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  1. Ah, like reverb or EQ with multiple outputs? Hmmm. I can see where it would be useful although today I just duplicate the track and use different effects on each one. One effect with multiple paths out ...
  2. Edit: I'll leave my answer here but I didn't answer the right question. It's about effects not instruments/sound generators. CbB already does. You have to select the multiple outputs when the Insert Soft Synth Options window comes up when you first insert it. Select Instruments Tracks per Output. And you can also select them to be stereo or mono outputs. Lots of other options too.
  3. It's not about the evils of Cakewalk (for which I think there are none) but the increasing public concern over their privacy. For many people when they find out their software is phoning home (or whatever connection) it gives them another concern about privacy. As shown in the media, 95% of iPhone users are turning off Facebook tracking via the new iOS update. And it's good. I have analytics turned on for Cakewalk and some other programs to try and help improve them. Cakewalk is harmless and I see no reason for them to make it harmful. But when someone comments about a piece of software making connections and not liking it, it unfair to dismiss them as being old and out of touch. I started long before ARPNET (used it copiously and COMSYS) and watched this train roll along. I've seen it all build up to what we have today. Experience does count for something. And I think this is a conversation for a different forum. But maybe Noel IS Mr. Big. I'm just sayin'.
  4. And some day when I am really bored ... 😉That might be today now that I think about it. I usually only need to go down to D.
  5. Up next after the Illuminati. Do me next. To be fair, people are getting more and more sensitive to these privacy issues. Its not unfounded but I don't see Cakewalk being at the center.
  6. I have Ample's freebee but I mostly use SI bass with Bass Professor unless I need to go below E. Then I use a synth.
  7. I've been playing with SoloContutti. It appears to work well. I insert a audio VST in my Main output and my buddy can join the session. It's free right now but I assume it will cost money at some point. But it does what I want.
  8. Hi Noel, I saw this too when I installed the update. It appears many people saw something that made them think CbB was calling home. Is it possible there is something happening here unexpected by the developers? I my case, maybe I was close to a timeout. I don't know. As long as Cakewalk works during the times when I am not connected to the internet, I really don't care if Bandlab lives with me.
  9. Metaphor Wars have come to CbB. It's like ... <>
  10. So you have $200 into it. Not bad.
  11. Hi gmp, If the project is really simple (less than 4-5 tracks), V-Vocal behaves well. Unfortunately I am a track and effect pig so it makes things worse for me. I am surprised Cakewalk keeps up with 40+ tracks with many having 3-4 effects. But damn ... it does. It's voodoo.
  12. At some it would be good to collect together the various actions we try to get V-Vocal to work once it decides to go south. I'd love to hear other's tricks. And yes, we have beat the Melodyne option horse to death. This is about working around V-Vocals short comings. For me, I try one or more of the following in this order. 1. Disable all effects. Strangely this works enough times to give it a try. 2. Bounce the clip. Try bouncing by itself, then try bouncing with adjacent clips, then give up and move to option 3. 3. Bounce to stereo then open V-Vocal. If it fails, convert to stereo and back to mono (if that is where you started.) Then try 4. 4. Close the program and restart. It rarely works but sometimes .... 5. Reduce the size of the clip to as short as possible and still be able to make the changes I want. It could be as small as 1 second. This is one of those solutions that makes me think V-Vocal is running into some other chunk of memory Cakewalk is using. Hence the C0000005 (you ain't supposed to be in here.) 6. Copy the track/clip to a new project but I almost always have to close the other project where the crash occurs or the new project will crash too. Make the changes and copy it back into the original project. I often copy an instrument track with the clip to help sort out the pitch changes I want, but I add that with no effects. Either way, editing in a new project almost always works. I'd say 95%+. 7. If I get the empty V-Vocal window, I bounce the clip which works and/or convert to stereo and back to mono. but I usually have to close the project and restart. If Cronus or Vpenc don't decide to crash, the wave it usually there. If it crashes, I will be forced to option 6. 8. If the volume of the clip is low enough, you might find notes where you don't get the initial yellow marker. The waveform is there but no yellow level/pitch marker. Exit V-Vocal and raise the gain of the clip 6db (or more) until you get the yellow marker across the complete note. Edit the clip, render and the reduce the gain by that much again. I see this at the end of long notes where there isn't enough signal for V-Vocal to follow it as the note decays. Most crashes are in Cronus and Vpenc. Once in awhile, Cakewalk will just close. I never see a VPSoloDec crash. The reliable option 6 is a bit of a pain but once you start doing it you get pretty quick and it's faster than trying the other options first. Just accept your destiny. To gmp, your suggestions are exactly what I see but pretty much head for option 6. Moving the clip in memory seems to make it work again.
  13. No doubt. It appears the equivalent is Assistant for $300. Just from my comparison. Is 5 more stable than the previous versions? In the meantime some of us will share our V-Vocal workarounds.
  14. It appears Tempo nodes are being (randomly/arbitrarily) added past the intended end of the project causing it to continue past that expected end. Chris.r and I have both noticed it. Maybe we are fumble-fingering something but we don't recall doing anything that should add a node. Once it's deleted the project will end as expected. One project I was working on ended normally at 5:16 but with either the 4.1 or 4.0 update, I noticed it ending at 7:44. Out there is this Tempo node. If it's us, let us know so we stop doing it.
  15. I'll post it in the 2021.4 thread. Maybe something is amiss. Thanks for the followup Chris.
  16. I looked into this more and it turns out there was a Tempo node out at 7:44. I am not sure why since I didn't intentionally add it. I deleted it and it stops correctly and CTRL-End is at the correct spot.
  17. I just saw the update and installed it. I'll see if it acts any different. Still ... it could be me.
  18. This is interesting. I never thought of this and tried it on a 5:16 song. Ctrl-End took me to 7:44. There is nothing out there or past 5:16. But you would think it would take you to the last bit of data.
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