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  1. I'm just curious as to why this is a 2.4 gig download. Is that the program itself or does it download all of IK's other stuff as well.
  2. @Simeon Amburgey Really good interview. I've got a few Indiginus libraries and am planning to grab a few more. Tracy seems like such a good guy, I wish him, and you, the best. Oh yeah, and Tracy's right: you do have some serous chops.
  3. Geez, with Larry out of action and now your post I feel kind of orphaned! Nevertheless, I hope your projects go great and you get rich.
  4. jude77

    PA Suhr PT100

    I had been experiencing this too and thought it was my computer! I guess I'm glad it isn't just me. Maybe IK will address this soon.
  5. https://pasttofuturereverbs.gumroad.com/l/GjkFd 2$! 79 Reverb IRS! Today Only! TC 6000 REVERB IRS 2$ TC 6000 REVERB IRS VOL. 2! The legendary TC 6000 reverb! One of the finest reverbs ever made for classic and pop! You will get 79 IRS (79 different new original reverb presets that was not included in Vol. 1) You will get one of the best sounding reverb IRs ever made in this collection (24bit/96kHz) Here is the demo https://youtu.be/uwo6ZkBvrec Thank you for your support!
  6. This guy does some very inexpensive Kontakt libraries. They aren't usually as detailed as the more expensive ones, but are still quite useable. He also had a jillion different types of irs (reverbs, mics, tubes etc). https://pasttofuturereverbs.gumroad.com/
  7. Thanks very much for posting this. I just bought a Crucial SSD because I trusted them to provide quality. I'm guess I'm contacting support.
  8. Surely they left out the decimal point. The actual price must be $5.79.
  9. That's the truth! The products are great, but things can get strange when you start upgrading.
  10. Obviously Larry's account has been hacked!
  11. Wait! Waves has a sale? It's about time. I'm in.
  12. Is that possible? It's sort of like saying, "I don't need any more pizza".
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