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  1. He sure looks the Part ! Dogs make great conversational smile generators . Kenny
  2. I guess not , but hey when it pays out more than $ 58 bucks and hits a grand you may be on to something 😎 Here just for you That's a picture of a friend of mine from back in the day . Tony Oppenheim ... Tony wrote the book on slap bass ...I did recording sessions w Tony in the early 80's interesting times back then .... . Kenny
  3. Sounds like a good plan too me . Kenny
  4. It's to late I wish I would have took your advice 🤪 Kenny
  5. If I go for this deal I can use the 4 thousand bonus bucks for plugins 🤪 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FunTruckBun--fender-custom-shop-fun-truckin-matched-57-custom-twin-and-tele-sweetwater-exclusive Kenny
  6. Alright Steve ! I put in a claim for you with our Turd Fuzz Factory dept of human resources . After close scrutiny of the events that have transpired , our team of lawyers have determined since you have been given the honorary and highly coveted title of Turd Fuzz employee of the year, You should not be held accountable nor have any direct slanderous criticism slung in your direction on how you choose to use your lighting resource allocation . We acknowledge the contribution of you risking your life on a daily basis in bowels of The Earth to unearth the finest examples of The Harmonically Complex Rich Musical Turds our company needs to maintain the strictest standards of audio quality in today's ever shifting and demanding marketplace . We feel your exemplary efforts have been deemed to be one of the most cherished and valued contributions a Turd Fuzz Factory employee could ever hope to aspire too. It is our hope to settle this unwarranted attack on your exemplary character put forth by the young attention seeking activist in a timely matter . respectfully yours , Kenny
  7. Yeah ! what he said . My chin is freezing to death and it is only 115 degrees out there today so far . Kenny
  8. This was yesterdays record temps , I wonder what today is gonna be . So Far it is 115 out here Kenny
  9. Yo Dog ! Woof Woof ! Have you got a Ruff Mix ? Come to Chart Topper Audio for all your Audio needs . We can put The Shine and Sizzle back into your Ruff Mix's . Kenny
  10. Hey who stole my space cloths ? Kenny
  11. New record today Craig ...112 ? Kenny
  12. You got all that stuff and it's still not enough ? Ah the insidiousness of it all 🤣 Kenny
  13. Yeah 108 today and tomorrow at over 110 plus ...Yikes .... In the early AM I took Milo out (early for us) and I knew it was gonna be hotter than what the News predicted. Later on when I took him out around 4 PM he didn't even want to stay out more than a 20 yard walk to and up the curb . Right now at almost 10 PM and my apt is almost 80 degrees with all my stuff running to cool things off ... I got to be careful ....I'm taking meds for both my blood sugar and my heart ...today's walk in the heat got a little scary ...I am not somebody that likes the heat .. Having shortness of breath with a light head and no energy at all ain't exactly a feeling that makes me feel secure in my own skin . For the record I am grateful that my current true needs are being met . Milo and I do have a roof over our heads and there is no Wolf currently outside our door. all the best, Kenny PS : thanks for asking if we are OK 😊
  14. Snoop Doog Approved Audio Inspector Kenny
  15. How dare you lie to me . You said you were the roadie not the bass player . Kenny
  16. Are you sure about that ? This is what happens over at the plugin company's 5 minutes after you buy . Kenny
  17. Don’t worry, we’ll fix it in the mix! Kenny
  18. Heavy Guitar tone with "Bite " Kenny
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