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  1. Think of Curly in the Three Stooges. He certainly made it work. I'm betting you can too!
  2. For those of you who use speaker ir's Hello! We at Zombie Cabs wanted to let you know that we are continuing the 50% off coupon deal. Use the Coupon Code: ZOMBIE50 to get 50% off your purchase. Visit us at zombiecabs.com and enjoy the savings!
  3. One of the things that drives me crazy about PS is how weird it is to try and copy a track (especially midi) that's made of smaller independent sections so that it's one contiguous track without the various sections. One of the other things but bugs me (and this is purely a personal preference) is that GUI! Every time I sit down with PS I feel like I'm making beats in the bedroom with a 17 year old "producer". Can't they make that UI more professional looking? When you first open it, it looks like a box of Gummy Bears for heaven sakes. Yes, you can adjust the colors, but that's about it. They need to take a look at SONAR and Reaper.
  4. A day late, but Happy Easter nevertheless. We will get through this thing. Just keep those Beenie Weenies stocked.
  5. Revalver 4 is a bargain. You can buy amps for $7.99 each, thematching impulse player is $4.99 (but there are some free ones online), and speaker ir's are $1.99 each (but there are a zillion free ones online). The webpage and store are a little confusing, but work with it for a minute and it'll make sense. https://www.audiomediaresearch.com/revalver-4
  6. If Larry tanks, we all tank. For his preservation and safety, I say we all send him a bottle of hand sanitizer and a roll of toilet paper.
  7. jude77

    Slate VMS ML-2

    That's a good price.
  8. I'm delighted to see the Italian software guys stepping up like this. I'm in.
  9. jude77

    Banned from KVR

    How strange to ban someone who takes a huge amount of their time, for no personal gain, to provide a helpful and useful service to other forum members.
  10. jude77

    RME Babyface Pro

    So true. Plus, I have an original Babyface and they are STILL supporting the drivers.
  11. jude77

    PSP 20 for $20 Sale

    That's a really good idea.
  12. It looks like the "Waves $29 Deal" is slowly becoming the norm in plugin world. It's a good time to be making music.
  13. I clicked the link but got a 404 message.
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