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  1. Thanks! I frequently try things that are new to me based on issues others have. This discussion now makes more sense to me. Than ks for raising the question, for the replies, and for the dialog. In case its not clear from the size of the 4 screen shots, the arrow in the customized smart tool button is shaded, while the one before (not-customized) is solid.
  2. I like that the Theme Editor shows the original and what its has been changed to. (See image from Tuncury.)
  3. I have never created drum maps in Cakewalk, but now that I am getting into re-learning the software, your implied question ("How can I create drum maps for my gear/softsynths?") caught my interest. I had been under the impression that those sorts of things had been contributed by users, but I am not sure where I got that impression and could be wrong. Anyhow, I am not sure if this is the best video for it's purpose, but I stumbled onto it and thought of sharing it here. Of course, if someone has already done one for Toontracks, that would better meet your needs than doing one yourself. If others know of online repositories, other recommended videos, and/or tips, I'd also be interested. Thanks for raising the issue. Steve
  4. Apologies for the horrible test colors I used, but I believe it shows that switching the screenset (at least in the case of the Notes Browser colors I tested) has the same effect as rebooting Cakewalk. I tested changes to the text color in the Track Lane Notes and it looks like that element doesn't get updated by switching the screenset.
  5. Yes! Also, I just did some tests with Notes Browser and found some theme colors change (1) when a theme is selected, (2) when a file is reopened, and (3) when a Screen Set is changed.
  6. The version I downloaded 7-12-2019 (25.05.00) was 2188 pages. The one there now 25.07.00 version is was 1724 pages. It looks like the manual was revised. Also, it looks like 25.07.00 has larger pages and more content per page. Update: 2019-10-03. Version 25.09.00 has been posted and is 1712 pages. Update: 2020-11-24: I no longer compare the size/content of the reference guides; someone else can do it if they want.
  7. I am wondering if when this happens others are left with "hanging" processes in Task Manager.
  8. Hmmmm. I thought it was just me! Thanks for mentioning this.
  9. Not sure this solution will work for you, but I have used it several times when I can't launch Cakewalk from any location: See if there are any "leftover" BandLab Assistant or Cakewalk Application processes in Task Manager. If you have any, your might want to wait to see if they end on their own and try relaunching when they are done. I have only recently started with the new Cakewalk and cannot even guess as to why there would be leftover processes or if something would be lost if processes were killed prematurely. At one point, it seemed that after a software/audio crash, might have caused the leftover processes while Windows Error Reporting did its thing. Again, I am not an expert; just sharing an observation. I'd be happy to hear from others with more detailed knowledge on this. Steve
  10. So far as I can see, they have been getting better about not changing user settings--they no longer change desktop icons back to the default locations, updates don't always make me re-install my extended partition locator, etc. Thanks for mentioning the CPU issue and Games Mode; very good to know about. At my next update, I will have to check that and see if the update re-installs all the X-Box software I recently removed (since I don't have/use X-Box).
  11. I got this, too. until I changed theme, exited Cakewalk, started it up again, and reopened the file. This is all new to me, I like exploring, not sure this is useful info, thought I'd share because I want to get into customization that works best for my vision and appreciate the discussion. Seems to me there some things are inherited, overwritten, etc. It is unclear how each parameter is handled, but I am just wondering if what seems to be random (colors sticking?) are actually a consistent function of when (and where) specific colors/elements are saved/overwritten/loaded. Just wondering out loud because this topic fascinates the explorer in me. Steve
  12. If the Jethro Tull Songbook was indeed the cause, congrats on discovering that and for not having to replace a faulty button, knob, slider, or even controller.
  13. True enough! If it is bogus CC data from hardware or software "jitter," you should be able to just delete all of them using the Event List--just so long as you don't delete intentional CC data.
  14. Did you look at the event listing for all (or any of the tracks)? If not, maybe that will show some useful diagnostic info. I don't think I have any of your VSTs, so what I see might not be accurate, but I see a lot of notes at the same velocity (100) and a lot of CC data (mostly 126/127). Steve PS: Not sure if this is the case with your gear, but I have had CC data "jitter" from knobs and sliders. To my eye, it looks similar to what you have--CCs bouncing back and forth between 126 and 127.
  15. I don't have much to add to the excellent advice others have given. I tend to keep the installation files in case I want/need to reinstall from scratch. As suggested, you could move those to long-term storage (e.g., usb/flash/thumb drive, or a secondary internal drive) - just in case. As for the true duplicates, I usually delete those, too. If I am not sure an "ancient" file has become corrupted--esp. if I am not sure I could replace it, I will use MS-DOS's vestigial FC program [File Compare] with the /b option [binary comparison]. Steve
  16. "Roll them pair of dice . . . " from Ray Manzarek's The Gambler on The Whole Thing Started With Rock and Roll. http://raymanzarek.com/?page_id=7253
  17. In the 32.1 GB total are you including both the downloaded installation files (01_ * through 05_*) and all the files in the Sonar X1 folder on the desktop? Also, I don't see the various update/patches. I am not sure if they came after your 2012 download and unpacking. Steve Addendum: It looks like I originally updated to SONAR X1 in 2011, and then in March 2014 I downloaded them all (included the patches) probably after getting a Win 10 PC (with an update to SONAR X3 later that year). I seem to recall I might have had 8.5, X1, and X3 on the computer at one time.
  18. Thanks for the background about 32bit/64bit and vst/dx and for the tip for using CCs with z3ta+ FX! I will try that!!! Steve
  19. I am just beginning to get up to speed with the new Cakewalk, but was pleased to learn this morning that z3ta+ FX (pre-z3ta+ 2) still works--to a degree. For my initial tests, I added the plug-in to two other synth plug-ins ("simple instruments" insertion), one being TTS-1. However, I am stumped on how to pass midi CCs from my keyboard to the z3ta+ FX plug-in to control the FX parameters. Not ready to conclude it can't be done, yet. Anyhow, I offer this as an example of an old plug-in working in the new Cakewalk. (FWIW, I am attempting to come close to some real-time performance techniques I used with my Roland M-GS64 and the TTS-1 plus z3ta+ FX is coming very close--if I could just tweak the FX parameters in real-time with CCs. ) Steve
  20. If it is a repeating [Insert] key, I have had "stuck key syndrome" from low battery voltage either on a keyboard or a mouse (I forget which). Yeah--it's a long shot, but worth checking just in case. Steve
  21. Cheepnis by FZ https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/frankzappa/cheepnis.html Frankenstein, Edgar Winter Group
  22. Thanks for mentioning the Custom module. I have been wondering if there was a way to put a personalized list of preferred tasks in a single collapsed Control Bar module. After seeing your post, I found it in the Reference Guide: "The Custom module lets you assign various Cakewalk commands and actions to buttons. You can assign up to 9 buttons depending on the module size: small shows 3 buttons, medium shows 6 buttons, and large shows all 9 buttons." [Version 25.05.00, p. 607 of 2188] Steve
  23. I used to get many *.dll [dynamic link library files] found with the cakewalk plug-in manager that had nothing to do with audio vsts (instruments, fx, etc.). I just assumed they were *.dlls that were used by various other programs. IIRC I either excluded them permanently one-by-one or I put bona fide vsts in specific folders for Cakewalk to find.
  24. Not sure how it functions with bona fide OSX *.midi files, but on my computer Cakewalk by BandLab was successfully able to open files with both the smf extension and the midi extension using two specific methods. Is there a website where I can download OSX midi files? I didn't find one the other day. Maybe the good folks at BandLab can add an option so you can open *.midi files and I can open *.smf files by dragging them to the desktop and by using the file browser?
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