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  1. I’ve lived with dogs most of my life. Couldn’t ask for a better friend and critic. These days I live with 7 of ‘em......
  2. Craig, you’re falling down the job! Ed, this should amuse temporarily...
  3. That won’t work..... but it may help you have some good times. this on the other hand may work and you’ll never know how much of a good time you had.
  4. The cancelation o f SXSW and the closure of music venues put a lot of our local musicians here in Austin into a tail spin. I think the same can be said about Nashville. Getting creative to market a bands music was thoroughly squashed on the FaceBook front effective October 1st (though I haven't seen any enforcement of their no music policy. We are just opening up over the last two weeks to live music here. Many venues found a loop hole in state guidelines (serving food) and found a way to partially fill venues. The additional pressures of techies moving to the greater Austin area also has not helped by driving the cost of housing up both in the purchased and rental markets ($150 USD per sq ft 18 months ago to $300 USD per sq ft.). It makes you wonder how will the music scene be transformed in the Live Music Capital of the USA
  5. I'm taking the whole wait and see approach to the whole thing. Any shift in OS platform would have to be considered carefully. I'm unfortunately (or fortunately heavily invested in the Apple platform and the accouterments thereof. Meaning Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. My Pro Tools license doesn't care about platform though I have to say it has been a more stable platform when looking at my colleagues who elected to use PCs for Pro Tools. Not that it can't be done. I use multiple machines and a test environment as a matter of survivability as a business (Something I learned form my days as a field sales engineer in IT). When one goes down I have to have a back up to go to. I can't tell a client that I can't complete their mix or their arrangement due to some hardware issue that they really aren't going to take into consideration. It's either the work is done or its not to them. For me it comes down to the workflow improvements that have come to Pro Tools over the last two years. It's a good sight better than it had been in previous years. And I have the portability factor that I have to consider when I take work from outside my studio and bring it in. Still a wait and see situation though.
  6. Don't let that hold you back Ed!
  7. I saw that Kylie Minogue has a new album coming out. I remember Strummy saying he was quite enamored of the las. So here you go Strummy!
  8. Welcome back! It seems we all just keep turning up like a two headed penny.
  9. Gotta love lips that can suck chrome off a bumper.
  10. Has anyone checked on Bill? Is he conscious? Bill?....... Bill? Are you there, Bill?
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