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  1. if you guys have spare 25 PA coupon which you will not use for this plugin please PM me...appreciate
  2. still missing 3 of those content banks, if someone has some kilohearts $30 coupons to give out or willing to exchange for something please pm me can those content banks be transfered from account to account? regards
  3. promo is on hold...technical issues
  4. dee

    Waves Bundle Up Sale

    i will comeback to waves once WUP will be ended. till then no more waves.
  5. free sample pack full of low quality mp3....waste of time is this plugin something similar to sonible smart A.I. reverb?
  6. ""The Tracktion sign up page has a access code that is in the magazine (yes it's generic, but I'm not posting it) and it will register the synth in your account."" can you just point out how to register the synth please....? signup page has access code is bit confusing,,,tracktion website has just redeem button as i can see...so what you mean exactly? thx for details
  7. why to use reward cash if pluginboutique has it for similar price on sale? make no sense
  8. you guys just have to bombard arturia how unhappy you are now with analog lab 5 missing 4000 presets from V collection 8. thats the only way how we can change it..... if those "less quality" presets for analog lab 5 are good enough for V collection 8 then it is just gimmick anyway and users should be emailing arturia support...talking here will not change much in my point of view.....email sent to arturia on my side
  9. yes thats right....analog lab 4 had most of presets of V collection 7, you could not just much edit it analog lab 5 has 4000 less presets and V collection 8 did not loose any (unless i am mistaken) so in that case this arturia marketing nonsense is towards customers forcing them to upgrade as they will not have presets unless you keep installed analog lab 4 with another installation of analog lab 5
  10. Arturia response to analog lab 4 VS analog lab 5 presets issue Thank you for choosing Arturia and for reaching us. You can upgrade Analog Lab 4 to Analog Lab V from ASC Here are the differences between Analog Lab 4 and Analog Lab V: First, Analog Lab V has been completely reworked with a brand new interface, a new preset browser, a new FX section and many improvements as well in order to benefit from a smoother and more comfortable experience along with our controllers. - Analog Lab V now contains by default around 2000 presets when Analog Lab 4 was containing around 6500 presets. Due to these major changes and in order to rework many previous presets contained within Analog Lab 4 we decided to: - Add new presets reaching our current quality standards - Remove previous presets which were not reaching our current standards anymore - And rework some of them as well In order to achieve this and to prevent any problems we also decided to: - Ensure that Analog Lab V could be installed distinctely aside of Analog Lab 4 and that both could operate separately as well. - Define a distinct VST ID for Analog Lab V in order for it not to replace Analog Lab 4 currently instanciated on your project tracks in order for you to still keep on working on your current project without worrying about it So, this means that it will require you to manually replace your current Analog Lab 4 plug-ins on your tracks if you'd like to migrate immediately to the latest version. Side note: As an Analog Lab V owner, you're indeed also entitled for an Analog Lab 4 license for you to use the one you'd like even if we do now clearly recommend to migrate when possible to the very latest version to benefit from its current improvements and to benefit from future fixes as well. If you'd like to also gain access to all the Analog Lab 4 presets through Analog Lab V just make sure in case you do only have Analog Lab V installed to simply install Analog Lab 4 as well. => From there, you'll find all the previous presets contained in a dedicated Sound Bank but keep in mind that due to an important rework of the FXs section as well that User presets using FXs may not sound the same way through Analog Lab V. Gaby from support
  11. that would be real ripp off for analog lab 4 users and also big problems with projects not loading presets....how they can remove 4000 presets and call it upgrade?? we should all email arturia this is nonsense if true. i still have analog lab 4 on account, it will be upgraded automaticaly?
  12. any option is good for me as long as we can meet 50+usd price per guitar....just maybe people can post what they want in the meantime so we have idea how many guitars to buy and for who i have a friend who would be also interested in 3 guitars...AGL, AGSH, AGLP possibly we could approach KVR users as well to get more people IN and buy 23 of them selected xxx/yyy/zzz etc as sugested by ZO
  13. obviously you would have to ask amplesound if you get 13 separate serials i would be interested in Acoustics : AGT+AGM+AGL+AG12+AGSJ but as Piotr said, should be managed by 1 person who can buy it i think rest of guitars can be sold easily for this price or we can ask amplesound if there is more buyers willing to get same guitars like acoustics if they can provide those for us to avoid guitars we do not need.
  14. best is to get 13 in 1 bundle for 812usd and split between buyers....thats about 62usd/each....i would take 4-5 from acoustics if anyone is willing to go invest but for me 812 is way too much
  15. cclary if still available and not claimed i would appreciate the code please thx for pm regards
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