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  1. Jesse, I always listen to what you post but I don't comment that often because have to say I usually don't get it. I've been here long enough to just accept it as your style and let it go. You posted a video about a wishing well a while ago which I really liked. It surprised me how straight forward the story was since I hadn't seen that level of accessibility (if that's the right word) in your music. Guess I'm trying to say that less experimental and more of the tried and true traditional stuff will likely work out well for you toward a general audience if you're interested in doing that. -Bjorn
  2. Steve, kind of weird sound at first but it certainly has a beauty of its own. Jesse, pretty cool description of your contemplative moment. Side note: you mentioned in another post the movie Carnival of Souls. Despite the cheap production and bad acting, that movie is one of the creepiest I've ever seen. Mark, I knew that the singing is usually done in a lower pitch but I took the liberty of raising it since it just sounded better to me with the synth accompaniment.
  3. Tuvan Throat Singers Omnisphere has several patches featuring Tuvan throat singers which I used in this song in addition to a couple of Zebra vst presets. The Tuvan are nomadic people who live in Mongolia and Siberia. Tuvan throat singers have the ability to sing multiple notes at the same time. By manipulating the resonance of their vocal tract they can produce loud overtones that they form into actual melodies over a drone with their vocal cords. Might sound a little strange at first but you'll get into it. Thanks for listening/commenting. -Bjorn
  4. Very engaging melody and top notch performance. Well done! -Bjorn
  5. bjornpdx

    TD 2

    The beginning reminded me of Brian Eno's Begegnumgen which I'm sure everyone is familiar with 😁 I was into the song the whole 6:15. I like how you keep the theme going by changing the chord a little bit when the phrase comes around again. Plus all the little ornaments here and there keeps things interesting. Well done! -Bjorn
  6. Sounds great Lynn. Very clear voc so it's easy to hear the lyrics. I like the little changeup around 1:15 Nice instrument separation, great mix - I can tell you put a lot of work into this. 4:45 whoa didn't expect that. Works well near the outro. Professional job my friend! -Bjorn
  7. bjornpdx

    Lucille (a Cover)

    Whaaa? Freddy's doing a Little Richard cover? OK the Everly Brothers then. I knew Pat Boone had done a cover, but didn't know about the Everly Bros. Anyway, I thought you did a great job on this. The voc treatment is good and the overall sound is as well. And I love that 50s guitar riff. -Bjorn
  8. What Freddy said above about western movies. Sounds really good, impressive playing. Love the harmonica. Not sure if the change at 2:25 really works. Sounds to me like a completely different song but that's just my impression. -Bjorn
  9. bjornpdx

    TD 1

    TD always means Tangerine Dream to me. Very solemn, even minimalist at the beginning, but then the arp bit comes in at the perfect spot. Perfect for kicking back on a rainy day. Really enjoyed it Wookie. -Bjorn
  10. What a great antidote to the evening news. Very nice as always. -Bjorn
  11. bjornpdx

    Gifts of Altai

    I think you hit the mood of the mountains here. Never heard throat singing in a production before. Omnisphere has a collection of Tuvan throat singers patches that I might have to use after listening to this. A couple of minor nits. The intro arps might be a little too long and the transition effect could be more subtle. Other than that, very nice indeed. Enjoyed it. -Bjorn
  12. Glenn, I like covers where the artist puts his own take on the song and I really like what you've done with this one. The voc could be raised a bit maybe. Or not. Anyway, great work! -Bjorn
  13. Nice bassline but I was waiting for a change here and there. Guitars have hint of spaghetti western soundtrack. Nice. Clint Eastwood could be more in step with the beat. 😊 Mix is very good and I didn't think it was too long. Nice job. -Bjorn
  14. I kept waiting for it to take off, like I was listening to an intro. Maybe that's your intention? Good soundscape nevertheless. -Bjorn
  15. As usual I never know what's going on in Jesse land but there's always some really nice stuff going on in the background. -Bjorn
  16. Andy - thanks. We really need to look at the world now and then from a whole different viewpoint. Nigel - thanks. Appreciate the listen and the comment. Tracing Arcs - thanks. I have enough trouble coming up with a 70's synth sound with all my vst's. Makes me appreciate those synth guys from that period. Keven - thanks for the listen and comment. Wookie - thanks. I can't believe Elka-X sounds so good yet only cost me pocket change. Jesse - thanks! Hidden S - thanks. Appreciate the comment.
  17. Sounds great. I like the mix of progressive/jazz with the melodic violin. The tempo slows and speeds up at the end. Was that done manually? -Bjorn
  18. I added a couple more tracks to my previous song, downloaded some clips of satellites from Pixabay and made a video. Synths used Arturia CS-80 Cherry Audio Elka-X (I really like this one) Omnisphere Thanks for listening/commenting. -Bjorn
  19. bjornpdx


    David, this sounds a little familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Nice tune tho I think you could speed up the tempo a little bit. Nice to see some Portland pics in the video. -Bjorn
  20. Traditional blues is the best. I really liked your guitar solo around 1:30 in fact I could listen to that all day and never tire of it. Great job Freddy. -Bjorn
  21. bjornpdx

    Nothing to Me

    The usual excellent production and performance comment from me, Nigel. I thought this one stood out a little more because the accompaniment bits were very well done. -Bjorn
  22. bjornpdx


    One of your best, Steve! A couple notes I took while listening: Needs a little more intro 0:38 the bgv fits the voc really well 1:35 I thought I was hearing some static here? 2:25 bgv might be overpowering here Really impressed with the orchestration. So nice. The word "incident" and the Harley photo conjures up some images -Bjorn ------------------------------------------------
  23. The Answer is always...42.
  24. Local Hero 2 I wrote this a few years ago and I thought it sounded pretty nice. I took one theme from the song and made a few edits on it and also used better sounding vst instruments. The piano accompaniment is a little rough maybe but I like the violin and bassoon parts. Work in progress. I'm taking a nature photography trip to Australia soon but will try to check in when I can. Thanks for listening/commenting. NI Kontakt The Grandeur piano Embertone Joshua Bell Violin BBC Symphony Orch Bassoon
  25. bjornpdx

    Stratos 1977

    Lynn and freddy, thanks for the comments. I was going for a dark sinister tone which seems to have come across. -Bjorn
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