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  1. Great -thank you. Will I have to do that for every project?
  2. I have just noticed that it opens the track properties inspector. Is there anyway I can change this so that it opens up what used to be the loop control view so I can edit the clip?
  3. When I double click a midi clip I bring up the piano roll view. When I try this in an audio clip nothing happens. Could I be doing something wrong?
  4. I cant seem to get rid of what is an annoying sound at the end of a vocal audio track. No matter whether I extend the length of the track or shorten it or split it and delete the 'offending' section there is a sort of click sound when the now timer runs across it. Any ideas?
  5. Is there a difference between the two options when loading a soft synth if I am only going to assign one midi track to the synth? I have used both options and obviously the first synth audio is the quickest whereby a simile instrument track would allow other midi tracks to 'tap' in to it. I just wondered if there was more to it than that.
  6. Occasionally the project am working on currently takes a little while to open up. The mouse pointer turns blue and revolves and the project can display the 'not responding' message until maybe after 45 seconds it loads. At the same time the loading box in the bottom right corner displays a message saying Loading Audio Regions. Does this mean anything to anyone? it is not as if i have changed or added VSTs - it seems to be at random. In addition sometimes the VSTs can take a while to load before I can open a project.
  7. Thank you. Yours is a very different interface to mine for some reason.
  8. Could you describe how (or what you mean by) selecting a different tab? Thank you
  9. Could it 'legally' be shared if this is the case?
  10. Does this mean that any licensing arrangements go out of the window? And if Bandlab wanted to they could include it with CbB?
  11. I want to add a couple of seconds on to the end of a song. Is there a way I can do this by adding that time to one of the tracks? Thnaks
  12. No matter what my projects look like when I save them they always open in console view - is this a feature or is there a way around this? i would like to go back to a project and start where i left off.
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