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  1. That's the key issue - recording and monitoring at the same time; is there a noticeable time difference between the 2 sounds i.e. the sound going in and the one being monitored?
  2. Thank you to the above. The mixer in question is the Zed 10FX. It has a stereo USB out for recording purposes which the manufacturer states makes it ideal for use as an AI. It is a great piece of kit as a mixer and I wouldnt be recording more than 2 channels at a time with it so wondered if there were likely to be any issues with it, i.e. latency.
  3. Are any Cake users using one of the above (via USB) as an Audio Interface in CbB and if so have you had any problems or experiences you might be able to share? I currently use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (2nd gen) but would be interested to know how a 'decent' mixer would cope with the same demands. Thank you
  4. Just out of curiosity what do you mean by 'focus'?
  5. brandon

    Adobe Flash Player

    Thank you.
  6. brandon

    Adobe Flash Player

    A recent Windows update is going to remove Adobe Flash Player as it is not supported by Microsoft anymore. Does anyone know if Flash Player is required for Cakewalk?
  7. You could try Freelancer.com or fiver.com - someone will definitely write you some bass tracks for very little reward.
  8. The TH3 I find is excellent with some very good presets too.
  9. What would be the reason in not scanning a folder as malware including viruses could be planted/hidden anywhere?
  10. Is there a similar facility for audio clips?
  11. If you woudnt mind letting me know how it compares to 1.31 that would be great. And whether or not it is 'stable'.
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