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  1. Thank you! I had solved this problem.
  2. After I use space to click the checkbox , my problem is solved. Thanks!
  3. I use export audio , but it appear the error message: The specified selection did not contain any audio data. Please ensure that the selection contains the audio data you wish to bounce.
  4. I had used the space key to switch the check box and then move notes successfully.
  5. I cannot click the checkbox of "Ask This every time". It appear stop icon.
  6. I select notes in staff view and then click right mouse(even use left mouse) to move. But I cannot click the confirm button of the window "Drag and Drop Options" . I must use use tab to switch to confirm button and then click enter.
  7. Ctrl + Select drag notes can copy, but I want to only move notes.
  8. After I set those settings. My options are locked. How to enable those setting like Slide,Transpose?
  9. Do you use the move option successfully to move notes in staff view?
  10. I close Snap function(toggle smart grid mode) , it still cannot move notes.
  11. I am in the staff view. I select some notes but I cannot move them by move tool. I make sure that I do not lock the position and data.
  12. I select notes and then use move tools to move the notes I selected. But I cannot move them. No work! Does somebody know how to move the notes?
  13. I close the Ask option in Preference Window. This problem is temporarily solved, but it is not convenient.
  14. I cannot click the CheckBox of "Ask This Every Time". The mouse detection seems to be in staff view, not Drag and Drop Option. I also install SONAR 8. Do I unistall SONAR 8 ?
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