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  1. jude77

    Waves Introduce Bass Fingers!

    Give us a quick review. What do you think of it?
  2. jude77

    IK tape machine finally !!

    When I first heard of digital I dreamed of the day I could afford it and leave the tape forever behind. Now here it is available to me for $79. Or $99 if I want even more.
  3. jude77

    Scuffham on sale $90 Ends 14 July

    I'VE. GOT. TO. LEARN!! I just KNEW i had a scoop!!
  4. jude77

    Scuffham on sale $90 Ends 14 July

    Scuffham amp sim is on sale $90. His sales are pretty rare. Ends July 14. https://www.scuffhamamps.com/
  5. jude77

    XLN FX Sale

    Dead gum it!! At $40 I could say "no", but $30? I'm in. It's also good to XLN do something. Other than "XO" they've been quiet for a long time. I wish they'd get something going with AD again.
  6. jude77

    IK Support

    The sudden lack of support brings back some bad memories.
  7. jude77

    Kush plugins 50% off

    Good point. I just got one and it was only 33%. Nice, but still not 50%
  8. jude77

    Kush plugins 50% off

    Through May 27 https://www.thehouseofkush.com/store
  9. jude77

    35 free zine graphic texture overlays

    This is all great. I can't thank you enough.
  10. jude77

    35 free zine graphic texture overlays

    SUPER!! Many, many thanks!
  11. jude77

    35 free zine graphic texture overlays

    Definitely post the links. I'm still doing some graphic design.
  12. jude77

    Dragonfly Room Reverb link

    This link was posted at the bottom of a thread about Dragonfly Reverb. Since it was at the bottom of an older thread I wasn't sure people were seeing it. So here it is. This is the new improved version. https://github.com/michaelwillis/dragonfly-reverb/releases/tag/1.9.6-beta
  13. jude77

    Groove Monkey Sale

    I wish GM would publish some more packs! I've about gotten everything there I want.
  14. I had a problem too, and installed it in a custom folder I made and had PS look there.
  15. Only 40? Then you definitely need this one. Then when you hit an even 100 you can start working on reverbs. Or compressors. Or tape saturators. Or preamps. Or limiters. I don't care what those doctors say, it's not a problem.