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  1. I actually feel somewhat guilty for hitting him that hard with the high voltage .Not only did it clear out his Sinuses , his left eyeball shot clear out of his skull , fell 3 stories after breaking my upstairs window and went SPlat when it hit the pavement ...It did take a while but , I was very lucky to have found him a replacement Blue Glass Eye ... After all those surmounted challenges ! Ain't he pretty πŸ€ͺ Kenny
  2. I started this thread to acknowledge the impact of not knowing who your Daddy is and how it affects the child as he grows up and matures ... Since Fathers Day is June 20 th I get the feeling a few guys here think their biological father is Keith Richards . OK The DNA results have just come back from the secret lab located in Area 51 and NO Keith Richards is not your Father . Peace out to all you little b@stard baby angels for now don't give up on the search for papa πŸ‘ΌπŸ» Kenny
  3. "Your on a roll Steve " That's it Man ! Now that I have seen that ,I'm getting one of these and I'm giving up on using toilet paper for good . Kenny
  4. I heard the brown dog scratching at the back door preset in AmpliToot is pretty good if your looking for a Steamy Rich Brown Sound w Chunks . Kenny
  5. How Precious ! A picture of "her" after changing your new baby's first diaper. See! I told "her" not to Marry " The Guitar Player" ... Kenny
  6. I think we need to dial back on the wet setting and add some dry tone because my poor old undergarments can't take the wet slippery artifacts any more ... The Things We Do for That Elusive Brown Tone πŸ₯³ 🀣 True Dat πŸ˜‰ Only The Best Logs with an unwavering sense of time and rhythm will do . πŸ€£πŸ˜‰πŸ€£πŸ˜‰πŸ₯³πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‰ Great Post Steve ! Kenny
  7. 🀣 Oh Yeah Steve ! if only that Bad Boy had a set of bottom teeth I'd have no more sticky Snark issues .😁 Kenny
  8. Why do I wanna keep it? Because my pooch Milo is a very gifted Poop Artist along the lines of an undiscovered Modern Day Canine Poo Poo Picasso. Just like every other parent looking to brag I want to brag about my pooch so I will throw a few magnets on it and proudly display it on the front of my refrigerator for the whole world to see and yuck ! smell 😎 Kenny
  9. I'm going with this instead for my Home Studio Decor it doubles as a Fuzz and I think Rain would be Proud . Kenny
  10. Kenny PS I sure hope it don't smell like a Turd ...I already have to pick up after one living breathing Turd factory over here ...Milo !
  11. It is a well know Rumor that the low frequency's of a bass can aid in stimulating and arousing the southern regions of a female earthling πŸ€— Kenny
  12. I haven't had a drink or been drunk since 1983 ..I still don't know what happened .I guess that Portlander chick slipped me a Micky and had her way with me .... Kenny
  13. 🀣 Bapu! the DNA results are in .......... That would be a fun hang indeed . When that happens please be sure to let us all know . We would love to hear Keef's take on what music was like back then when the Egyptians built The Pyramids . Kenny
  14. I can't believe I married Jim the Bass Player in Las Vegas over 5 years ago . We have yet to make whoopee because after all this time he still don't know how or where to plug his cable in on me... Kenny
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