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  1. Its definitely snap to. What you can do is: Within the PRV, locate the View tab, scroll down to Grid Resolution and set it to FOLLOW SNAP SETTINGS. This will give you a more accurate snap setting every time you change the global snap in the PRV. The snap setting you see next to tracks are the note lengths to draw in. Grid.mp4
  2. How can anyone compete against this? Thanks for ruining it chris. Theres no bouncing back.
  3. Okay. Yes, you can do this, but its old-skewl.
  4. The inspirational song idea doesn't sound bad at all. Love the idea.
  5. Thanks but chocolate ice cream always seems to cheer me up.
  6. Im upset with CbB right now. I have no more projects available to do. I have never been this disappointed before. How can one work without any projects! Its ridiculous . . . So, farewell until the next notification.
  7. Apologies, but I saw the title is a trend and as we all know, you have to follow the trend in the music business. I am done with Cakewalk though. Finished all my projects and well within the time frame I had set for myself. No crashes, No hickups (thought there was issues with panning, but I was just too tired mentally and physically so some things got ignored by mistake and left untouched.) Had a smooth workflow. Looking forward to this few days off. Just have to get these out to their owners tomorrow. FR: Though. I know we can do this with Ctrl+Pin (its a daily use,) but would it be possible to get a global ON and OFF button to pin plugins automatically? For some reason it became a need. I kept forgetting to press Ctrl when opening a second or third plugin after pinning the first one.
  8. Explain more. I'm too lazy to research this "Time Track" right now.
  9. Will.

    estou triste

    Things dont just disappear. Check your AV sandbox/quarantine. Are you sure you saved everything? There was no window to ask, "would you like to close the program without saving?" I mean 11 tracks disappearing out af an entire projects - as in vanished? Theres some gremlins in the system for sure | OR | human error at play. Can you confirm if these files are in the project folder?
  10. Here's an interesting question to this: How about having the outputs to be renamed automatically on the audio tracks in CbB? Would this be up to the plugin to do this, or the DAW when sending the plugin output to an audio track?
  11. At the end of the day Bandlab.com is the parent website. I think the confusion you're having is with the download of the installer ,which we get from the Cakewalk by Bandlab website. Most who repott on this are still attached to "Cakewalk.com" Either way, like @msmcleod said: It's just passing you back to CbB.
  12. History and present login. A before and After 🤣 Literally. A security lock.
  13. I wouldn't use this very much. It often bring problems.
  14. Did you sign in via the the HELP tab in CbB and not the actual Bandlab site?
  15. It does give the track number.
  16. Have you left it open to "actually see" where it's really taking you?
  17. If you really want the "Zero" start. Its basically just a 'Time Ruler Format" feature. We can maybe just put in a request for it to display a little bigger? Time Ruler .mp4
  18. Shift everything to start at measure 2 and drag the first clips out to "Zero."
  19. This has been in Cakewalk since I started with Cakewalk X1 LE back in 2009
  20. Sigh! 🤦🏻‍♂️ No! And things are being moved around. I'm building panels, but I think it might be the send pans to the reverb that's the issue. I'll check tomorrow. Please discard this issue.
  21. I'll take a listen tomorrow again. Update: You know what? I might have left the send pans in the middle going into a reverb thinking out my steps I had done.
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