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  1. If your video reference track was imported with SMPTE H|M|S|F burn-in or encoded AND your timeline is clocked in SMPTE (in addition to MBT or some other composing time base), then just save each sound selection as a Broadcast Wave file and it will be timestamped so that the music editor can lock it to picture at the exact location that you intend. Export Tracks or Busses [not Entire Mix] in order to make stems for spotting on the film mixing stage. I do stems and snippets and cues all the time and the Vancouver & LA stages never have any issue locking back to the dailies or mix sled. Good luck.
  2. <Staff View><View> menu, <Show/Hide Fret Pane>
  3. If not already, try launching CbB as Administrator before saving to the NAS.
  4. I have been using the ProjectMix since 2004 on all consequent versions of Sonar through CbB without any problems. Make sure that your FW card/port is driven by a Texas Instruments chipset. I am using the old Windows Vista driver (seems to be the most stable on my rig) and have only one caveat: occasionally CbB will lock up/freeze/crash (for reasons that are too numerous to detail here, I've tracked all of them!) and stay hung in the RAM as shown in Task Manager, and won't quit. I have determined that it is a hang in the driver, but there are a couple of solutions that consistently work for me; 1. Use RamMap to flush the Standby set and the Working sets. or 2. Power cycle the ProjectMix (which is on 24/7 in my studio) and the app hang disappears. or 3. Go get a cupper and wait for exactly 7 minutes for it to flush by itself. or 4. Warm reboot the computer. Just warning you that there will be the occasional, albeit rare, hang, and trust me... there is nothing else that can be done with the driver, unless someone wants to waste the time writing a new one. In which case, it would be cool if they would re-implement the MIDI Control Surface API for it too. (LIke THAT will ever happen!)
  5. Make sure that the track driving the VSTi that you want to freeze is the one that is selected and in focus in both Track View and Piano Roll View (if open) first. (That has tripped me up more than I care to remember!)
  6. That's the way the world works. He who yells the loudest gets the most attention. Even when they're wrong. 😁
  7. I have, over the years, tried desperately to bind a custom keystroke to <process><find/replace> and no matter what combo I assign to it (even if after binding it shows as a keyboard shortcut on the dropdown menu) it never has worked. So I just got used to mousing to it... repeatedly. ðŸĪŠ
  8. I normally run 4 monitors from a pair of nVidia dedicated PCIe cards, but had to use the on board z390a chipset video for some troubleshooting and found that it would max out on my HD monitors at only 720 lines, hence was a bit fuzzy. Nothing like having dedicated GPU 's...
  9. I work on film over 90 minutes and have never had any issues with tempo changes by jump OR gradual ramping. I set my markers to SMPTE and also have MBT on the timeline for tempo, lock the markers and everything goes swimmingly. As previous poster stated: make sure that you're INSERTING tempo change, not modifying existing. Cheers.
  10. Make sure that that many measures or length of time is not locked into your Workspace that is being used for your startup default project template.
  11. Ditto here. I use Alternate Note Names for a lot of NI VSTi's and this abnormality is irritating.
  12. I occasionally run across this issue too. When ZoomAll (horizontal [Shift-F]) and there is extra space at the end of the last note that doesn't belong there, my first thought is to <Select All> tracks in track view, Ctrl-Clik on the <Expand Automation Lanes> button on any track and see if there is a an automation envelope (or many) that extend beyond the end of the song and either delete or edit the last node back to the proper end of the track. Takes some seek and destroy, but solves my problem. Generally the session won't do that again after saving. I inadvertently will move/edit a section waaayy later after the song and then put it back into the arrangement, and at that point I find that there is usually a Volume (CC7) or Expression (CC11) envelope stuck out into the next county... Check that first.
  13. Does anyone know if there is an easy way to create/edit the list of note names in an instrument definition OFF-LINE? (as in a text editor, etc outside of the CbB application) If so, what is the specific format and syntax? [Edit] Never mind... found the {.note names } section in an existing *.ins file, will work from there.
  14. Don't feel bad. I write about 5 to 10 film cues every week. After I get about one minute of it done, I know if I'm on to something. Needless to say, I manage to keep only about 20% of my initial work to continue on. The rest goes in the trash. 😒
  15. From the "something strange happens with nearly every update"... a cue that I was working on that was perfect on Tuesday, opened after the update to 2022.02 had ALL of the VSTi instruments (that weren't frozen) come in detuned by 25 cents. (Having perfect pitch is sometimes a PITA). Close the project and the application and reboot... everything came back pitched correctly. That was a weird one. The bakers did another bang-up job on the export, Dim solo, and folder issues! Kudos!
  16. Usually, there are fader channels for your hardware outputs on the far right side of the console view with VU meter indication if audio is leaving CbB heading to your Audio I/O. If it is showing signal over there but you still don't hear anything, then check the hardware.
  17. If you learn things easier via video tutorial, Mike at Creative Sauce has a slew of well done videos covering CbB. Subscribe to his channel, you'll like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2izQxY_x3Q
  18. Those are the automation data tracks. Right click and delete the envelope and your fader will operate normally. Or 'unselect' the (R) in the track (automation read) and that works too.
  19. I have a similar issue that is totally related to my mouse pointer placement in coordination with my Kensington Expert Trackball. If I don't hover and click on the first 2-3 letters of the FX name it won't open, also occurs in PRV when inserting articulation names. Have definitely pinned it down to the way my Trackball works w/CbB. Sometimes have to click thrice to activate. Other mice, no problem.
  20. @Noel Borthwick BINGO! Prior to the 2021.09 update I had notifications set ON. They evidently toggled OFF with the update. No big deal, now that I have it re-checked it. I have had various updates over the last year make some other minor changes to the preferences that took some thought to figure out. That's why I wish there was a way to export a backup of JUST the preferences and global settings for the entire DAW, but... in the words of my friend Steven Tyler... "Dream On"
  21. @Noel Borthwick I was referring to a single export. I haven't experimented with any task list exports yet, I haven't had to export any multiple stems yet since the update.
  22. Not mission critical, but upon export of a single project file on my desktop, I get the toast popup. On my laptop, similar function, I DO NOT get the toast popup. Let me know if there are any specific settings that I've missed
  23. Unless you plan to sell your final product for profit (ie: you're in this for personal enjoyment), then don't bother with the gain knob. Lots of mixes (even back on large format analog consoles) were done with some of the faders in the -40db range and below. Yes, keeping them in the 0db range allows for more finesse for the professional product, especially when automating flying faders, but it's a matter of personal choice. If your initial instrument audio is printing in a healthy manner (not too quiet and not clipping) then just have fun. Always print your final mix with effects, cuz they can't be added later. And generally, a finished mixed audio track cannot be "turned back into MIDI". Also check out the YouTube channel from Creative Sauce, he does really good, simple, detailed tutorials, in plain (well, Aussie 🙂) language. Start here:
  24. I do mostly audio post for video and always cut & print at 48k/24b because all of my video post mixing stages require that as a minimum. So therefore, there is no rendering necessary in any of the audio/dialogue/foley tracks that I send.
  25. Folders are a GUI enhancement only for housekeeping purposes. I use tons of them for grouping instrument voicing in my soundtracks, and then collapse the folder to move on. However, try setting both midi tracks to (your midi control input 'omni') and then highlight the folder which will activate tracks in the folder and both tracks should play/record. Works for me. I have also set a midi split on my keyboard controller and send channel 1 to one instrument and channel 2 to another instrument with simultaneous success as long as both tracks have 'attention' and have midi echo on.
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