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  1. Ugritone has their ir loader on sale for a meager $5. https://ugritone.com/collections/plugins/products/trve-cab-ir-loader TRVE Cab is an Impulse Response loader designed for Heavy Rock & Metal Guitarists of any caliber. Simplified workflow - endless possibilities. TRVE Cab comes in VST/AU/AAX format and can be used in both studio & live applications. Load up to 8 IR’s simultaneously via 8 separate slots Cabinet graphics to help identify the mics in use Low CPU use, low latency Volume, pan, HiPass, LoPass, solo & mute controls for every channel Load your own IR’s Comes with a Ugritone Freebie IR Pack
  2. The maker is named "Past to Future" and has a ton of stuff in the $10-15 range. The drums, in particular, are usually quite nice and a bargain for the price. https://gumroad.com/pasttofuturesamples
  3. Please leave us a brief review if you do.
  4. I bagged Nebula 4 during the last sale (I think I paid $88). Then for another $40 I got Henry Olanga's "All you can eat" pack. IMHO, unbelievable value for $130. Nebula compressors are great, but the reverbs, preamps, tape emulations and EQ's are amazing.
  5. jude77

    I have returned!!!

    Great to have you back! I hope all is well in KY.
  6. https://venomode.com/plugins
  7. Everything is 85% off. This particular link will take you to the plugins page https://audio-assault.com/plugins.php
  8. Some plugin makers will only allow you a certain number of authorizations, and each authorization is tied to a computer. So if a maker allows you three authorizations and you put one on your present computer, and one on your new computer, then you've used two of your three. On the other hand, if you de-authorize the computer you won't use any more, and then authorize your new computer, you will still have 2 authorizations left. I hope that made sense! Uninstalling software doesn't necessarily de-authorize it. If in doubt contact each maker.
  9. I dipped a toe in the Acustica world during the last sale. Even I can hear a difference, but it's time they go the $29 memo. Boy, is that stuff expensive.
  10. I got one. This is the ir loader I've been looking for: load up your folders, then drag your ir's. It's soooooooo easy. A ten-spot well spent.
  11. I feel like a babe in the woods without him around. I truly do hope he is well.
  12. I do a fair amount of graphic work. Thanks for the heads up.
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