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  1. We are not a Row boat ! Ken U believe it . Kenny
  2. Yikes ! The Cancel Culture finally Cancelled Santa Clause. Then they turned him into a pseudo female elf and got him a Gig doing inventory at the local Walmart . Oh Man ! I think I may need to get to the Vet for an emergency eye flush after seeing that . Kenny
  3. When Larry gets back ..... Lets spend lots of Money ! Kenny
  4. I'm getting me one of these when that day comes . Kenny
  5. Kenny PS : that tune reminds me of our guy Jesse over on the songs forum if he toned his stuff down
  6. When I was a little boy my mamma told me I would grow up to do great things in life as long as I followed her simple sage advice . Kenny
  7. Who are these "Johnson Brothers " I keep hearing about ? A New forum Band ? Kenny
  8. Lets all go over to Bills house , play some A Minor and get us some Peach Pie ! Kenny
  9. Here just for you Craig ! I don't want you to feel left out .. Kenny PS I'm totally into the ladies ....
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