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  1. I don’t feel bad, now. Texting with my grandson, I kept having to pull up a texting dictionary. All the while his dad is rolling on the floor with laughter.....
  2. my sonic screwdriver. I use for everything from Eb2 to Cb5
  3. Hugh, I didn’t see one once of politicism in Craigb’s post. Nor any propaganda. And his post was full of disclaimers. And the reality is,.... that the smoke really snookered things up. (Not to be confused with the game that is played upon a felt covered table). And..... and.... let’s all go have a beer.
  4. Apparently we never left........
  5. Have you tried one of these yet. I like mine. Really scoots.
  6. Strummy, I know it’s been a number of years, mate. But... where are my 2 cases of Guinness ? And the Keg? And the cider?
  7. Forgot to mention my preferred mode of transportation isn’t a DeLorean but rather a Time And Relative Displacement In Space device, which is ostensibly and is very possibly alive. (Started by me m8 Strummy). It’s all relative.
  8. Well Strummy, should I say I never left but was always here? Am I out of key? Or should I possibly Bb? I say stupid things everywhere.
  9. Craig, this is just wrong on so many levels.
  10. Hey Paulo, have you seen my sunglasses? I seemed to have misplaced them
  11. A Pistol, Pete walked into a bar..... man that must of hurt when ol’ Pedro ran into that bar.... I have no sense of humor either..... or... you had to be there.....
  12. Pete.... no..... well.... maybe.... no....... I mean...... no bad idea m8. I mean Plummy Pete and the Pistol.....
  13. Wrap eggs in aluminum foil. Then place in microwave for 5 minutes. Won’t ever have to worry about microwaving eggs ever again.
  14. Notes, Nice to meet you as well. I bailed sometime after Sonar X came out. I’m still on a different platform but the guys here were very helpful when I migrated from Guitar Tracks Pro to Sonar 6 Producer. These guys here are awesome to just banter with. Best bunch of music whiz’s in my book! I’m sure we’ll get to know each other as time goes on.
  15. Sorry. I know this is like playing this song at a music store when you’re shopping guitars. But I just c o u l d n ‘ t H E L P M Y S E L F !!!
  16. Bet David can’t play as many strings as Romany can...... just sayin!
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