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  1. +1 to the above, I have a 100W Carvin set to 25% power output that is rarely used above 2 on the volume setting... guitars do not put out full frequency spectrum, so 15 W concentrated on just what a guitar is outputting is rather loud. If you have the chance to try one a a store, you will understand. Another side question is are you planning to mic the amp for recording or just jam on it at home? The speaker size (going from a 12" speaker to 8" speaker) will affect tonal quality at volume, but lowers cost dramatically. If not planning to mic the output, they often come in varieties up to 20W, which are fine for jamming, and you can record ITB as mentioned above. Oddly enough, most pawn shops around me have more quality amps than guitars by far. A few years ago this video for a "Dual Duty Talkbox" caught my eye, so I ended up nabbing a megaphone on clearance while walking out of a department store one day for like $6. Tubing was $10, and a 20W practice amp was $40 (closed-back Rogue, so not high quality). That amp is not the greatest standalone, but I had zero qualms putting holes in it and wiring it up similar to the video. Another side comment... ITB can also be a cheaper solution with jamming in most cases, since amp sims have a larger arsenal of FX at your disposal with no intermediate noise/signal loss. I have a 200W PA system connected to my audio interface, so actually jam more through the PA than the amp these days. It is also the same setup for recording, so is nothing more than arming/recording the track you are already on rather than dealing with mic'ing a cabinet.
  2. mettelus

    Melda 50% off.

    If they had this at the end of the three-month trial it would make more sense. People new to them aren't going to get much from a trial in the next 3 days. Maybe they will revisit this for July 4th, but is usually a year-end event.
  3. A mask also keeps you from inadvertently touching your own face. People do not realize how ingrained or common this habit is until you start touching a mask. The culture difference between Asia and Western nations is immense. People in Asia wear masks if not feeling well to protect others and let others know. Western culture is to save oneself. NZ's approach was a good one... assume you have the virus and wear a mask now to protect others (and thereby yourself). The use of a coffee filter as the center layer of a cloth mask in the OP is a good one. They do plug fairly quickly from moisture, so an inner layer of cotton might make them usable longer. Anyone who has actually worn masks knows that they plug with moisture fairly quickly under exertion. Even if a cloth mask is only 90% effective, it is better than nothing, and you won't be touching your own face when wearing one. Without a vaccine, this can recur as quickly as it started, so learning to wear masks responsibly and accepting them as no big deal will help everyone. People not wearing them for vanity, or making fun of others is terrible. Going forward, Mother Nature has been dumping these out in rapid succession, and the next could be worse. Even some who lived through SARS blew this one off initially.
  4. The architecture is similar between them, so it isn't that terrifying. They come loaded with presets, so playing around on the easy screen often gives a start for tweaking most of the time. MDrummer, MPowerSynth, and MXXX are challenging if you delve into the guts, so there definitely are a few that can be overwhelming if you get off the EASY screen (start page for each). Usually most of the unique features of individual plugins are exposed there. Many of multiband (MB) ones have a free counterpart as is, so the multiband sets several of them apart as "free" versus "paid" versions. To get the best bang out of this, it would be good to check out tutorials for plugins that interest a user for a specific application first (can sort on the main web page by plugin application; for example:Effects->Guitar). Check those out to get a feel for them first, and then redeem the 3 months trial. I would recommend the tutorials on band usage for sure (the multiband ones, all of which behave similarly)... Melda has some of the best crossover control out there. Also, if people find ones they like, 4 plugins go on sale at 50% off each week (the Eternal Madness sales), and they all are 50% off around Christmas, including the bundles. I am not sure if you can buy out of a subscription, so keep this in mind when the trial expires.
  5. This is actually not accurate. There are portions of the registry specifically untouched by registry tools so that 1) people cannot simply bypass software trials via registry cleaning (ethical reason) and 2) they often get paid not to do so by major software vendors (monetary reason). If the machine is offline, I highly suspect it is indeed registry entries that are not being cleaned, and you will be hard-pressed to find a cleaner that will remove those entries.
  6. I must admit that I do find the TP aspect entertaining, since that is a domestic product (for the US) and one of the prime output products from the P&G site in Mehoopany, PA. They always had a stockpile of logs there so big you could see it from the road even when I was a kid, and the log trucks are always moving in/out of there. It is even more entertaining because I executed this "self-fulfilling prophecy" over 20 years ago. After getting underway, I told my watch section that the Chop (supply officer) was sweating bullets because he didn't bring enough TP along. Sure enough, everyone began stealing a roll and hiding it in their rack. Two days later the Chop says to me, "I don't get it, we just went through over 1/2 the TP inventory (3 months worth) in 2 days!" We were only going to be out for something like 3 weeks anyway, and had 6 months onboard. A couple days later the look on his face was priceless when he found out why it happened 😁 The self-fulfilling ones are easiest to pull off, they just need a good (fake) rumor, and *poof* they become real.
