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  1. You cannot since it has expired. This forum is for Sonar not Cbb by the way.
  2. Im sorry there are no changes in the "latest version" that would account for what you are seeing. We know the exact set of changes that went in and nothing impacts latency. The issue the OP is reporting is not the same as what you are referring to so if you have a different issue make a fresh thread and provide a repro. The OP's issue isn't directly latency compensation related either. I should also add that if you have a problem with Sonar contact support and work with them. Staff don't actually do technical support in this forum - its a peer to peer user forum.
  3. We tried the project you sent in to support and I don't see any timing issues playing it here. Notes a properly silenced when the MIDI gate is active and I only hear quarter notes. I even stacked 10 instances of Fabfilter Pro L2 which has high delay on track one and the output was perfectly synced. I don't think the problem is what you think it is. The issue you are seeing may be something else since with the recipe you provided we cannot reproduce it. I'll send you a PM and we can troubleshoot further. Are you running Sonar? We're not updating Cbb for remote issues like this in any case.
  4. There is no need to add envelopes or activate all synth parameters ahead of time and it's intentionally not done because it consumes memory and processing for no good reason. Instead sonar creates parameters only after you change the value of a parameter in the instrument. If you really want all parameters go into learn mode in the synth UI and then choose a preset in the synth or reset the patch. This will trigger creation of the parameters and you will get a warning message if there are a large number is parameters. Many instruments expose thousands of parameters and exposing them all at once will consume unnecessary resources.
  5. Autopitch isn't integrated into Next yet, but it shares a lot of the same features.
  6. Its not so much the DAW as in what the video codec is reporting back when its transcoded to WAV, which is what happens. If you send a link to the MP4 I can take a look and see why its coming in as stereo. I assume that you have checked the import as mono box in the import video dialog?
  7. The sidechaining routing detects feedback and eliminates routing possibilities that would result in feedback. This is the most likely reason it's not shown.
  8. We've always had the ability to upsample at higher than 2x for ages, but its not in the UX. Read the help - the upsampling settings are in aud.ini https://legacy.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=CakewalkSonar&language=3&help=Mixing.25.html The {Plug-in CLSID}.SampleRate= variable specifies the per plug-in upsampling rate. It defaults to a value of 0 (zero), which means “resample at twice the project sample rate”. The max sample rate is 384000 Hz. This variable is not stored in the Aud.ini file by default, so it must be manually added if you want to change a plug-in’s upsample rate (Tip: copy the CLSID from the corresponding EnableFlags= variable).
  9. VstScan.zip You can download and try this Vst scanner. Unzip and copy it to C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities, and then rescan the plugin. We'd planned to drop this update but it didn't make it into the CbB codebase. For clarity, were not making any bug fixes to CbB since the last year and a half. Only a small amount of critical maintenance fixes will go into CbB. If you want regular fixes like this one (which was released to Sonar users in Feb) you have to purchase Sonar membership.
  10. You are posting in a thread for an issue that was resolved ages ago. If you have a new issue you need to provide a way for others to reproduce it as provide a simple project file. Most such problems can be very project specific so we typically need a project file to reproduce it. Also if this issue is important to you I suggest you download Sonar and try it since there have been many improvements to sidechaining. Even running it as a demo you should be able to test it. CbB is only receiving maintenance updates since a year and a half now. All active work is on Sonar.
  11. This directory issue was fixed awhile back in Sonar. Maybe even in CbB I don't remember...
  12. Need more information before we can offer a solution. Most obvious is are you running Sonar or Cbb? What is the specific issue -crash or other problem. If it's a crash send a dump file.
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