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  1. 🤣 Oh Oh My days are numbered ....I better watch out for that guy named Slim that took out Jim . I heard he is thinking about becoming a Mod around here Kenny
  2. OK Doug . I can clearly see you are trying to take the high road by practicing principles over personalities . That approach I will give you credit for . I accept your amends and I will remove the thumbs down I gave you as a peace offering . all the best, Kenny
  3. I'm not here to play "games " After reading your post it is pretty clear to me that you are the only one in this exchange playing a game . I had no idea that you held aspirations of becoming an IK customer service rep . I think you need to learn how to handle criticism directed at the product line if you want to go there . Do yourself a favor if you want to go there and don't forget " the customer is always right " Your psychic powers leave quite a bit to be desired because you got it wrong again Cleo . I have the whole Amp 5 series except for 2 . Sach & Dime Bag What do you call you coming after me ? You could have left my post alone and moved on .It was a reflection of how I felt about the situation. But ! No ! you couldn't help yourself because you saw an opening in my choice of expression and words that clearly opened the door for you to throw your little passive aggressive spin directed at me and my words . You want to go there with me bring you A Game . I don't do Passive Aggressive . Once again Cleo your psychic powers need an adjustment ... I don't enjoy wasting my precious time ....2 .5 Gigs original program install , 2.5 Gigs update a few weeks ago , 2.5 Gigs patch fix this week . As much as I love to play out of my Vintage Amps Amplitube 5 does work out pretty nice w headphone s at 3 AM while I am trying to keep peace with my neighbors . Say you like that huh ? there's more where that came from 🤪 Kenny
  4. Are you getting one of these next ? PS all kidding aside Good Luck on your New Bass Day Kenny
  5. So what ! I paid for this product didn't I ? 😉 Whaat now the feelings police are gonna censure my posts if I'm not giving out 2 thumbs up for the inconvenience IK is putting me through 🤪 The bottom line is I'm not cool with having to baby sit my computer for the time it takes to down load 5 Gigs worth of patches on my internet plan . this is why I use the real amps I own for everything I do musically .... enough said ... Kenny
  6. This is the second time in less than a month I have had to do an IK Amplitube 5 update / patch fix ... 2.5GB download 2 times = 5 Gigs according to my math 💡 Kenny
  7. All of a sudden I feel so sad . Larry! is going a way again . Whenever Larry goes away . Earth is such a Drag . Kenny
  8. Wow ! this looks like its gonna be good . Say White Rabbit sounds great for this trailer . Kenny
  9. Are likes more important than post counts ? 😉 10 posts w 4 likes = almost half ...great average🙂 90.000 plus post count w only a measly 3000 likes =??? Kenny
  10. Now that I joined The I K Group Buy my mix's have gotten remarkably better . I even got some new clients and with the extra money I've made , I bought myself a new dinner table . Kenny
  11. After 30 years they do mellow out. They get real confident about being able to take out two or three bass players at a time w out even breaking a sweat😄 Kenny
  12. Wilbur ! They are coming to take me away and put me in The IK Group Buy. Kenny
  13. At least this is a free sound library and it wont cost us any carrots . Kenny
  14. OMG! Bapu is a Mystic & I finally understand. Kenny
  15. Good luck Sheens If your in the mood a little old school inspiration about doors opening and closing . https://quotes.yourdictionary.com/articles/who-said-when-one-door-closes-another-opens.html Other than that stay away from gigs driving people around in your own car Drivers are always hoping to get her This is who they actually got instead Woof Woof Kenny
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