  7. People are going to see this thread pop up and not realize it was March 15th LAST YEAR (2019). The cert expiring certainly doesn't surprise me, since that costs more money by far than keeping the site alive; but you are not logging in or sending any information to the site other than a download request IIRC. Being able to still download it is a good reminder for those who missed it first go-round. As for one-off songs that fail Riffstation analytics, it is pretty accurate and has a nice set of features useful to anyone wanting to dissect music (audio microscope, tempo manipulation, etc.). I personally have experienced dozens of situations where Melodyne has fallen flat on its face, and I paid a lot more for Melodyne than Riffstation (I *think* I got Riffstation when it was around 20USD).
  8. This is my concern as well. These people are finite in number, take years to train, and are being exposed more and more simply because it is their job function. You cannot simply ramp up/shift manufacturing to churn out medical professionals. The other concern is that transmission has been claimed to be most contagious from 1-5 days when the carrier is still asymptomatic. It mirrors the situation for a long time that the highest risk for contracting a staff infection is at a hospital. Medical professionals are over-exposed to this situation as well. Unfortunately, the first case was reported locally late last week... the person affected was only tested due to risk factors (age, health) and that they had traveled to NY the prior weekend - not that they showed any symptoms. At that time, roughly 1 in 4000 had it (via test confirmation) in NY, yet this person came home with it. There are still SO many details of this situation still up in the air. Be safe out there.
  9. I would hazard a guess that the answer to this is pretty much no across the board. In the U.S. specifically, the "unemployment rate" is flawed in a couple of regards... 1) it doesn't include income and 2) it doesn't include people who either do not meet the criteria, or have failed to upkeep status. Essentially, it is a number that is gamed and doesn't take into account people struggling or those it has locked out from being counted. The census is a better indicator in many regards. New numbers will come out in a bit, but in 2010 the statistic that stuck out most to me was that 1 in 6 people live in poverty in the U.S. That number was knocked down to 1 in 7, but isn't any better IMO. Someone working two jobs to raise a family (i.e. "employed"), yet living in poverty is an embarrassment.
  10. Resolution is tough on my eyes too, but Queen shooting Prince with the S e x Pistols is rather funny... Other quickies... 50 Cent, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Iron Maiden.
  11. These situations are much more prevalent than people realize. Many visiting scholars and academics are recruited specifically (either prior to, or while actively visiting) for the purpose of stealing IP or samples outright for their native government. Although one country is getting more press for this recently, they are certainly not the only ones doing it... and it has been going on for a long time. https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/medical-student-harvard-accused-smuggle-research-china/2055635/ Ironically, this one was intercepted on home turf for bringing her infection home... https://www.yicaiglobal.com/news/biogen-fires-chinese-worker-who-fled-us-with-a-trail-of-covid-19-cases
  12. This would be your answer. Life is about time and how you choose to use it. This applies differently to each person, but it is worth introspection at some periodicity to consider 1) how you enjoy spending your time, 2) are you focused there now? (or what would get you there?), and 3) what short and long-term goals do you have for yourself. This isn't a static exercise, so revisiting things off and on is good practice. Things that become more maintenance than useful are definitely worth consideration to lighten the time burden. My personal litmus test is regarding things that have lingered for a decade and not been used - at that point is time to consider why it is really there.
  13. The comment the guy makes at 3:05 is funny, especially since this is a music forum.
  14. With today's storage options, it is far to convenient to collect stuff that never gets used. Then comes the separation anxiety of letting stuff go, which is a massive hurdle for most, since they can never have less stuff and feel whole. It is sort of the electronic version of George Carlin's "stuff" skit from 1986. His quote from 2:10 is classic. On a serious note, if you find things that you truly do not use with massive size (installers, sample libraries, etc.), moving those to an HDD will save space. I actually keep a 3TB HDD in the machine with the latest downloads (896GB of "stuff") just so I do not need to re-download anything. The HDDs are bigger and if internal have better transfer speeds over external in case of a re-install. I use externals more for backup, but keeping a large internal has convenience. With the lower cost of drives it is easy to keep collecting, but do not discount the internal HDDs for sheer size. I actually image to the spinner, and the speed is identical for that process as it is to an X4 SSD... once I benchmarked that, a lot of "raw storage" applications go directly to/from there. Moving sample libraries to/from an internal would be similar.
