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  1. The TH3 I find is excellent with some very good presets too.
  2. What would be the reason in not scanning a folder as malware including viruses could be planted/hidden anywhere?
  3. Is there a similar facility for audio clips?
  4. If you woudnt mind letting me know how it compares to 1.31 that would be great. And whether or not it is 'stable'.
  5. Colin do you know which version of Swanky Amp you are using. I understand that version 1.31 is the 'last stable' version although 1.4 is the latest version? Thanks
  6. brandon

    Stereo vs two mono tracks

    Thanks again and that's a good example. Am glad someone agrees with me as I would have spent lots f unnecessary time pondering over whether to record stereo or mono. I have read a great deal about stereo recordings being more wider spatially than mono recordings are and I couldn't fathom out why - and I do believe there is no (and cannot be no) difference.
  7. brandon

    Stereo vs two mono tracks

    Thanks. Do you think that two mono tracks could, if a good panning technique was used, ever sound like a stereo track Glenn?
  8. brandon

    Stereo vs two mono tracks

    I appreciate this topic has been covered before but I cannot quite grasp the difference in the above. If we think along the lines that a stereo audio track is essentially 2 wav forms 'wrapped' within a single wav file. As far as I can see there is nothing in those wav forms that makes them any different to two mono tracks of an identical recording . And if we split a stereo track into 2 mono tracks that is what we would have. So I hit a brick wall when I learn that a stereo track will sound different to 2 mono tracks (that are panned accordingly left and right) as I cannot see any physical way that this can be possible. There has been no magic being performed in the recording of a stereo file that makes it different. It is the same 2 dimensional wav form. Please note I have discounted the fact that 2 different mics will provide two different recordings (and therefore that adds to the stereo effect) as that is irrelevant here. Any advice that would help with my thought processes would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  9. Thank you very much. Could you describe how I use it? Do I just look in Breverb for presets and then locate wherever i store this file?
  10. Treesha - any really good selling points on the Ample Sound Strat?
  11. Thats a good call...I went to check that but as I was selecting all of the tracks then it should have by default (I presume) exported all of the audio from start to finish.
  12. John - is the PC76 a free effect?
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