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  1. That´s easy : 1 year free beer.😄
  2. . By the way: If Great Britain leaves the EU, how much free space will there be ?
  3. The music and fantasy of Kanye is the poorest sound and creative workI have ever heard . Nothing against people who are really poor , but Kanye's noise is undescribeable ( I don't wonna get banned here.)
  4. Poor Kanye now is in big trouble cause after hearing really good music the first time in his life he lost the orientation completely.
  5. Good statement,Notes, I don´t think that "West" is a musician . I haven´t thought that there will be a time to have a hit by simply get some samples roughly with some dense talking at the same time.
  6. Kanye West seems to be a very underrated "producer" and specially text writer , an example ( please don´t try to understand , you will immediately go mad) : What a flat sound .
  7. i have thought that FL studio is a DAW,. What do you think about this statement of Kanye "West"?
  8. I,m also curious about the reason för batching focusrite.I'm using a saffire pro 40 för about 10 years without any flaw.
  9. Good to read that the Hurricane went away of your area,Mesh. My thoughts go to the people of the Bahamas which remind me to be thankful for every day of my life .
  10. I hope the Hurricane will path towards the sea and everyone is save..
  11. I don´t have much time today :
  12. The world would be a more peaceful place ? 🙉
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