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  1. Does session drummer require minimal install too?
  2. I would like to add my own thoughts as a long time user since Cakewalk Apprentice; although there was a major gap between Pro Audio 9 and Sonar and then CbB. In Pro Audio 9 I became so conversant with it it became second nature when I was recording and mixing/producing. It was such a simple programme to use with no complicated issues. Straight forward audio and midi recording using soundfonts and/or General Midi sounds (and on an Intel 486 processor PC with 8MB Ram and a 365MB hard drive. And a 14" monitor). It allowed me to produce (in a non-professional way) some amazing songs in top quality that when people listen to today cant believe I recorded them almost 25 years ago. When I 'rejoined' Cakewalk about 10 years ago using Music Creator I found it not too intimidating and soon got back into the swing of things. But as has been mentioned above times have moved on. And we now have super programming at our fingertips. But am not sure the majority of us want this. A more stable, easy to use, friendly interface cut down version would suit me to the ground. All I want to do is record maybe 4 or 5 instruments including drums, and some vocals and add effects and mix/master them onto a very listenable piece of audio. The processing power and options available in CbB is light years ahead of what most users need never mind want. And the way the music industry has gone and is going has resulted in the majority of music being listened to as downloads or streamed. The quality of the sound is much reduced and dictated by the type of headphones, earphones or earbuds that are being used combined with the device that is receiving the information and converting it into something tangible i.e. music. And I just wonder are we all too far ahead of the game. Who really does need music recorded at the maximum amount of khz as possible with the maximum amount of 'bits' when its mainly going to be listened to while on the bus or walking down the street or while dozing in a a sun lounger on a piece of telephony equipment? I am a Cakewalk fan through and through but I dont need what it offers and would love to see a 'lite' version for us home recording artists that still allows us to produce something of commercial quality (without the bells and whistles) and who may one day produce that elusive No. 1 hit that has been recorded by a world famous artist simply because it was 'out there' and they liked it 🙂
  3. brandon


    Sorry I was looking at the FAQs on the main page. I get it now. Thanks
  4. brandon


    They look like real questions asked by members and they update daily. I just cant find out how to ask one.
  5. brandon


    In the Frequently Asked Questions I cant fathom out how to ask a question as there is no 'start new topic (or rather start new question) option. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  6. I clicked on Manage Followed Content but a box opens saying there is nothing in there. Is there a way to get content (i.e. topics) in there first? Edit. I forgot to 'follow' topic.
  7. Is there a way to save topics as 'favourites' on here i.e. by flagging them or similar so that they can be located quicker and easier?
  8. Some good midi guitar strumming/picking files would be really useful if anyone has any they created and willing to share. 🙂
  9. Just tried to log in but it seems that as the above VST is a free one (from Amplesound) accounts are only available to purchasers of the full products.
  10. Thank you JonD -sounds like what i am looking for. I presume you use/have used them?
  11. Has anyone used the above instrument and created any strumming or picking patterns that they are willing to share - or know where they can be downloaded? Thanks in advance
  12. Thank you. Am getting the vertical zoom to work (ctrl alt scroll) but the horizontal zoom (ctrl scroll) just inst cooperating.
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