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  1. dee

    Kilohearts $30 Voucher

    interested as well if still available please...thanks guys i believe there are two kinds of vouchers, with limitation 39e in cart or without,,,anyone has coupon without limitations? thx
  2. dee

    Electrum Guitar Amp

    where on the website is stated you will get 20coins for registering please? i did not get it...thx
  3. thats what Timespace says last 2 weeks already....and they still do not have it in hands
  4. no still no shipments from timespace....20days clocking.....
  5. sounds like another freebie from T&S to me.....🤣 ...zenhiser this time please...🙌
  6. so they have hundreds of plugins and they will give us same thing again free........thanks IKM 🤣
  7. update: so TimeSpace sent me friday non existing tracking number for parcelforce thinking they will get them in stock but they have not received it so this is reason why some have those tracking numbers sent before they even have them in stock...they just assumed they will get it...apparantly ups did not deliver to Timespace so another week waiting as per support enjoy some timetable games for now. 🤣
  8. have exactly same thing, no product but asking for review came! i wish there could be review for Timespace and not for product itself i cant fault product but only how timespace handled this sale. bunch of amateurs.
  9. still no licenses from timespace even this week....T&S said should be yesterday late or early today and they have not received promised stock from NI so looks like another week possibly to wait...
  10. dee

    Atlas 2

    they claimed updates will be free if you buy license if i remember no?
  11. because they told me that, and most upgrades they sold are out of stock anyway...why would you be selling product knowing you do not have in stock and keep taking orders? we all bought it out of stock waiting for NI to deliver boxes so they can send us serials first if requested,,,all these upgrades are boxed...only NI sells digital upgrades they just using situation as their price in uk is cheapest so people buy with them,,simple...and i believe they took money from account or paypal immediatelly last week so we have to wait or cancel. i would buy it from jrrshop cheaper for USD but jrrshop told me they are forced to ship boxes so he stays out of this promo basically.
  12. T&S started selling without having any serials or boxes, they just wanted to have money on account so they will know how many to order..so unless they will receive a box from NI they cant send you serials...dodgy marketing for sure
  13. dee

    Wusik No Brainer

    wusik has tiny digital sounds, weird GUI to use and i never found myself to use it, i believe it is NFR as well but if you want all for $27 is good deal and you will suport developer some have normal license number some dont
  14. still no license email from TimeSpace, think we should ask for interest 😂 🤣 😅
  15. no licenses for NI updates/upgrades available from timespace as per support until next week earliest 😟 so if you wish to have it now you ho to go direct with NI
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