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  1. Past to Future is running a 40% off sale. Use the code: eastereggman https://gumroad.com/pasttofuturesamples
  2. So true, plus they do a lot of neat stuff that nobody else does.
  3. In a strange way I found it deeply meaningful. Tiger has done good.
  4. This guy some very nice kits considering the price.
  5. I follow the Acustica FB page and so far the responses have been either "This is amazing" or "It's no big deal" with nothing in between. I haven't tried it myself since my phones aren't supported so I can't offer any personal comments.
  6. jude77

    Back on Hiatus

    Be careful traveling. I hope all goes well. We'll see you soon.
  7. jude77

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    Yep. To me the Revalver Vox amp has a special magic that no other ampsim has been able to capture.
  8. Go ahead and grab a pack and walk on the wild side.
  9. That depends on who's wearing it.
  10. Is the MPC worth $1,500? It is to Harrison. Me, not so much.
  11. There is some other neat free stuff on the site too.
  12. I had been waiting on this particular guitar to pop up on sale for quite a while. I ordered one. Many thanks for the heads up!!
  13. It's a silver coaster where you can put drinks.
  14. Great question. There were so many: The Beatles (#1 by far), James Taylor, Big Star, Emitt Rhodes, CSNY, Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel, Zep, Queen, Badfinger, CCR. And zillion others I'm just not thinking of at the second.
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