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  1. Dammit. I'm in the $99 upgrade camp. $49 would have been instabuy.
  2. Wedge Force stuff is $9.99 Not sure if that's a price error, but don't think they've ever been as low. Of course, it's another question whether or not they're worth 10 bucks.
  3. Depends solely on what you plan/want to do. If you're into illustration, I'd recommend Rusty Nib and/or some of the other brush packs depending on your style. Speaking of which. Fun fact: if you buy Rusty Nib via Serif, you get a lot less restrictive licence for it than if you were to buy it directly from True Grit Texture Supply (same with Retro Supply's stuff).
  4. Might be worth hitting up customer support. So I've been going through Adobe related stuff and turns out Adobe have, in all secrecy and without any notification, ended pretty much all support for legacy software (CS5/6). They did that for things up until CS4 before, but now customer support (if you can even get a hold of a human anymore) won't be able to reset or deactivate activated licences (that are stuck behind a hardware failure for example.) This change happened already in 2023 apparently.. Supposedly manually deactivating still works, meaning the infrastructure is still there, but I haven't found any confirmation or information whether or not reactivating works anymore. Both CS5 and CS6 are still very valid & working programs on Windows at least (Apple probably broke them with OS updates ages ago.) Can't confirm really anything, other than that people are being SOL since their hardware went kaput. When they shut down the older licencing servers, CS3 received a version that didn't need an activation at all but that doesn't seem to be the case with CS5/6. The CS3 EOL version wasn't really advertised at all and the time to apply for it was really, really short. What a turd of a company.
  5. Just learned about that few minutes ago too. Amazing stuff. Edit: I haven't But yeah. I'm perfectly fine with that situation, especially now with Adobe's BS. Adobe needs competition and people need alternatives to their software.
  6. Not audio stuff but might interest a few folks anyway. Flash sale Includes v2 full package and upgrade from v1 to v2 at historical low prices. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/affinity-pricing/ Now I feel stupid for "wasting" 30 bucks few months back in their previous sale 🤢
  7. Yeah. Absolutely no reason to buy the new stuff individually if it's gonna get added to an upgrade later. That last year's glitch sale seemed like it was aimed for people who have already bought a ticket into their ecosystem. Wish they'd repeat things like that.
  8. Doesn't seem to work with anything fun (partners, hardware). 200 buckaroonies saved.
  9. I'm slightly intrigued by the bundle. Too bad I think I decided to try and cut back on buying things that have their own online activation procedures set up, simply because keeping track of them is a pain in the butt. I always feel a bit wary about the longevity of smaller operators keeping those systems online (sure the price point mitigates the risk of losses a bit, but still).
  10. Decent deal if you buy 4. Includes some of the things they released recently.
  11. This is on their site: See what happens if you log in and put it in the basket. Check if you get a discount during checkout (before paying). Edit: just like BTP said above. Edit2: newsletter10 gives an extra 10% off on top, but not sure if it works if you've already bought from them at some point or used it before.
  12. You can crossgrade via Lunacy's site. At least that's what an email from them advertised last week. There's also a 10% off voucher for newsletter subs that works with it to take it down to about 43 bucks.
  13. Hot dang. Which one of them? Is there a clip on Youtube?
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