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  1. This is correct. The installers for most products released prior to 2015 were not rewritten to support the Command Center. Some of the older products with CCC compatible installers are synths that were bundled with Platinum (Dimension Pro and Rapture) and the CA-2A ProChannel Compressor. The only DAWs with Cakewalk Command Center compatible installers are SONAR Home Studio/Artist/Professional/Platinum and Music Creator 7.
  2. Don't have scaler That said, in general there are two ways VST plug-ins that send MIDI data get setup in CbB. 1) Plug-ins that scan as synths such as. sequencers Create an instrument track (or audio+MIDI track pair) using the plug-in. It is important the plug-in has a complete routing even though it does not actually create audio data. Make sure "Enable MIDI Output" is selected in the VST2/VST3 drop down. This causes the plug-in to appear in other instrument and MIDI track input drop downs. Set the instrument or MIDI track input to your controller and enable input echo Set the input on the instrument or MIDI track for synth to the plug-in and enable input echo. 2) Plug-ins that scan as effects Add the plug-in to an FX rack of an audio track Make sure "Enable MIDI Input" and "Enable MIDI Output" are selected in the VST2/VST3 drop down Add a MIDI track with the input set to your controller, output set to the plug-in and enable input echo. If using existing MIDI data there is no need to set the track input. Set the input on the instrument or MIDI track for synth to the plug-in and enable input echo. Here is an image of the VST2/3 drop down showing the two enable MIDI options
  3. There is no such thing as ASIO for MIDI. ASIO is an audio driver specification. X3 MIDI uses MME. UWP was added later. If you wish to experiment with UWP, the PC must be running Win10 and no project must be open when making the change. Pretty sure this is covered in the help.
  4. It has been years since I have seen an 8.5 install so working from memory the default path is c:\Cakewalk projects\audio data the actual path is in Global Options
  5. why not? what's the worst that can happen? for faster access after moving them add the path to the browser Navigate to the new folder click on L to save the location to the content menu C click on C to edit the entry and give it a friendly name (optional)
  6. Knowing how to search the old forum is a handy skill to have. In this case searching Google for site:forum.cakewalk.com scook rapture lead me to http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3509407, the fourth link returned for the search in that thread I linked to http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3508523 which discusses mklink at length. The key to moving files around is mklink. If that is not enough try searching for site:forum.cakewalk.com scook mklink This should provide quite a few threads where I provide examples for DimPro, Rapture, Rapture Pro/Session and more.
  7. CbB contains all the PC modules that were bundled with any version of SONAR. Missing PC modules were separately purchased or added as promo items. Either way they have separate installers which should be in your old Cakewalk account (some also had Cakewalk Control Center compatible installers). Look in your Cakewalk account for the PC4K-S type channel compressor and expander gate installers FYI, if the PC76 U-type compressor is in the channel strip the PC4K-S bus compressor will not show in the PC module list. It will show up when trying to replace the PC76 though or if the PC 76 is not in the PC. Only one of these may be in the PC at a time.
  8. Session Drummer is not part of CbB. How would a user secure Session Drummer v1.4.1.29 if they do not have a version of SONAR containing it?
  9. Maybe your previous installs showed the VST2 and VST3 plug-ins. SONAR/CbB include the VST3 only.
  10. scook

    Chat not working.

    Not really in the scope of this forum. May want to contact BandLab support - BandLab support email bandlab@support.com BandLab support web page https://help.bandlab.com/hc/en-us
  11. I suppose it could be a path issue but what I do not understand is why install the full TH3? TH3 Cakewalk may be converted to the full version by clicking on Settings and adding the license. To do so now may require running TH3 stand alone (or wherever the plug-in full version is installed) and removing the license before applying it to TH3 Cakewalk.
  12. For VST3 migration options to work, the plug-in manufacturer needs to add the appropriate code to their plug-ins Here are a couple of blog posts about the feature http://www.noelborthwick.com/2013/09/28/developer-notes-sonar-x3-vst-enhancements/ http://www.noelborthwick.com/2014/01/22/developer-notes-sonar-x3-vst3-internals/
  13. CA-2A is not bundled with CbB. Here is the list of plug-ins included with CbB. The included ProChannel modules are detailed here. yes, this has been asked and answered many times Some may be reissued. Of the list quoted, Dimension Pro will likely not be released again. It was not updated or sold separately in some time and was replaced by Rapture Pro which has been mentioned by BandLab as possibly being reissued.
  14. CbB acts like an upgrade to any older Cakewalk DAW. IOW, the program and config files install in separate folders and shared folders are overwritten. CbB is a 64bit DAW and will use of any content bundled with any older 64bit Cakewalk product installed on the machine. It will also use any 32bit VSTs if upgrading a 32bit Cakewalk product. The plug-ins bundled with CbB are detailed in the help.
