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  1. Thanks Larry. Maschine is also updated to 2.8.1
  2. Flow Motion is great! Confusing, but really cool sounds.
  3. @abacab's insistence that I buy Iris a few weeks ago for cheap may turn out to be very wise on his part.
  4. Any of which hardly counts as beer.
  5. No more UVI? I kind of liked that about GM.
  6. @Fleer, do you have UVI World Suite? Just wonder how it compares.
  7. Especially when there is so many other great options (CSS, Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, etc.) out there!
  8. Thank Lars. I had an update for TRK-01 as well.
  9. From the same company who gave away Epic Babies a few months ago - Metalstorm https://pulsesetter-sounds.com/product/metalstorm/?
  10. I'm a sucker for those cheesy sounds! I have the first FM Tines, not sure if this upgrade is worth it.
  11. Allright Abacab, you talked me into it!
  12. You're killing me. I don't need any more synths! Right?
  13. SWEET! Finally! Thanks for passing along Canopus. Of note that it only checks official UVI products (not surprising), and I'm not sure if it checks the version of UVI Workstation. It also doesn't gracefully handle products that are in multiple bundles. For example, I had VV1, and upgraded to VV2. Even though some of the products are actually installed in VV2, it claims they aren't in VV1. Still some work to do (it is a version 1.01), but a great step. Love the UVI products, but man their update procedures were bad.
  14. Dealio. You can't even buy U-He products second hand for these prices. Diva sounds just...amazing.
  15. Just curious, what do you not like about Addictive Keys?
  16. I don't believe you Larry - let's test. Just go ahead and transfer your bx_console SSL to me just to make sure. 😀
  17. Awesome. Thanks to Larry and Steven posting these deals over the past few months, I now have the Ozone, Neutron, and RX Elments bundles for a total of $11!
  18. New Phaser plugin in the Anthology bundle as well.
  19. Or a free ride when you've already paid...
  20. Just keep posting the deals Lars. If you build it, they will come...
  21. Arturia is offering some new free presets for Analog Lab 3: 1. Bass Music Powerpack 2. A Proksa's Signature Just start Analog Lab, then go to the Sound Store banks - all free ones are listed there (including the new ones)
  22. Cool. I'd have a hard time sleeping at night knowing something had an update, but I couldn't get it. It's a problem...
  23. I did the same offer through NI, and had the same question. Thank you Matthew.
  24. Hybrid Keys and Ethereal Earth as well. Odd though that my Kontakt Factory library shows as updated, but still at version 1.3.0
  25. husker

    A new beginning

    Yeah, that was mine as well. I resisted for exactly one hour. I got up at 6 AM on the 1st, and by 7 AM I had already purchased 8Dios Requiem on the flash sale (and got Liberis for free!!!!)
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