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  1. You will be WUPed resistance is futile! 😎
  2. Time of hundreds of dollars for a FX plugin is over! Age of $20 plugins is here! Now, most of the DAW already come with great plugins! Beside that AI plugins in DAW are also catching up! UAD saw the writing on the wall. 😀 ...
  3. smde

    Waveform Pro 50% off

    "special upgrade options" Couldn't be more vague! Deliberately?
  4. I had a quick look at the video, and all I noticed was fabfilter pro Q3 ? Is Plugin Alliance now advertising for fabfilter?
  5. Judging by the amount of discount and past experience, Melodyne 6 might be comming in 2024.
  6. I have decided not to buy any of them! I already have melda complete and iZotope total bundle and my main daw is Logic Pro. this is probably enough.
  7. Thanks! do you plan to buy it? i think I might get similar price. I have Horizon and some other plugins and got similar direct quote from waves. UAD or this? What would be better? I can afford only one. Right now I got no plugin from UAD! last time I had decided not to buy from waves anymore but this is getting tempting!
  8. Did you get the quote? How much cheaper?
  9. Same here. I think because order is stuck at status payment accepted! Order processing is not yet complete.
  10. Have they changed the price? I see it for 499$
  11. Falcon 3 is now available in UVI portal! It is a free update!
  12. you seems to be spot on 😁 https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/k14_bundle.html
  13. smde

    Reaper updated to 6.80

    A nice update. Now all of Mac App Store AU3 plugins work fine!
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