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  1. One thing I have heard about Omnisphere...some people say that they would have saved a lot of money if they had just bought Omnisphere first because they would have needed little else. I am not sure how true that is.
  2. I wonder if this section of the forum needs to be renamed to something like Deals+ and a description added that states that this forum is primarily about deals but product announcement, demos and rabbit trails are okay too. I am like many others here. I live in the Deals section and rarely if ever venture into the rest of the Coffeehouse. But I thoroughly enjoy the non deal discussions that happens and would not want to see it disappear. The Deals forum is truly a unique and special place on the Internet.
  3. In this case, it is not a dll but a vst3 file.
  4. Best way to answer that is to listen to the demos of the libraries and see if any of them are things you would use. Obviously, the vast majority of libraries are Omnisphere based so if you like those libraries and can afford it then get Omnisphere. If you have Komplete, then there are a lot of Unify/Komplete instrument libraries as well. I don't think there are any third party plugins I would specifically recommend that work any better than anything else. The power of Unify is what it can do with any vst you throw at it. I wish I could afford Omnisphere but I just do not have a spare $500 to throw at it.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page linked to by the OP. The link there works.
  6. It is available as a VST3, AU2 and AU3.
  7. Yes, very helpful. Now I know it is not worth the effort to get the plugin. TBH, I liked the track better without the choir.
  8. Ya. I am kicking myself for not buying this when it was available.
  9. Well, before today, I only owned Era 4 VoiceLeveler and DeEsser. I downloaded and installed the Era 6 suite and now I have access to the whole kit and kaboodle. I did not have to enter license information or anything.
  10. Simeon? I thought that was Mozart playing.
  11. 16 track still doesn't contain the Grid which is what I am really interested in. I'll pass.
  12. I couldn't disagree with you more. From a consumer point of view I don't want want any creative marketing coming between me, the artist and their music. As a distributor of music, they are just fine. As others have stated, I prefer other methods to discover new music and new artists. I really don't want some useless promotion gobbling up money that should go directly to the artist. I am not sure why you feel Bandcamp is becoming irrelevant.
  13. Exactly. Why are there so many mouse clicks to install and activate a stinkin' 1MB file?
  14. Actually it is the opposite for me. I find the $50 voucher relatively useless. There have been more times when the $75 voucher would have come in handy for me.
  15. Not if you apply the discount code.
  16. It is a major pain if you have a lot of samples and large folders. I really don't know why they haven't squashed this bug yet. It is pretty prevalent.
  17. It is a major flaw. I don't know if the master folder is affected, but if you add new folders to subfolders, the subfolder gets greyed. The bug has been reported numerous times but still exists in the latest version. This is too bad, because if it were not for the bug ADSR would be THE sample manager for me.
  18. Sadly, I do not own VC8. Too spendy for my blood. I do own Lab V. Is the size of the Lab V library so large because of the sheer number of patches or are the patch files themselves large? Not sure how I missed the unify-share thread. I think I glanced at it and thought it was for posting original Unify patches, not Unified libraries. I will do a search before I go ahead and Unify anything else. I will also send John Unified Diversion because I don't think anyone has attempted that one.
  19. Interestingly enough, I also Unified Thorn yesterday, before I saw that it was had been done by you. My time was not wasted though because I have a number of non-factory Thorn libraries that I can now use my script on. I also did Diversion yesterday but have not submitted it yet. I wanted to see what John thought of the Spire. Is there a place where we can tell what work is being done and what needs to be done? I looked here https://forums.pluginguru.com/unify-patchbook/ but did not see much about recent in progress work.
  20. Yes but you would have to build it yourself.
  21. Yesterday I bought the full version (1.13) and unfortunately, due to IKM's nefarious art, today I have another incomplete version. embarrassing IKM, it was my last purchase. This is interesting. Peter's original post was in English but when you quoted him, it was Spanish. How did that happen?
  22. Thanks to ZincT's help, today I was able to Unify Spire's factory presets. It was kind of fun to see AHK clicking all those buttons and typing all that text, faster than I could ever dream of doing. I did it on a 1080 monitor but it was not really that difficult to modify the script ZincT shared with me to work in my environment.
  23. For once I was able to use my $50 voucher for something good. Got both the Amek EQ and the Lindell 50 for $30. Both were the only things on my wish list. Not bad at all.
  24. Thanks ZincT. I have read that thread thoroughly many times over, and modified a couple of AHK scripts to Unify some of my Zebra libraries. The scripts I found were a year old and somewhat awkward to use. I was wondering if something more recent had been developed. The videos were for doing Omnisphere which I do not have, but perhaps the principles are the same for other plugins. Thanks for the info on the undocumented feature. Are you willing to share the AHK code segment that uses the feature? Or even your Pigment 3.5 script?
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