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  1. Nope, don't know anything about this character, but it's a cool song with a catchy melody.
  2. One of my favorite songs and your version is just great. Wow you hit those falsetto notes perfectly. I'm very impressed.
  3. bjornpdx

    Let Me Go

    Nice one Doug! You never cease to amaze me.
  4. bjornpdx

    A WORD

    Steve, very nice. Somehow you can make a melancholy song put me in a good mood. What's a D365?
  5. bjornpdx

    The Silver Sphere

    This was inspired by The Silver Ball from the Pearl album by Brian Eno and Harold Budd, one of my favorite albums. It doesn't sound anything like the original except for a phrase here and there. I did this in several takes, mostly improvised and followed with a lot of PRV corrections. Then I added three accomp tracks - strings, aaaahs and noise fx. NI Grandeur Omnisphere Thanks for listening/commenting.
  6. bjornpdx

    Part 5

    Wookie, ~0:40 cool synth entrance with really catchy groove Great chord changes with some unexpected notes. Kind of Kraftwerk-ish (?) I like it!
  7. Oh Shenandoah always gets to me. Same with Waltzing Matilda - I think I have it associated with a war movie or something. Gets me blubbery every time.
  8. Well, you asked. How about Stardust? I think you'd give Nat King Cole a run for the money.
  9. Steve, I always look forward to hearing another song of yours and this one didn't disappoint. Melodic πŸ‘ Kind of sad in a good way. I think I mentioned wistful once. Seems like drums struggling to fit in. Might be better without? Timing off in a couple of spots, no biggie Abrupt ending. Just minor nits. This is a very good song that puts me in a nice mellow mood.
  10. Very good dulcimer and orchestra. Might be just my ears but seemed like bass could stand out more. The oooo's and aaaaah's are nice but could change up more, eg an oooh turns into an aaah within same phrase. I like the overall buildup to the dramatic ending. Great job on this.
  11. It's the Freddy genre. I barely recognized your voice at first. Sad lyrics but clearly sung. Really liked the guitar accomp to the singing. The spoken comments are very good. Liked that.
  12. Kenny, Very good! Did you lay down the backing tracks too? I ask because sometimes you use backing tracks from elsewhere. Whatever, I like how the layers interact so well.
  13. Gary,I just assumed this would be you singing since you did the White Christmas cover a while ago, which is sort of in the Big Band genre. Sounds like a really good mix to me and how could it not be considering your star ship studio? πŸ™‚ Much envy.
  14. bjornpdx

    The JMLT

    Sounds like a useful patch. Creating sounds is a real artform.
  15. Great layering of arps and synth leads! Love this. My very first synth was the rackmount ESQ-M. Sold it a long time ago and wish I hadn't just for nostalgia sake.
  16. bjornpdx


    This could push me over to liking jazz. ☺️ So smooth and so well arranged (if that's even done in jazz). The guitar solo is amazing. Really enjoyed this.
  17. Marcello I really like the hypnotic vibe. Very nice interplay of instruments. The Cakewalk Adaptive Limiter is good, as Lynn mentioned. A couple of things that I noticed: The drums seemed a little off the beat starting around 2:15. The instruments are panned too far right and left. The mix seemed okay to me, but I'm no audio engineer. Good job on this and thanks for posting.
  18. Thanks everyone for the comments. Wookie - I'm finding more and more to like about the Z3TA+ Why did I buy all those other expensive synths? πŸ˜„
  19. I like the laid back vibe on this one, Wookie. Nice gradual filter knob tweaking at beginning. Arp bass works really well with the piano on top. One of your best I think.
  20. Keith, I like it. It's a very toe tapping and head nodding tune. I was waiting for a solo instrument to come out into the spotlight, like a trumpet or something in a higher range. There's a guitar bit around 2:25 that could have worked, but too short. But that's just my opinion. Great job on this! -Bjorn
  21. bjornpdx

    Stay Forever

    Doug, I don't have any suggestions for you except keep up the good work. Well, actually I was kind of expecting a little delay fx after the Stay Forever words but that's just me. -Bjorn
  22. Hey tom, I've always liked the bendy notes Vangelis plays, like in the Blade Runner soundtrack. IDK, something about the sound of the effect just appeals to me.
  23. bjornpdx


    Kurt Listened thru headphones. Sounds very good, but maybe could use bit more stereo spread? Really like the guitar playing. I didn't understand the "midi guitar" that you mentioned. Is that the Jam Origin Midi Guitar software?
  24. I've made a few music videos using dedicated video editors (Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve, HitFilm). Never tried or even thought of using Power Point. I don't know what kind of animation functions there are in PP but you could probably do the same in a dedicated video editor. If you're looking for special effect stuff I'd suggest Hitfilm since it seems to lean in that direction. You could get the demo version of Hitfilm or try Hitfilm Express which I think is free. Anyway, I liked your video. Great soundtrack! -Bjorn
  25. Steve - thanks for your comments, especially on my newbie guitar playing. Very encouraging! Jack C - thanks for commenting. I'm not set up for pop filter at the moment. On my to do list. Doug - Thanks for your kind comment on my singing. I think everyone is their own worst judge on singing. I pretty much cringe everytime I listen to myself. John B - I scanned hundreds of my parents' old photos recently and repaired a lot of them via Photoshop. Nice to rescue those old pictures and I hope my son and my nieces will want to keep them. Kurt - Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment. Appreciate it.
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