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  1. Black Cat Bone - The Epic Continues, track 1 from their 1992 album Truth
  2. United Colors of Sodom- Hermes Arcana Part I Chapitre II
  3. Good that there is different music for different people. The guitar lines Gilmour is playing( very melodic and bluesy )in many songs is awesome-,his and the sound cosmos of Pink Floyd were unique for the 70th. Apropo sound: Queen once rented a quarter of the equipment from PF and played with that PA aso in the Wembley stadion in front of 80000 people. Pink Floyd sure have not been one the fastests band ever, but it´s all about sound- to not have them seen playing live is an education gap.😀 Cheers , a PF fanboy.
  4. A RME Raydat here,no converters or preamps but very reliable and lots of ins and outs. 4x ADAT I / O 192kHz capable (S / MUX4) + SPDIF I / O 192kHz capable and AES / EBU I / O 192kHz capable 2x MIDI I / O Up to 72 input and output channels can be used simultaneously.
  5. My Morning Jacket - Run Thru (Bonnaroo 2015)
  6. John Entwistle's Rigor Mortis-My wife
  7. Small Faces - Tin soldier The good old 60th.
  8. This songs reminds me of some of the good old: Dave Edmunds-I Hear You Knocking
  9. The Cult - Love Removal Machine
  10. Morrissey - Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?
  11. Causa Sui - Homage - Live at SonicBlast Fest 2018
  12. R.L. Burnside: See My Jumper Hanging On the Line
  13. Captain Codfish, the old pirate, is in the Stoned Seagull Pub one night, telling stories from his life at sea. "I had a parrot once," declares Codfish, drinking his rum. "He was the most incredible bird! He could imitate anything - Charlie Chaplin, Jack the Ripper, Marilyn Monroe, Pope the Polack... even Melania Trump!" "Wow!" says Igor, the barman. "Where is he? What happened to him?" "Ah!" cries the old pirate. "Times got hard, and I got hungry - I ate him!" "You ate your parrot?" cries Igor in disgust. "What did he taste like?" "He tasted just like turkey," replies Codfish. "That parrot could imitate anything!" Paddy has a late night at the pub, and when it closes, he staggers outside in a drunken stupor. He wanders around the streets trying to remember which way to go home, and finally gives up. Paddy sits down on the street and looks all around him until a taxi pulls up beside him. "Ah!" groans Paddy, clambering into the back and lying down on the seat. "Can you take me to number five, Fergus Street?" The cabdriver looks around at Paddy and replies, "Hey, mister, this is number five, Fergus Street!" "Ah!" groans Paddy. "Alright! But next time, don't drive so fast!"
  14. I don´t like the Diamond so much , but have to admit that I can´t hear that. Sure this could be my fault.
  15. This sounds like the musicians have taken time to create music. I love music like that.
  16. Warren Zevon - Nighttime In The Switching Yard
  17. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Nature Boy
  18. The Bronx - History's Stranglers
  19. Graham Parker - 'Hey Lord Don't Ask Me Questions'
  20. There is a huge explosion at the scientific laboratory, and Professor Teddy Testube, the scientist, is blown through the window and knocked unconscious. When Teddy wakes up, he is dazed and confused, but he has a sudden flash of inspiration. He decides to devote the rest of his life to the alchemy of turning regular house bricks into gold bricks. For ten years Teddy works hard on his project until one day he gets stuck. "Ah!" cries Teddy to Igor, his lab assistant. "Just one little answer to one last question, Igor, and we will be rich!" But night after night Teddy's experiments are fruitless. Finally, utterly exhausted and nearly burnt out, Teddy is slumped across his workbench when Igor comes in. "Don't give up, Professor Testube," exclaims Igor, "I have an idea! Why don't you go and see Madam Weird, the wise woman of Tibet? She will be able to answer your burning question!" "Great idea!" shouts Teddy, jumping up. And he goes and packs his bags and leaves for Tibet the next morning. After a long camel ride from Kathmandu, Teddy finally arrives, tired and exhausted, on the doorstep of Madam Weird's mountain retreat. The question is still burning in his mind. But Teddy is told he must purify himself before he is granted an audience with the wise woman, so for three days, he is forced to live on a diet of Aqua-guard water and raw tofu. Finally, he is admitted into Madam Weird's private bedchamber. "Welcome, stranger," greets Madam Weird, sprawled across the huge bed in her see-through negligee. Teddy is shocked and a little nervous, seeing such a beautiful woman way out here in the middle of nowhere. "I can receive you today," smiles Madam Weird, "because your energy is sufficiently pure, and besides that, my husband has gone to the village for some monkey business. But I can answer one question only, and no more!" Perspiring, Teddy loosens his collar as he stares at her beautiful, bulging breasts bursting through her see-through negligee. There is much moving of eyeballs and raising of eyebrows, as Madam Weird beckons Teddy to come closer. "Go ahead," she says in a throaty voice, "ask your burning question." "Okay!" blurts out Teddy. "Tell me one thing: when will your husband be back?"
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