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  1. will wait few days for new freebie to get it.... there is also omega FM synth on sale at PB but does not have all presets bundle you would have to purchase separately https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/8612-BLEASS-Omega-Synth?a_aid=4af297e055206 https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/8614
  2. if i calculate it right is seems to be 9 not 10 banks,,,there is 8 on website + pyramix
  3. does the F'em synth has random button for presets ideas, somethong like tone2 synths?
  4. obviously does not have much knowledge for design and programming.... there was quit few presets free from him for various vst when he started but it changed now to all paid and he even setup patreon support site for $250/month......thats more than PA sub per year 🤣 https://www.coolwav.com/p/cool-wav-is-now-on-patreon
  5. test drive means after a month you have to buy license or can you keep it all forever?
  6. can you download all vst presets at once somehow or do you have to download all sounds one by one?
  7. i do not think you can keep them after you cancel, it will removed from account
  8. it may not be now on sale now but it is at least twice a year for sure, from different vendors, vstbuzz, PB or WAP,,..i got it at black friday for 19.99....WAP has deals frequently for all products with expansions for 20-29usd
  9. the whole bundle with all expansions was on sale for $20 so $15 for upgrade is bit expensive
  10. i used different email and it came straight, but it is strange
  11. dee

    Where is Larry?

    Larry is building new band, no time for deals anymore:
  12. dee

    Wusik Freebies

    Just a reminder for all Wusik supporters: https://ko-fi.com/williamkalfelz PS: is V12 WUP paid update comig soon?
  13. it is transfering to hyperedit...what audioplugin.deals has to do with it if you do not place order to get invoice? how you proove legality with this download?
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