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  1. Yes it is a great plug-in. I only wish it was more efficient.
  2. Noel said to was about 3,000, but that was last year! A special thanks to Noel and all the tech guys for all your hard work. I don’t know what has been going on in the tech department for the last couple of months, but I’ll bet it’s going to be phenomenal!
  3. I always wanted an NS3. Unfortunately I bought a XS7 right before the Nords were popular.
  4. Max Arwood

    EZkeys2 !!!!!

    Is that a new song lol.
  5. Sample robot $273) is great but don’t overlook the competition Samplit 2 for only ($139) https://www.soundlib.com Both these two do about the same thing. I have used both of them and one other. I use sample robot and Samplit 2. I tend to use samplit 2 more because of the ease of use. It also might do a better job looping the samples. You could build that midi file John was talking about and, it would work well on some sounds. It is kool that these programs can do all that work for you plus more. The most important part of the sample it to find a section to loop for a sustained sound and pick exactly where it should be, and to see that the beginning and end of the loop are exactly the same volume. The loop cross points need to be nearly perfectly in phase so you done hear the bump everytime it loops. Same for the volume at the crossover points. I have sampled my favorite from my K2500, some K2600, some from my motif XS. I tried a couple on me Yamaha wx5/vl70m. Too much expression stuff in that machine!! You need a good clean preamp to get the most out of this type software. I use a Millennia HV-3D. I have focusrite, Behringer,Presonas, and even an apogee pre but I still prefer the Millennia. The only thing that I have had that was better was a custom Mark Levinson. (Lost that one in a divorce 😖)22.
  6. Both of these do automatic sampling. Just sit back and relax.
  7. Samplit and samplerobot These can copy the sounds to waves. You would also need a playback sampler synth like Kontakt full version (not the free one) to play the sounds
  8. I have used a ton of buses, but I was wondering how much overhead I am using while doing this. Playing with a new technic (Gregg Wells) a 5 spilt parallel compression output! Talk about stacking in some more buses! edit> it would be nice if the “shelf” tool had 3 shapes. 1 nodes before mouse position 2 all - as it is now. 3 nodes after mouse position Thanks for the tips!!
  9. https://www.pulsarmodular.com/product/p42-climax-line-amp/ April Fool’s Day An annual custom on 1st of April consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes. Mass media can be involved in these pranks, which may be revealed as such the following day. That being said, we have some really honest news to tell you. All our products are discounted 25% on April 1st. No need for a discount code, but do login to your account before browsing. This sale benefits mostly new users and those whose loyalty tier is below 25%. We have a loyalty tier program that you automatically enter as you accumulate purchased Pulsar Modular products. %20 > $200 %25 > $450 %30 > $750 If you have not done so yet, you can upgrade your P42 Climax to version 5.0.8. Get an extra $25 discount coupon (yes, you can use it during this current sale) when you write a short comment/review on the P11 Abysswebpage [this offer is limited to owners of P11, not trial users].
  10. Which mastering software? Some of those are cpu killers! Also, what computer??
  11. Wow Keni!! What a great gift. So who will you gift your old computer to????
  12. Thanks. I listened to the video. It sounded pretty good. Especially at the offering price!
  13. I really wanted that Eq when it first came out. Then, I waited too long and missed the deal. I have so many EQs do I really need another? Any body else use this?
  14. Wow, that didn't take long. I didn't even have time to complain, but I didn't buy any plugins either. I wonder how much their sale dropped during their no perpetual license era? I'm sure this will be a drop in sale for some time to come.
  15. I got burned way back at v3. I was hoping this would not happen again. I would like to be positive so, I am glad I have the waves plugins I have. They are perpetual license. You can’t get these any more. I only hope they don’t sabotage the plug-ins I have paid for perpetual licenses. Only time will tell. I still think is is a great set of plugins even though the company has some unscrupulous ideas about selling plugins. This ploy is not for pros!!! This is about the home hobbyist. No Pro is looking for a bunch of AI plug-in chains that don’t fit any particular situation that they are working on. You can only get close with ai chains. It just doesn’t work that way. Most pros already have their go to start up settings for chains. There are probably 500:1 amateur recordist to pros, or more. If you were selling plugins which group would you target? google-> USA 21,631 Pro studios I could not find home studio information so these are just my guess. google->27.98 million musicians in the USA in 2014.
  16. I have personally experienced a full breakdown caused by waves. Somewhere around V3. It was a disaster. A few years later, I went back. It has been good for years till now! I will not pay yearly. I have no subscriptions of any kind. (Excluding the water and electric lol) is
  17. Have you ever had this happen? I was trying to do some editing and could not figure out why I couldn't unfreeze some tracks. When I finally figured it out - I found all my VSTi's outputs had been shifted by one row up. What could have caused this?
  18. Where did you find that great chart??
  19. I thought about doing my own. You probably did too. The convenience of this thing is amazing. 2 clappers 4 snappers what ever you need right at your fingertips! I think this is an amazing buy at this price. I hope he adds other sounds. It would be super to add your own. Don’t know how he could double it without artifacts. Software it super powerful now.
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