  15. Be very careful with manipulating "statistics" in your favor. This statement is all kinds of wrong, especially related to the paragraph directly above it. China turned away a lot of patients and refused to test any postmortem, so the infection/mortality/transmission rates have been downplayed from the get go, and continue to be. Mortality rate has already ramped up to 3.8% world-wide (4200 out of 115,000 as of the Tom Hanks report six hours ago), and the true numbers are not yet clear. Without a vaccine/cure, the transmission statistics are critical... especially when suddenly there are one-off cases who were very likely spreading it before they got symptoms and were tested. Downplaying things that can get people killed is never a good thing.
  16. Ozone was iZotope's original product and pretty much their flagship product as well (I just realized the CEO interned at Cakewalk while at MIT from a video interview he did). The upgrades "from any Advanced product" has always been there, but the situation years ago was that first Advanced product used to be a few hundred dollars to hurdle. On-boarding with the flagship for $150 is actually an amazing deal. As far as reaching the point of diminishing returns, you may have already just done it. Going from no Ozone at all to Ozone Advanced (which allows you to use individual modules on tracks) is a quantum leap. Upgrades are starting to include more "improved features" and additional software one may already own versus "new features" already. However, an upgrade to the newest Music Production Suite (or whatever they may rename it) may be the only other "quantum leap" left for you.
  17. For those that do not know, the Easy Store is the Best Buy specific version of the WD Express. During sales, these seem to end up being cheaper and more highly rated than the Express counterparts. I got the 10TB a while ago for this same price and like the fact that is runs off a wall wart rather than bus powered like the portable drives tend to be. Real life throughput ranged from roughly 10MB/sec (for truckloads of small files, like Adobe directories), to >250MB/sec (for copying large files like images). Average was roughly 100MB/sec to copy over 5TB of drive material (using robocopy). Not very loud at all, and goes to standby when not in use (and not sure if that can be over-ridden)... so this is not a good sample drive choice, but for backups it is on par with expectations.
  18. An IR essentially defines the reverberation characteristics of an environment (guitar body, room, et. al.), so it can turn the dry response of a lackluster environment/instrument into something more realistic. It would not change the timbre of the underlying source, so it won't "convert" electric string impulses to acoustic strings, make old strings sound new, etc.; but it would bring life to a piezo pickup so it could be blended to sound more like an acoustic recording. To use them, you would need to load them as the profile in an IR Loader FX or Reverb FX that can import them. If you do not have such handy, MeldaProduction has a free MConvolutionEZ. That is part of their MFreeFXBundle, so might as well get that while you are in there.
  19. I checked out the new features of O9 and N3 and didn't find anything earth-shattering in either one. Issues I read here with O9 resource usage deflated any GAS even more. O8N2 was probably the biggest leap in feature set IMO, but I still use O5A for EQ matching guitar tones to saved profiles (I believe O9 restored the ability to save the EQ profiles again, but not totally sure). Packaging Goove 3 and reverbs requiring iLok into MPS3 was actually a turn off for me, since it came across as making up for lack of product. iZotope is pretty consistent to attempt $149 per year from everyone already bought into the current suite. Regardless, JRR also has the upgrade from MPS1/2 for $199, which is $167 (and change) with GROUP just so folks realize there are a slew of upgrade paths with iZotope.
  20. Yeah, that is a great deal especially since it is not an upgrade. Only thing that leaves me scratching my head is "boxed" doesn't say anything about "media" that I could see... I wonder if they are shipping a box with a redemption code in it (not like we have seen that before )? I just checked and that is roughly 6GB in download size. In case that does require downloading, a word of caution to folks... be sure to save your downloaded files... they are set up to charge you again if you need to re-download them (or something like another $8 to be able to download again for a year). They use the same CleverBridge CW used to (why I was wondering about this "box").
  21. Lawsuit litigation is almost always ALL about money (ambulance chasers are the prime example), so unless someone has raked in a truckload of money off a possible infringement, no lawyer is going to take on a case to get $100 out of someone. Ironically, a lawyer makes a presentation leaving out that key factor. There is a large disparity between theory and practice going on here. The "Down Under" suit was probably the saddest example... the guy who owned the rights to "Kookaburra" didn't even realize till he saw it on a trivia game show, and it destroyed the life of the person in question (literally). An interesting comment a guy made years ago about his adult daughter who was getting into issues was pretty stark... "I cannot be held liable for her actions, and you cannot get blood from a stone." That pretty much summed it all up in a nutshell. Criminal prosecution, yup; civil prosecution, waste of time/money.
