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  1. This one is mostly Steve Schreiber. I added Marimbas and did some production work on the vocal and bass. https://baselines.com/?p=5597
  2. Love that guitar- what LUFS do you shoot for in your master?
  3. Sounds great. Always nice to have lots of toys to play with. Bass and Drums are solid.
  4. As always, this sounds great. Good work here.
  5. Quality sounds great. Nice work here. Do you use any Native Instruments stuff?
  6. Thanks David - Rachel is Rachel Bettney - she is on Bandlab. @bettney_ - She is from Northern England.
  7. Thanks Douglas - That was Smokey Toobz on the guitar - I agree, he played a great part.
  8. Hi - this vocal was completed remotely, I don't know what mic she used. As far as my processing, I removed some of the existing reverb and used Nectar 3 to mix it in with the rest of the track. I let Nectar three sense her vocal and make recommendations. Then I backed of the amount of compression, again brought the reverb down, added a touch of tape saturation, boosted the EQ a little at 3K. At the three minute mark, I boosted the volume a few dB. Thank you for listening and commenting!
  9. Without Focus is a Bandlab band - On this one Rachel Bettney joins in to sing the female foil. https://baselines.com/?p=5590
  10. Thank you! Working with Tempos has been my biggest PITA. This works great!
  11. Thank you - that is @kiwichrys doing the vocal on this one - she is great.
  12. Good job on this Douglas.
  13. Thanks Lynn - Usually it is tough for me to write lyrics - I am very happy with how this one came out.
  14. Nice job Lynn - I like your vocal tone on this one - also the harmonies.
  15. Bandlab's @kiwichrys performs vocals on this original tune. https://baselines.com/?p=5583 Lyrics If there are words you've never said before, tell them to me, and I'll tell you. Precious time is running out, while I'm watching... as I'm watching. Before you go. It's been a while since we've...held each others hand. I'll hold it now, as your eyes are asking why.... why this has to end. It breaks my heart. There's a doctor in the house, who wears compassion on his sleeve... telling everyone, that God is make believe. And every silence takes my breath, until the breathing starts again. When you open up your eyes, do you recognize my face. Seconds ticking slowly in the dark of night. Flowers scent the air, a reminder, of this world's friends. Tether's almost broken, pretty soon, you'll go. If there are words you've never said before, tell them to me, and I'll tell you. Precious time is running out, while I'm watching... as I'm watching. Before you go.
  16. If you haven't seen this yet, here's the latest from Without Focus, #rock #original Without Focus are: @eipi - acoustic guitar & vox, @smokeytoobz - all other guitars, @rabbitwithmachinegun - keys, @steve2k2 bass, drums and mastering. I love playing with these guys. @eipi wrote this classic rock song, my favorite type. https://www.bandlab.com/band/withoutfocus/lockdown-f61e97c2-7f1dfde2?revId=501c45ab-5798-ea11-96d2-0003ffd1fc09 These are my Bandlab mates from England, Georgia and Florida. I hail from Massachusetts. Here's an alternate link: http://baselines.com/?p=5580http://baselines.com/?p=5580
  17. Thank you my friend - I appreciate the feedback. What's in the pipeline for you?
  18. Right there with you brother! I remember being excited on the 5th grade school bus because the Beatles were on TV that night!
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