UI is that it will introduce extra overhead in the DAW. Dorico uses a vector based interface and the sofware is very unresponsive even on high end machines, as controls only respond a few seconds after you clicked them and the program becomes slower as you start actually doing stuff.
  7. Nah, it's still the same pixelated logo with the new orange.
  8. I believe the people that developed Natron used the same reasoning for requiring you to fill a form in order to give you access to the download and after some small time, they left the project to the community because nobody was using it. I'd love to believe in the whole "small team, finite resources to support the product." But then you have this bandcamp-like service which sells loops, has free AI mastering, song composer and an online DAW which integrates with the one that supposedly has small support. Who are these ninja rockstar coders, cause there will be a bunch of companies lining up with blank checks ready to hire them. "Rent-to-buy" is just another term for a payment plan. What you're describing is a subscription plan which only applies to updates.
  9. As long as you back your claims with actual test data which confirms it, we'll believe in you.
  10. Wasn't Gibson the same company that quite aggressively made a video telling people to let their logos visible in places where their instruments are used completely ignoring the fact they have to pay to have their brand and logo visible?
  11. Considering some of the words said by people like Noel are not official statements despite them working for Bandlab, let's call everyone who did that unreasonable because they can't keep their mouths shut. Sounds fair. But since we can always add yet another gallon to said fire, who knows if the statement was half delivered on purpose so this partially dead forum would have some traffic?
  12. If your PR department directed you to say something which might be interpreted ambiguously by your consumer/user base and that happens, at which point you hold the company accountable?
  13. But is the marketing people we usually have issues with. Companies often don't want engineers and developers calling the shots because they tend to tell the truth.
  14. BMW charges a monthly subscription for their heated seats and steering wheel. Not to install them. They already come installed from the factory. Mercedes Benz requires you to pay subscription in order to give your engine more power. This is only present on their electric cars however. Why do you think the industry is so heavily invested into electric vehicles. Hint, it has absolutely nothing to do with environmental causes.
  15. Name any company which will disclose to you they sell your data.
  16. They do, but I'm more interested in answers about "price" atm. I don't think I can buy a Cakewalk license with values which aren't of the "monetary" kind.
  17. But then how will companies implement their corporate tribalism ways if we do that?
  18. How is Sonar connected to Discord? If all you had to do in order to user Midjourney was have an account at Discord, I'm certain they would be charging a Nitro subscription for it. BandLab has some AI generation tools for song ideas and mastering, but these are not part of or integrated with Cakewalk at the present moment. Although, a well oiled and implemented machine coupled with a human which knows said tool well beats AI every time without fault.
  19. There's no possible direction going forwards because so far Bandlab doesn't seem to give a straight answer when asked about pricing. As a few people have said, this opens a world of "what if" and its criticism is well deserved every time it happens. Name five features present in the free version of Cakewalk that would make it good seller and differentiate it from any other paid DAW in the current market. While I do find certain aspects of Cakewalk to be things which no DAW have implemented the way it does to be considered good features, I'm talking about features that you'd be hard pressed to find replacements for. As an example, one of the killer features of REAPER is how customizable and flexible it is and you'd be hard pressed to find another DAW which can do what it does the way it does it. Why should I be happy about the prospect of a tool I chose to use being taken from me by a potential subscription model or fair price offering which only fits a small demographic from a specific country which is not mine? Because if everything was fine and swell with Cakewalk, you wouldn't hear from me otherwise. Likewise, but atm Cakewalk is this better DAW, so I can't do much about it.
  20. Personally, whenever a company starts preparing the ground in advance and enters with all this flowery language about vision statements and how much they care about the users of their software, they're gonna pull the rug and are trying to convince me it's not gonna hurt when it happens. I'm not sure when and how they're gonna do it, but it will happen. They can't because of what I mentioned before, especially considering CbB effectively has no killer features which would make sure it will be a seller and it hasn't had that mind share since it went into the whole "rent-to-own" scheme years ago. The most they can hope atm is look at how people react at "the news" and see how they can act in accordance so the least amount of profit loss and damage control is necessary.
  21. You can sort of test Mixbus in an indirect way. Just see if you can grab a copy of Ardour either by compiling it yourself under Windows or using a Linux install or Live distro. The only thing which differentiates Ardour for Mixbus is the proprietary Harrison stuff built into it. Everything else is the same. Even the developers are the same for both versions. Usage wise, if you know how to use ProTools, you'll use Mixbus straight away. EDIT - Scratch the compiling stuff for Windows. Ardour doesn't provide any documentation for it, refuses to do so and all guides you'll find for it are outdated. The challenge is not compiling Ardour itself, but all of its dependencies.
  22. I also noticed how it doesn't scale properly in the banner and it's pixelated.
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