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  1. it was for better price not long time ago with coupons for around 43usd and if bought with another plugin for even less so looking for better price like $29 or hopefully next loopcloud free like polymax.
  2. its becoming competition to Wusik waiting for secret sale: get any plugin free if you pop in to my shop Saverio does not even reply to support emails
  3. -yes bad GUI is and will be pretty much the same in V2 as per screenshots and videos of V2, Manuel said thay are happy with GUI as it is, however Nexus is much better in this field to find sounds easily -licensing system was critisized years and nothing was done about it, what will change in V2 hard to estimate but i doubt they will use something similar to nexus which is pretty easy to maintain and install -melodic seq and voice lyrics-whats is the point to have these in expansion banks? so everyone will sound the same? i do not get it but Manuel seems to like it, i would preffer more sounds in banks instead and ability to morph and layer sounds much more easily with random options. Manuel said you will not be sued to use them but obviously when you upload it and start to monetize, services like youtube and distrokid will have a problem as they will recognize the producer who uploaded first plus as mentioned you will sound same like 1000 another producers. do you want that? basically they do not want to change some things which we would love to see but its their call to do it this way hope it helps
  4. because Manuel Schleis and team salaries are very expensive, those people do not have middle class incomes 🤣
  5. dee

    Cubase 13

    cubase was and always will be buggy, i remember V3 was nightmare long time back on windows, even cakewalk was more stable.
  6. Super true, plus he is bombarding you nonstop begging for money, he should find himself a job.
  7. have same issue, have hyperion but it keeps staying as demo trial once you login inside the plugin,,,seems like some issue at tracktion side
  8. do you have to pay something at some point or will be charged with trial?
  9. dee

    HoRNet HA2A 90% off

    then developer should not do any sales as if subscribers buy for low money it will hurt as well,,,,its a circle,,there is not right or wrong saverio runs this 70-90% off every couple of weeks, pretty sure he does it on purpose to sell 100 license for $2 instead of selling 10 licenses for $20 its his way to run business but he may end up like sounspot to go out of business completely
  10. seems no upgrade price for those who has some plugins already
  11. seems they offer some free packs, however download goes with direct link and not as purchase for example below: https://www.composerloops.com/buy/rock-mayhem-free-samples-pack-1104 any nfo you guys have on this website?
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