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  1. What has Presonus done? Edit - sorry just read the Deals forum post.
  2. Sonar Home Studio or even Sonar Music Creator would be a decent compromise.
  3. I couldnt find where it says that Next and Sonar were included.
  4. Having been a Cake user on and off since 1994 (Cakewalk Apprentice) and having used most of the upgrades in that time I would appreciate some advice. I write and record music. Audio, and midi (with the use of softsynths), and plug ins for audio/midi effects. The main feature for me is audio editing and I have read that Cakewalk Next does not include this feature. Could anyone confirm this and if so do they know what other 'key' features may have been omitted from Next? Also, with the above in mind is my best bet to go with Sonar? Thank you.
  5. Hi is the link to the download the one at the beginning of this thread as that says posted in 2019?
  6. Hi - yes I just have and the resultant file included a load of vibrato for some reason.
  7. Hi i downloaded SFZ but Cakewalk doesnt recognise it as it is an .exe file not a vst. ie it didnt install as a plugin. Also when I open the exe file the followin gimage is what i get - there is no way to load a SF2 into it. Am I missing something?
  8. Hi - thanks. It appears to be that the SF2 file I am trying to play remains at SF2 -ie it is not being converted into SFZ format. Plus I have other SF2 files that the SFz Player is not locating when try to access them. Not sure what you mean about the 32 bit programme. Do you use a SF2 player that is more stable?
  9. Ok I have found SFZ and have loaded it into CW and assigned a midi track to it. As shown in pic below it should playback the SF2 file but I am not hearing anything. Is there anything else I should do to make this work? Many thanks
  10. Hi - yes I do - but I cannot find SFZ - I presumed it was a VST but its not showing up even after a scan. Any ideas?
  11. Hi can you describe in simple steps how i mange to 'insert' or 'import' SFZ into my cakewalk project then assign a midi track to it? Thanks
  12. Another thing i noticed is that although the Vocals are being routed through Bus B then onto the Master. When I turn the Master (volume) down I can still hear dry vocals. Also I havent used the dropdown send that says 'None' in image below. Can anyone state what this is and when i would probably use it?
  13. Would I do this through the Pro Channel strip then delete the sends in the Console view? And would I route the vocals to Master THEN to Bus B? In that order?
  14. Re the Bus B issue - Bu B does have vocal reverb on it but would i lose the reverb effect just because i turn the volume down? Thanks
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