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  1. Don't really care for dubious simulated impedance voodoo as I use excellent tube preamp with extremely neutral character. Makes a day and night difference when recording DI signal. I think, IKM made their own version of this tech available in their AXE interfaces. Not sure how they all compare to each other, but don't they serve the same purpose?
  2. Looks great, sounds different, works occasionally. That's all I can say right now. Not enough time to run a thorough test. I'll be genuinely surprised if this giant leap makes outboard gear, like amps, reampers, load boxes, etc obsolete. I do hope, though, to find that it's the best ampsim on the market today.
  3. Don't really have room for yet another amplifier right now, yet if I were to buy one, which would you recommend - JC-22 or JC-40? And why?
  4. Red is there, apple is not. 😎 Thanks! As mentioned above, I tried all possible options prior to commenting here. Fortunately, Peter has already assured us, that the issue is being fixed. And we can still run AT5 as a plugin.
  5. I tried switching between all available driver and device option. No cigar! 😐
  6. I'm a CbB user, so no OS X here. ASIO drivers fro my Scarlett 18i20 Gen3, that perform flawlessly with all other audio related application. W10x64.
  7. This magnificent state-of-the-art piece of software outputs no sound in standalone mode. Within a DAW I was able to quickly compare it to AT4, and although there is a noticeable difference, it is still unclear which version will get more use. Gotta test it against various tube amp setups in different contexts. I'll be able to do this no sooner than in 3 weeks.
  8. In case they implement this feature, I doubt it's going to be a free update. More like a new major version with an upgrade path.
  9. As well as Addictive Brass, Addictive Reeds, Addictive Bass. They are just not interested in new products, it seems.
  10. Same here. Currently I use modellers for tracking and then reamp using tube amps, cabs and mics or IRs, depending on the situation. So far, tube amps provide noticeably better results even with IRs.
  11. Can't help looking at IK MTM and thinking, if they are good enough for CLA, I got to get a pair of these, too.
  12. Is it more stable, than Magix video software? I couldn't make a single in Davinci Resolve due to constant crashes.
  13. I wonder if ToonTrack is considering releasing symphonic and cinematic instruments.
  14. I wish you could also get some o'dat for me. I've no time to watch giveaways for products as bad as these.
  15. What's the best strategy to register 10.5 license in order to get v11 free? Before the new version release or now, within the grace period?
  16. Good point! Today's hardware is actually more software, or should I say, firmware based. In that case hardware has a very limited life span and usage scenarios. I wasn't talking about such stuff, though. Paying for actual added value is what IK's Custom Shop is all about, isn't it? In a complex product such as Amplitube it's hard to separate added value from inherent value, provided that the new version is a major overhaul. New gear, new GUI, new routing, new algorithms, new technologies, new everything doesn't sound like a bunch of ported algorithms (whatever that means) and some added value (vague term, but I get the idea). I agree that people who purchased licenses for additional products, such as individual gear items, collections or bundles should be entitled to pay only for the new "shell" (for the lack of a better word) and retain the license grade (MAX to MAX, etc). However we, the users, can't make the company to accept our offered price on our terms. It's not a flea market. So why bother? I'm trying figure out how to cope with their business model, that's it.
  17. Not necessarily so. Sometimes adding a little capacitor can make an obvious difference. Keely made his name by modding solid state pedals, Randall Smith started his business by modding tube amps. Such modes are not expensive if you're a DIY aficionado and know exactly what to do. They won't take too much time either. On the other hand, developing software that is compatible with various platforms, performs relatively glitch and bug free across millions of devices worldwide isn't as easy as swapping tubes or replacing RC elements in PCBs. Hard or easy, "there are no user serviceable parts inside". You can't take a plugin and enhance its code, include new algorithms, etc on your own. It takes a company with highly qualified personnel to do only extra development work, like adding new features or upgrading the UI. If we want such company to exist, we must support it.
  18. I agree with Matthew. Just think about this in hardware terms. When your favorite manufacturer releases a new shiny piece of crap box of wonder, you usually don't get to update or upgrade your existing device for peanuts. Only a modest discount, if at all. Second hand outdated mass production models are often dirty cheap and hard to (re-)sell. I think IKM is moving in the right direction, providing both hardware and software of outstanding quality.
  19. I was considering getting another tube preamp, but after seeing the news, going AXE I/O + AT5MAX route seems to be a better option. I'm genuinely impressed with the tone of AT5: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/amplitube5/index.php?p=audio Given that IK developers have finally addressed cab modelling that was AmpliTube's Achilles heel as well as inconvenient routing, we might have a new champ in the amp modelling market.
  20. Although it's very sad, that companies like this are forced to milk their user base to survive, I agree with Piotr and all the good folks here that creating chaos with versioning and plugin formats is not the best way to treat loyal customers. My wallet waves them good-buy. I'll stick with what I have.
  21. Incredible clarity and separation. Sometimes I can't help a feeling that it sounds very digital, but in a good way - precise and clean. Thanks for sharing it!
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