  15. In this case, using aux tracks for buses moves the automation into the track area where "Select All" will select the "bus" automation (now in aux tracks) along with the regular track data in one step.
  16. The current recommendation is leave Platinum installed. It is possible to manually remove the SONAR Platinum folders (program , programData, Cakewalk Content, user directory) and clean up the registry without impacting the ability of CbB to use the bundled Platinum content. It is unlikely that all of the Platinum content will ever be included with CbB. That said, removing Platinum does not return much disk space unless the tutorials were installed. If the tutorials were installed, deleting them from Cakewalk Ceontent will recover ~1GB. The Platinum program and support files are a couple of hundred MBs.
  17. Think of CbB as an upgrade to the SONAR Platinum core. CbB is an updated and supported version of Platinum without the bundled content. Leave Platinum installed, add BandLab Assistant and use it to install and activate CbB. Both Platinum and CbB will be available and everything available in 64bit Platinum will be available in CbB. The updates and new features are detailed here and here.
  18. The only view that may be not be moved from the main program area is the track view. The multidock, browser, inspector along with all the other views may be detached from the main program area and moved elsewhere.
  19. A new install of CbB shows two paths in preferences c:\program files\cakewalk\vstplugins c:\program files\common files\vst3 A third path is silently added when scanning - c:\program files\cakewalk\shared plugins\internal This path is shown in the Plug-in Manager as the image above shows. If a "fresh" install is not the initial install on the PC, the existing CbB registry entries should be removed if one wants to make sure everything is set back to factory defaults. There are some problems with the settings shown in the Plug-in Manager image above: Unnecessary paths - by default c:\program files\cakewalk\shared dxi and c:\program files\cakewalk\shared plugins only contain DX plug-ins and should not be in the VST scan path. Re-scan options are enabled - these options are normally disabled. Keeping these options enabled significantly slows down the scanner and causes plug-ins to be scanned unnecessarily. FWIW, the makers of the this DAW have recommended scan configuration and operation should be performed from preferences NOT the Cakewalk Plug-in Manager.
  20. duplicate the track add reverb to new track 100% wet reverse clip in the new track using method described above (Note: Process is on the main menu) apply effect to new track using Process > Apply Effects > Audio Effects reverse clip back using the method describe above line up the new track with the original as needed
  21. WRT #1, it is hard to see in the image provided but it appears the scale of the tracks is not the same Here is a video of an audio track and its clone with the first tracks scale being altered
  22. There is a free VCV Rack spinoff called VeeCeeVST Rack which works in several DAWs including CbB. It is a VST plug-in containing many of the free modules written for VCV Rack. I posted about it here.
  23. There are very few 32bit plug-ins installed when running the 64bit option in SONAR. Bitmeter, PerfectSpace and VC64 (none of these are in Platinum) are the effects that I can recall. There may be more but I did not install anything older than X2. 32bit synths included are Cakewalk Sound Center, DropZone, Square 1 and RXP.
  24. I was referring to V-Vocal because it is part of the SONAR core install. Thinking about it a little more it may be necessary to install SONAR Platinum to get the L-Phase plug-in installed. I cannot say for certain as I had Platinum installed when adding CbB but recall some posts on the old forum mentioning the installer checks for Platinum. The current recommendation from Band:Lab is perform a complete Platinum install before upgrading to CbB. It is a good idea when installing SONAR/CbB to add them in chronological order - oldest first. This prevents the chance of overwriting newer shared binaries with older ones. While overwriting newer files should never happen, it has on occasion resulting in a support opportunity. When installing individual plug-ins with the advanced install option, install order does not matter. It is possible to install most bundled plug-ins without SONAR or CbB installed. Most of the plug-ins bundled with Cakewalk DAWs are not locked to the DAW. Most plug-ins locked to the DAW mayl be installed without actually installing the DAW too.
  25. With the exception of V-Vocal, plug-ins bundled with SONAR did not require installing the program. Plug-ins bundled with SONAR Platinum/Professional/Artist were broken out into separate installers. Older versions of SONAR have an advanced install option which permits selecting individual plug-ins to install. To get V-Vocal run an advanced install and select the Minimal Installation option and select any other plug-ins to include with the install. Here is an example using SONAR X2 If possible run this install before install CbB. Installation order when running the advanced installations of other versions for plug-ins only does not matter. Installation order should not matter but when installing older versions of SONAR, it is best to install oldest first. Use the XLN installer provided by XLN audio for Addictive Drums. Use the Melodyne installer from your Celemony account. Do not install Melodyne bundled with SONAR or CbB.
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