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  1. I've been using JS more for the last year, but certainly don't fully understand it. If you run into a snag or need some direction post here and I'll be glad to do what I can.
  2. It's good to see you over here. Welcome to the new forum.
  3. I'm with you. I tried jamvox and just couldn't get happy. I thought it came in last among the major ampsims.
  4. I'm glad to see Revalver get some attention. I was beginning to think Peavey was letting it go.
  5. This isn't really a deal, but I didn't know where else to put it. Jamstix has released a new "drummer" entitled "Star" (gee, I wonder who that's modeled after?). I listened to a few audio samples, and it nails Ringo perfectly. Cost is $9.00. Jamstix 4 is required. https://www.rayzoon.com/online_shop.html#ot
  6. This is a really good place. Very good camaraderie and lots of folks who will bend over backwards to help you. For my money, it's one of the very best forums on the web.
  7. Hey Guys: I'm looking for a B3 vst. I've heard great things about Blue3 and Arturia B3. What do you guys think? Are there other serious contenders to consider? Thanks!
  8. Hey Guys: So what plugin/vsti do you have your eye on? Is there something you're saving for or waiting to go on sale?
  9. what do you guys think about Acustica? Is it really as amazing as people say?
  10. Don't bail out just yet. Give us some more details of your problem and let us try to help you.
  11. I like Revalver a lot. I wish it would get some attention from Peavey, it certainly deserves it.
  12. Wow!! Great heart and soul! People like you are why this forum is such a super place! THANK YOU!!!!!
  13. HorNet stuff isn't the most beautiful in terms of GUI, but if you're looking for good utility plugins they're really good.
  14. There is a LOT of really good advice on this thread. Here is what I would second that's already been said: 1. Buy used. You'll get a lot more bang for the buck 2. Either learn a few basic chords (Em/D/A7) or better yet take a friend who can play. If that's a "no-go" just ask one of the sales people to help you find the best sounding/playing guitar for $350. 3. "Price is not any guarantee of quality. These days there are perfectly usable guitars available that are ridiculously inexpensive." True, true, true. Good luck with your search!
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