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  1. Thank you so much Scook. Without reinstalling the update - when i opened Cakewalk t advised me that I am now up to date. Yet I didnt do anything. I got the message below - is this the latest update? Thanks
  2. Thank you so much - reactivation has occurred 🙂
  3. Hi - I have just downloaded the latest update and during the installation process a message popped up that stated a certain file could not be located. One of the choices was to skip this issue and another was to abort the installation which i did. i subsequently received a message from Windows security as per below and i wondered if one or all of the folders referred to in the message were where the issue arose. Might anyone be able to assist? Thank you
  4. Hi - I havent used Cakewalk in a couple of months or so and I get the message below when I open the programme. Can anyone assist with what I have to do as there is no help offered when I click 'learn more'? TIA
  5. Did I miss something? It converts audio into midi. That's no big deal surely? And if all you are left with is a midi performance why is that a good thing? If I want to change the key of an audio track in CbB I do just that...change the key.
  6. brandon

    Strange Audio issue

    Hi Promidi - not sure what you mean by trying the 'power cycle'? I did however remove and reinstall the Focusrite driver and that seems to have solved the problem so far.
  7. brandon

    Strange Audio issue

    Currently working on a project. There's 4 instrument audio tracks and another 9 vocal tracks. I only unmute one vocal track at a time as I only eventually want one of them. The project plays fine. Over the last few days i created some vocal tracks (hence why there is 9) with no problem whatsoever. I opened the project today and everything still plays fine until I start to record another audio vocal track. When I play the recording back the vocal track is very quiet and very fuzzy and sounds very transistor radio like from the 60s. The backing music is fine. However the wave form is large and obviously something has been recorded. I havent changed anything on my setup since my last recording session a couple of days ago. I am using a Shure SM58 mic, Focusrite 2i4 2nd Gen AI and its a Dell PC with lots of RAM and storage memory. Has anyone any ideas what may have occurred here (as I say I havent changed anything since my last session)? I have tried unplugging the mic and other cables all to no avail. I even tried a different channel to record through on the audio interface. I also might add I have also tried it with an acoustic guitar plugged in to the same audio interface and the problem is the same. A very strange lofi weak fuzzy sound that is recorded.
  8. brandon

    Audio failed to draw

    Couple of questions. I went to the location suggested but it doesnt seem to allow the files to be cleared. And if it did how would I know it was the right ones? Thanks
  9. brandon

    Audio failed to draw

    Some logical answers thanks.
  10. brandon

    Audio failed to draw

    As per pic below. Track 20s audio is not showing. It plays. Its there it just hasnt drawn. Any possible reasons? Thanks
  11. Thank you - it seemed to have worked.
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