  22. Reminded me of helping a lady who was struggling reading print off a product a while back. She was pretty distraught by it, so I asked if she had a cell phone. Sure enough. She never considered using it. Other thing that saddened me is several people saw her struggling and no one even tried to help ☹️
  23. Quick feedback - The activation portion of the purchase can be streamlined greatly by entering the activation codes all on the same page one after the other. Then link your email/account and get the registration codes all at once. After one-offing the first two, I checked that and you can do them all (just copy/paste, add code, repeat). Flame Painter 4 - That is linked to your email account, so I didn't get another copy (thought I would be giving that away). The only extra particle set is the elastic over the generic Flame Painter, but it it does include a bunch more brush tips. It is a bit of a pain to install them, since it seems you need to be on that particle system, then File->Import Brushes... and drill into the appropriate folders downloaded (you can highlight the first, shift-click the last and import an entire folder this way). I forgot to mention the "flowing" brushes earlier, which are nice to emulate fabrics. "Elastic" is basically linking the brush contact points to the center, so has most use in things that are radially focused (stars, glimmers, etc.). Linear and Fuzzy particle systems are not included. Amberlight 2 I have not gotten to do much with, but defaults to a generic setup (the first in the teaser video). I simply added a key frame at slide 36, moved some of the fields and let it render out. However, each frame took roughly 10-15 seconds to render (on an overclocked i7-8700K), so that stuck out like a sore thumb... I need to revisit this since the default may be a little overzealous for what I was envisioning. It seems to be more motion-based rendering of particle fields to create video effect, and that default setup had some pretty populated fields. Rebelle 3 requires the papers (the downloaded zip files) dragged/dropped onto the GUI, then restart the application, and they are then available. That application is probably the most realistic paint application I have ever seen. The colors actually leech into the paper and stay wet (unless you dry them), so the color diffuses to concentrate at the edge, and new colors will bleed... very realistic to real-time use of water colors. I didn't delve into it too deeply, but time can be your friend or enemy using this based on your point of view/input method. You do have control over the water content in the brush, and the "dry" tool shifts the picture so that all wet spots have a cyan layer over them. Brush tip controls replicate Photoshop... [ decreases tip size, ] increases tip size. A quick comment regarding input from above... Rebelle is also layer based (same as Flame Painter), so for "speed and precision" purposes, I default to scanning pencil sketches as the base layer into programs like these. That layer often is ultimately removed, but a real pencil and real paper (and real eraser!) tends to work for me the best for the sketch phase. Even with touch/stylus I never seem to get the same results in an application. For the painting part, applications have the advantage, since undo beats anything you can do with a real painting, especially water color that bleeds realistically like Rebelle does. Quick edit: Forgot to check, but Rebelle also allows you to save as Photoshop (psd) files, so there is nothing preventing you from saving/opening files between Rebelle, Flame Painter, and Photoshop. Also... Rebelle is not only water color... it also does acrylic, pastel, pencil, ink pen, marker, and air brush. Pastels and the paper texture is another nice realism it has.
  24. Audition helps best if the noise is fairly consistent and you have a places in the recording that are "just noise." For a recording that long, you might need to split it into multiple clips where the noise is fairly consistent throughout the clip duration. For each clip, you would want to highlight a section in the timeline that is only noise and then "Capture Noise Print" (Shift-P), then click in the timeline so that nothing is selected and "Noise Reduction (process)" (Ctrl-Shift-P). I would start with the default settings on that confirmation dialog and see how it works. You can also capture a noise print off the Spectral Display (if is it only high frequencies, or such) and remove it similarly. Additionally, you can also highlight the section you want to remove noise from in the timeline to apply the removal process to (saving you splitting the recording), but I am not sure how intensive the process would get with that entire file open. You may need to save it as a copy first to test that out. You may also want to save frequently or reduce the number of undo history it tracks (my version is older, so I cannot adjust this). Working with a file that large may start consuming RAM on you otherwise.
  25. Edit: After looking at that again, it reads as a "plugin for PhotoShop." The file types Flame Painter saves are fpa (flamepainter), psd, png, jpg, bmp, and tif. The actual connector program is very specific and sort of funny... Flame Painter 3 will connect to Photoshop CS 5+ (IIRC), but Flame Painter 4 only connects to Photoshop CC. The connector only mentions "PhotoShop" that I saw, and it shows up as a menu item similar to Studio One<->Notion (both apps need to be open). I am not sure how useful it truly is, since a guy demoing it said to remember to save before using it or you could inadvertantly mess up layers. After I saw that, I wasn't as excited about it. Saving/exiting, then launching/opening won't get that issue. For either program, it is best to create a new layer to work on.
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