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  1. hope finally option to share presets between users available as they promising this over 2 years
  2. 199eur for 4 new instruments and 4 updates from V8? no way!
  3. exactly whats the point of those sales if you can get it for 30 to open subs and close.
  4. so i bought syntronik 2 V-80 and registered but it did not trigger any promotion at my account so seems bit strange. anyone has similar issue?
  5. so if you have syntronik deluxe V1, you cant use it in syntronik CS V2 ? what has changed in terms of sampled sounds and banks from V1 to V2 then, is that even worth it to bother with V2 at all? really confusing...
  6. after order of the bundle they sent 3 coupons but coupon for NoizeClick removes just 15e not 25e to make it 0...anyone same issue?
  7. their $9 flash sales are better,,,better wait
  8. i cant go to settings as once i open plugin in flstudio DAW will crash and close, so i have no opportunity to do it...any other idea how to open it somewhow?
  9. once i will open in flstudio it crashes daw asap, contacted support, they know about it long time but not willing to sort it as they are small budget company and have no funds to pay developer to fix it....what a joke. they do not support flstudio as per email from them
  10. minimum spend $35 and you cant use it on sales items so pretty much for nothing considering their $9 sales from time to time
  12. so after purchase and installation there was no factory content for this vst, after a while i realized they want you to purchase Factory Content sounds as well... thats what i call ripp off of the year.... you wasting time with this freebie guys
  13. how many times it was reset?
  14. dee

    Melody Sauce V2

    i think they claimed any future updates will be free no?
  15. seems like PB has good price so will take it with next month freebie
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