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  1. If you scroll to the bottom of the page below theres a place to enter email address for future offers. https://focusrite.com/en/plugin-collective
  2. I just found out its easy to enter your email address and you will get notifications of future freebies. The Ujam was a steal - am peaved I missed it.
  3. Thanks I seem to have missed it by a few days. which is a shame. I didnt receive notification from Focusrite for some reason.
  4. Hi - when you say you downloaded it for free is it a demo version or the full working copy as I have Focusrite Scarlett(s) and havent seen this before?
  5. It does now Reginald👍
  6. I missed that one completely Nigel; the gain level of the source track was set slightly higher. 👍
  7. I have tried bouncing these drums (SSD5) to an audio track singly (i.e. split) and as a full kit and the results are the same. i.e. a lower quality sound (dull/tinny almost) and lower volume than the original softsynth sound which is in my opinion very good. I have had no problems with bouncing to tracks with other instruments and wondered if there was something fundamental I was missing or might have overlooked.
  8. Hi Bill - any advice on using the PX64? I havent looked at it yet so wondered what positives you have taken from it.
  9. As an aside its amusing to hear mention of 'dated' plugins. In 30 years time we will be hunting high and low for them just like some do for analogue tape processors and copycat echo simulators:-)
  10. Good to hear User 905133. I had to give up on it. I ended up using the TTS1 Bass which to be honest probably suited my needs better. I will still try the SI Bass on future projects though to see if i can get to the bottom of this. Thanks for everyone's input.
  11. brandon

    Adding Icons

    Thank you 👍
  12. brandon

    Adding Icons

    Am not sure where I have gone wrong but I dont seem to have the facility to add icons to the individual tracks. The image below shows what is available to me and no matter where I right click I dont get the option to 'add icon'.
  13. And I found them again thanks to this useful post below. It seems it was the upgrade that caused them to go awol.
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