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  1. It could have been worse 😉 I went to a parochial school and she was my first grade teacher 🤣 Sure I get it . Yes the patrol is out there in force and gaining momentum . 25 years from now I would hate to have to step down from my role as a multi billionaire musician over something I may have said in this thread 😉 Kenny
  2. I had the first 5 years of my schooling in that type of environment . That's one part of the 60 's I don't miss . This thread is all about making fun of show off Bass Players 😉 The Angry Nuns are here only a comedic prop .They have nothing to do w religion within the context of my thread . They only serve the purpose of establishing a group of Polarizing Authority Figures that seem above reproach in society . For the sake of the conversation and to clarify my point of view . Lets say I used The 3 Stooges instead of the nuns as a comedic prop ....ex..." What the 3 Stooges Really think of Show Off Bass Players "... What ? Now all of a sudden I have to worry about people interpreting my motives as I'm promoting Violence within this online community because the 3 Stooges used a physical somewhat violent approach to comedy ? Or What about this one ? What The Little Rascals Really think about Show Off Bass Players ... Now all of a sudden someone has the right to accuse me of promoting Misogamy because the Little Rascals had The He Man Woman Haters Club ? Yeah Right ! enough said 🙄 Kenny
  3. Show Off Bass Players what a sad lot beyond redemption . I never met one that ever truly listened to anything helpful I had to say about playing simple and keeping the grove. I tried to teach them how to keep rhythm and my hands still hurt from slapping them over my knee during detention . I even broke my Vows of Secrecy and taught a Show Off Bass Player how to play The Holy Grail of all A minor chords . OK Ladies ! It's time we end this discussion and take a vote on what we are gonna do with all the Show Off Bass Players The Vote is in and we have come to a unanimous decision . Hey Wait ! We are not done yet . I got a Show Off Bass Player still breathing over here . Kenny
  4. I see what you did here . U 2 are real masters of written code 🤪 Kenny
  5. Nice of you to show up fully prepared 😄 There you go, I guess you didn't have to go over the material after all ... I like your answer it earns you an A Kenny
  6. Steve ! I was thinking more along the lines of a scratch and sniff 🤣 Kenny
  7. When he is not playing the drums or delivering pizza's he makes some extra coin hand knitting all the bands merchandise . He can do 2 hats in one Bass solo . Kenny
  8. This one falls into the dream on category 😉 Kenny! thanks for polishing my Bass !
  9. I know I was too drunk to drive home after the gig so thanks for taking my keys and letting me stay here . P S I'm sorry I peed in your closet . When I came to , I thought I was still at the club . Kenny
  10. After putting his furry legs on opposite corners and bracing himself Strummy lifted up his tail and planted the deepest gooey log ever seen in the litter box . He sure ain't kitten around . Kenny
  11. +1 I have paid some dues playing Bass . I was cool with the playing part , I just didn't like having to lug around a refrigerator sized amp up and down 4 flights of stairs . Yes he does show off a bit ...I do like his sense of humor and love the way he plays .. 🤣 That pretty much sums up how I feel . thanks for sharing Yeah +1000 Yup ! That was fast That was easy ....😁 Kenny
  12. FWIW Just about every other thread I seem to post in gets nuked so let me give you an example of what we are up against . What we have here is a comparison of what happens when you let a bean counter take charge and monitor all forms of creative self expression You start out with this . Then after run their little Bean Counter Power trip algorithm We end up with this 😉 Kenny
  13. Windows and Zippers ? Alright ! if you must know . The missing hand is also a part time detective and It is currently roughing up the suspect ☺️ Kenny
  14. Ever wonder what would happen if "Thing from The Adams Family" got together with some of his Hand Mates and started an all Guitar Band . Now I know 🤣 I got to admit , this one sure is a strange one to watch 🧐 Kenny
  15. Who ? These Girls .... I can see again ! I can see again ! Kenny
  16. Sure looks like a nice one . Anyway no more guitars from P R C for me . At least for now . Kenny
  17. Happy 10th Anniversary ! Liam Geeson and Feather Locklear ! Kenny
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