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  1. Anyone using it? It doesn't show up for my other 2 machines. I usually like to upgrade them at the same time since I've had network issues in the past.
  2. Soundtoys was the quickest. Give UVI some credit for allowing 3 authorizations.
  3. Seems tedious to get since you have to download at Bandcamp. No direct link. Pass on this one boys and girls.
  4. It varies from software. NI seems to be less bothered by it. IK use to be touchy but no issues this time. I use to dislike Waves Central but it has a fix for such things. I upgraded everything but kept the Windows drive as is since the difference would be changing out the chipset since they both were Intel. In this case Pace without the dongle was the major annoyance. BTW their support is top notch. I use to despise the dongle but not anymore. The iLok 3 is even more smaller than iLok2.
  5. Hmmmm.....it appear only the Ristretto is the free one.
  6. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/iLok3--pace-ilok-3rd-generation I decided to get another one and not use the drives anymore. The issue was not a drive failure but a system upgrade made all of my activations useless. The worst part is contacting the software developers to reset the activations. The quickest responder was Sound Toys and the slowest was AIR/Sonivox. A lesson learned, go with the stick.
  7. Let's not get in the habit of forgetting links. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=9862
  8. I'm thinking of adding S1 to my cut list. Too many DAWs even though v5 seems like a nice upgrade.
  9. Could you be more specific? Free ones usually get deleted after auditioning, Some have a lot of bloat to them and confuse loops with stems. I don't buy them unless there are midi files. I usually delete the wavs, keep the midi. This is after they've been archived on a storage drive.
  10. UJAM products We're not limiting the number of authorizations. Our license lets you install and run our products on multiple computers of yours. It also allows multiple users on ONE single machine but it does not allow for multiple users on multiple computers.
  11. A word of caution about Air products. Use an iLok and not your drive. After a system upgrade all of my iLok authorizations on the drive need to be reset. I'm waiting on them to reset. Their support is slow to non existent.
  12. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/53-Multi-Effect-/5698-TimeShaper-2 Like these guys.
  13. In my world that means more stuff to fill the drive space.
  14. kitekrazy

    IK VI Group Buy

    That's when I go into my IK account and a lot of scrolling in my products. I'm still on the fence.
  15. kitekrazy

    IK VI Group Buy

    As long as it does not exceed the value of your original purchase.
  16. kitekrazy

    IK VI Group Buy

    Oh well it might have gotten it confused with something else on the site.
  17. kitekrazy

    IK VI Group Buy

    Nope. Last week the MODO Bass (not LE) had a crossgrade price of $149,
  18. kitekrazy

    IK VI Group Buy

    Did I miss something here? The crossgrade pricing was removed. I think that pretty much says for me blow this one off. Impulse purchase not happenin".
  19. kitekrazy

    IK VI Group Buy

    I was hoping it would end. Now I may get drawn in. My chances of blowing off an IK group buy are basically zero.
  20. For me no. I have so much of their stuff I have to go to my product page just to see what I have.
  21. Not fond of this developer,
  22. https://8dio.com/instrument/supercluster/ https://8dio.com/instrument/studio-series-fire-trumpet/
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