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  1. thanks, please inform us about following free packs, i did not get email from them
  2. no email received about it, can provide link for survey please?
  3. 420usd for 4 expansions is extremely high, possibly for studios ok but not for normal producer...
  4. To get the first 3 months of a new Creator plan for free, take the following steps: 1. Create your free Splice account 2. Click “Start your free trial” to begin checkout. Select the Creator tier. 3. Use promo code WAVESCREATOR at checkout—you will receive $19.99 (100%) off your first 3 payments. not sure if you have to continue to pay after 3 months or you can cancel before the end of period
  5. when is the best time to update (biggest sales) of some waves plugins from older versions? what is highest percentage coupons available in last years, is it better to wait for black friday or christmas? looking for when to do it somehow and when is best time
  6. i could notice instacomposer is generating melodies which seems to be melodicaly starting from either 9-10-11 bar (out of 16) instead of bar1. it makes not much sense. how to fix this ?
  7. i still cant get it right 🤣 or it does not work,,,strange
  8. need help with this please...thx
  9. anyone has voucher and not needed please pm me...appreciate very much,,, regards
  10. enjoy and share https://sampleson.com/Reed200-Electric-Piano-vst.html#challenge
  11. yes this work just for 1 VST, not the other 4 channels, even that i have setup different midi ports with each VST instrument it will not help. according to support you need to use some VFX color mapper inside patcher....highly annoying to be honest and they should state it does not support flstudio straight out of the box. but i still could not find out how to setup with 5 different vst instruments there is reviewer video at pluginboutique and he also had to use some mapper inside ableton.
  12. cant get it to work in FLstudio to work with 5 different midi out channels...it always plays one instruments for all 5 midi out....anyone knows?
  13. do you need to cancel subscription trial before 90days over?
  14. new freebie.....nice one
  15. will wait for new Pluginboutique freebie...looks they are late https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/93-Music-Theory-Tools/8108-InstaComposer
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