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  1. Yeah that is a great line up . You always take good pictures . Kenny
  2. Nice Guitar Bapu ! it sure beats having to pay out $6,499.00 for what Gibson gets for a Historic Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul .. I happen to Love and I have had very good luck with Epiphone Guitars . My experience with Epiphone guitars ranges from owning and playing prewar arch tops in the past to owning and playing the 4 Epiphones that I currently have now ... 3 are Les Specials with various pick ups and a 1961 SG reissue w 2 P 90's in Alpine White Incidentally while my Gibson R 8 sat in the case all night tonight , I wound up playing my Epiphone 1961 SG reissue for a good part of this evening . I kid you not ...that Epi SG can hang tough sound-wise right along there w my Gibson R 8 .... Before when I had Duke I could never trust leaving a guitar out on a stand ...now I can leave one out and yet I still leave the high end ones in the darkness of the case LOL... Anyway , I'm wishing you the best of luck with that nice looking Epiphone Les Paul you recently ordered ..If I had the extra coin to spare I would get one myself . Yeah I Know TMI 🤪 Kenny
  3. Hey Rain ! thanks for the kind word ☺️ Since we are talking about the Telecaster, One of the things that amaze's me about the Telecaster is the guitar itself is the embodiment of a perfect Idea made manifest in a physical form . Leo Fender used the most direct guitar design possible with the goal of mass producing this guitar to be user friendly and cost effective from day one . History has show The Telecaster design has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have withstood the test of time . 60 + years ago Leo kept it simple ...you wore out your neck , frets or fingerboard , no problem just bolt on a new neck ... The Telecaster was conceived as and to be a Mass Produced guitar for everyone . Now 60 + years later ...you don't like the sound of your Tele pick ups ...no problem ..you can get Tele pick ups from hundreds of pick up manufacturers ... IMHO , The Telecaster and The Stratocaster are two of the most perfect guitars to Hot Rod . Currently I have 5 Tele's ( now it's 6 Teles since I bought a Red one a week ago ) and I can honestly say "anyone that can do a basic guitar set up " such as action , intonation , truss rod adjustments , bridge adjustments , and pick up height adjustments can get pretty far and deep into dialing in a Tele to their personal taste . When you add in some light electronic abilities such as being able to handle a soldering iron then it can become a pretty unlimited horizon for customization for the average guitar player that doesn't own a wood shop or a variety of super expensive tools . After being on a number of Telecaster Forums as a member and a Lurker for a few decades . I am convinced that some of the members on these Telecaster Forums that are doctors , dentists and other assorted professionals in their day gigs would gladly walk away from all that financial security just to be able to work in a guitar factory building and customizing Telecasters 🤣 How do I know this ? I have seen a few of those guys on my usual Tele forums posting pictures of the Tele's they own and play .. Man! some of these guys have over 30 + Tele's and no 2 are alike .... nice talking with you , Kenny
  4. 😅 I can't say what she did before the ending scene of "our home movie " I'm suffering with a mild case of memory loss ..& I'm black and blue all over. Kenny
  5. Nice to see you back Rain ! I certainly Love Telecasters . Yours , Steve's and Bapu 's are very nice .... I hope you don't mind if I drop a clip in your thread . I just did this one tonight using one of my Tele's ..... Kenny
  6. LOL 🤪 I met a few wimenz around here that even had a deeper voice than James Earl Jones .... Kenny
  7. Post a new Mug shot ...I'm still here 🤣 Kenny
  8. Yes I thought about your point of view after I posted Craig! . Honestly I can't blame you one bit for wanting to go to sleep and hope them girls show up in your dreams ... I have been up all night and the only wimenz I have seen around here in the Couve look just like Larry The Cable Guy with out some of the the facial hair ... its time for me to take a nap , I'm overdue and I can't take the Fugly No More Kenny
  9. Craigb ! How on Earth can you get any sleep what so ever with all those hot pretty girls running around in your head 😉 FWIW I like Petite Brunettes myself .... Kenny
  10. Why did the little Piggy slam down the screen on his lap top ? Can you blame him ? after he saw this ! Kenny
  11. Yeah I heard , he didn't follow in his fathers footsteps and he became a Hippo Whisperer. Apparently he likes to bring his Pet Hippo to the Occult section of the Book Store and Hypnotize it ... Kenny
  12. Thanks for the kind words . I miss him the most when it is time to take a nap .. Duke had a thing where I would lay on the floor and put my head on that pillow , He would then place his head on top of my head and sometimes fall asleep. It was a real funny thing , he used to snore and drool all types of lubricants on my head ...How I wish I would have gotten a video of some of that stuff... Kenny
  13. Hey Junior !The Movie is about to start ... can you go inside the kitchen and take all the brownies out of the oven ...and can you bring a few in ? Hey get out of my bedroom fast . My husband is so posed to be at work today and he is pulling in the driveway 4 hours early ... Kenny
  14. Yes ! then you can sell some of the becan and get yourself a Lazy Boy that ain't all chewed up , a larger TV , fix up the carpet over by the food bowl and get yourself a pair of pants w pant legs long enough to reach your ankles .... Kenny
  15. Oh Yeah ! I can not tell a Lie ... I gave up on Reason Lite 11 and I decided to give Reason Intro 11 a shot ... Yep ! I'm much Happier Now ... Kenny
  16. She certainly looks good . If I closed my eyes and she let me put my hands on her , she would sure look a whole lot better too me 🥰 Kenny
  17. Not showing up in my acct yet , either way Thanks ! I will keep an eye out for it Kenny
  18. After playing around with Reason Lite 11 for the past couple of weeks (in my spare time ) I'm starting to really like this program a lot .. I want to bump it up to Reason Into 11 , but I don't want to get caught paying top dollar if I can hold out for a sale ... Either way ...Super Cool DAW ...Oh Yeah Kenny Want ! Kenny
  19. Jiggles ! look's pretty good . Even though she's a little top heavy on the treble clef , I guess I could get used to that ...sure why not .. Kenny
  20. this I'm glad I read your post . I have Live 9 Intro and after logging in I saw that Ableton had added Live 10 Lite w a serial number to my account . thanks , Kenny
  21. Ouch ! this Pun is terrible 💩 If it was set to music the only musical score that would work with this pun is the sound of nails scraping on a blackboard .🤕 Kenny
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