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  1. Is the MPC worth $1,500? It is to Harrison. Me, not so much.
  2. There is some other neat free stuff on the site too.
  3. I had been waiting on this particular guitar to pop up on sale for quite a while. I ordered one. Many thanks for the heads up!!
  4. It's a silver coaster where you can put drinks.
  5. Great question. There were so many: The Beatles (#1 by far), James Taylor, Big Star, Emitt Rhodes, CSNY, Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel, Zep, Queen, Badfinger, CCR. And zillion others I'm just not thinking of at the second.
  6. jude77


    I would be interested in learning how to do this. I downloaded the software but am completely baffled by it. Are there instructions anywhere?
  7. jude77


    Thanks for posting the models!
  8. jude77


    I just gave it a test drive and, IMHO, it sounds stellar and is well worth a look. For a freebie it's a must-have. FWIW I didn't find it hit my machine that hard. Also, for my DAW (Studio One) to find it I had to install it in a VST3 specific folder rather than a general VST folder.
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    I'll be downloading this a little later, but it looks amazing.
  10. Forget that 14TB wimp, THIS is the baby I'm getting!!
  11. jude77

    14 TB WD Mybook

    14 TB is that possible?!?!?! Is it missing a decimal point? Should it be 1.4? How much longer will it be until we have HDs in the hundreds of TB? I'm kind of amazed.
  12. Sort of, but not nearly as advanced. It doesn't "do" anything to a track except adjust the output levels of all tracks relative to one another . So, after getting each track to sound the way you want, you add AYAICWARE as the last plugin and let the whole track play through one time. Then AYAICWARE adjusts all the tracks levels and, poof, you have a mixed track (well, more or less).
  13. I got this a few months ago and it will get your mixes "in the ball park" quickly and easily. From there you can fine tune to taste. It's definitely worth a demo.
  14. That creeps me out. I always (apparently very naively) assumed the attacks were always aimed at the big boys. That's really good advice.
  15. So true. One thing I love about CW is it's fully pro looking interface. I love S1, but I wish it didn't look so much like a box of gummy bears.
  16. If they can sell those things for $13.64 then how much are they making them for!?!
  17. Merry Christmas everyone from the Deeeeeeeep South, USA (where it never gets cold).
  18. During 24 hours you can get Classic.GT for only € 2.50! If they already have a low price normally now even more! Code: tqz6iev CLASSIC.GTR https://gumroad.com/l/PPaIZ copy / paste the code in the discount code field and wait a few seconds for the discount to be applied This offer ends on December 19, 2020 at 19:00 UTC + 1 Stay safe!
  19. There's finally HOPE thanks to Tiger The Frog's "Green Big Deal"! That video was tremendous, but did you happen to know all the stuff I have on my HD? It's uncanny.
  20. If you happen to need EMT 140 impulses these are worth a look. 28 impulses for $10. https://gumroad.com/pasttofuturereverbs EMT 140 STEREO PLATE REVERB VOL. 3! Lately, we came across a remarkably clean EMT 140 that was well-serviced and had an amazingly deep long decay time so we had to sample it! This one sounds cleaner and more focused than our other two EMT 140s You will get 28 World-Class IR’s in this Pack! Inclusive all possible decay times Check out the demo! https://youtu.be/xlrOs9eX8Ng
  21. That's the truth. A GREAT plugin, and I'm glad I have it and stuck with it, but for me, the learning curve was straight up.
  22. Dawg gone. That's a big one I had been waiting on. I guess I'll keep waiting.
  23. This is the kind of plugin we all overlook, but we ALL need.
  24. It's like the ultimate game of cyber-chicken. I'm trying to steel my nerve while keeping my CC nimble. And the toughest part is the deals just keep coming.
  25. These people have all kinds of unique ir's and kontakt drum kits: https://gumroad.com/pasttofuturereverbs PAST TO FUTURE BLACK FRIDAY EVERYTHING BUNDLE 2020! THE BEST DEAL IN THE INDUSTRY! This is the very last time that you can buy all our products on a Black Friday deal! We won’t do this anymore! You will get every product - Over 200! - that Past to Future Reverbs has ever released. 5 years of work and thousands of hours have been invested in making them! Instead of thousands of dollars, for the very last time and for a very short time you will get everything for 99$! Don’t let this deal pass away 'cos it won’t come back! We are proud to bring you deals you can’t find anywhere else!
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