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  1. EZkeys has such huge potential but for some reason Toontrack seems to have neglected it!
  2. The best part of EW Hollywood OPUS is that you don't need to download all at once. If you set it right, orchestrator would download what is needed for the preset you are using. I hope they will come with orchestrator presets that will make use of their other libraries. For example, choir, pianos, etc.
  3. Actualy EW Hollywood OPUS kind of comes with that too! 😀 Orchestrator!
  4. Bought it yesterday at JRRShop. I still have not received my serial! “Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer Plugin Serial Number: http://reveal-sound.com/activation.html : This license needs to be manually generated. You will be contacted immediately when it becomes available.”
  5. FYI, for now all of the Air Music Tech plugins are working fine in macos 13.0.1 on M1max macbook pro! Trick is to restart the MacBook after installation. First activate on iLok, then install plugins. Once everthing is installed, restart the MacBook. Some of these fail validation in Logic Pro but work in other DAWs,
  6. Just bought it! Thanks. In your opinion which one is their best patch pack?
  7. I am from Montréal too. I didn't know these are available here in the local library! What library and app is this?
  8. smde

    Pro Tools Intro Free DAW

    I think XLN audio is one of them! Ones I deleted all of the AAX, and XLN plugins kept bitching about it! I wasn't able to use even vst or au versions. Never bought anything from XLN after that!
  9. There seems to be no free demo available? Without the demo first I am not paying anything!
  10. There seems to be no free demo available? Without the demo first I am not paying anything!
  11. A new orchestrator update just showed up! It seems to have fixed the issue!
  12. FYI this update broke east west orchestrator on my m1 Mac. After this update loading any preset in orchestrator loads only one instrument! Going back to previous version fixed the issue.
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