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  1. Cruisin' PCH in a '57 T-Bird Back in the day a friend of mine and I would cruise down Pacific Coast Highway in his dad's '57 Thunderbird. This is the highway in Southern California that straddled Pacific Ocean beaches from Los Angeles down to San Diego. We were pretty cool back then just cruising in that classic T-Bird and that's what I thought of when writing this song. I don't particularly like jazzy stuff but that's how the song sort of evolved to. Thanks for listening/comments. I'm traveling to Norway in a couple of days for the fjords, waterfalls and things like that to take pictures of. So I probably won't be responding to comments for a while. Massive X Indiginus Renegade love how well it pitch bends NI Grandeur Trilian Addictive Drums Kontakt Factory Library Tenor Sax -Bjorn
  2. I feel the same as you Freddy and I think so do most of America. This would work really well as a soundtrack to all the news videos lately. Sad thing is it would work for all the future videos as well. -Bjorn
  3. bjornpdx

    Relax Already

    I sat back and listened and I'm real relaxed now. Sounds great. Is the sax improv? -Bjorn
  4. bjornpdx


    Not my favorite genre but I'm blown away by the musicianship. Most excellent performance! -Bjorn
  5. bjornpdx

    No GOD

    Hip hop Jack. I like how you explore different genres and not afraid to put them out there. -Bjorn
  6. bjornpdx


    Yeah, "cosmic soundscape" like Larry T said above. You do them very well. I didn't expect there would be microphones on the Mars Rover. Nice touch to add sounds from that planet. -Bjorn
  7. bjornpdx

    Cruel Design

    Hey Doug, Just your usual well played and produced song. Is that your voice in the background vocals? -Bjorn
  8. bjornpdx

    John O'Groats

    Wookie thanks for listening and commenting. KSband and jack c thanks for the listen andyB01 thank you. Ashokan Farewell-there's another song that gets to me every time I hear it. Larry T - I appreciate the suggestions. Thanks. Tom - I realized I was using three different instruments to play the mostly same melodic line one after the other. Maybe I should do more of the standard verse, verse, chorus verse thing I thought to myself, but after about 40 versions of this I didn't want to start all over. You're correct though and I appreciate the comment. mark - it was a lot fun to be able to put those grace notes in there and sound (almost) like a real violin. Johnbee - Thanks for the comment -Bjorn
  9. bjornpdx

    John O'Groats

    John O'Groats One of my favorite songs is the theme to the movie Local Hero by Mark Knopfler. Thought I'd try something similar but I found a song I'd already written about a year ago that was almost in the same mood as the movie IMO. I added to it and came up with this. Couldn't think of a name so I looked at a map of Scotland and found the town of John O'Groats so named it that. NI Strummed Acoustic NI Electric Sunburst Indiginus Renaxxance Bolder Fiddle Embertone Jubal Flute Heavyocity Vocalise Thanks for listening/comments. -Bjorn
  10. bjornpdx

    Cold Blues

    Oooo I really like this one Doug. A bit nastier sound from you which I'd like to hear more of. -Bjorn
  11. Seems like you were doing things that most people try not to do - the pumping effect in the background and the overly auto tune part. But I thought it worked well because I liked it. -Bjorn
  12. Very catchy guitar riff in here but it's repeated too many times without variation. 1:20 things get a little out of sync here. Larry, this has a whole lot of promise. Just have to vary it more and give it a bit of direction. Just my opinion. -Bjorn
  13. So nice. I could listen to this all day. Beautiful song, beautifully performed. -Bjorn
  14. bjornpdx

    Sand Piper

    The cello adds so much soul to an already wonderfully engaging song. Top notch everything. -Bjorn
  15. bjornpdx


    You guys are gonna make me like metal. IDK the vocal seems a little low at the beginning, but okay after that. 1:52 something dropped out? -Bjorn
  16. Nice one Jack. You're the most prolific musician I've seen and heard. -Bjorn
  17. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the comments. Wookie - No CS-80 (which is also one of my favorite synths) I did have it in there at first, but a u-He Zebra patch sounded better. -Bjorn
  18. I second The Kids are Alright. Great music and you get to know the members of Who, especially Keith Moon the comedian.
  19. Sea Anthem I started writing this about a year ago and I was really liking the melody but then I realized the melody was actually from the Song of the Seas track from Vangelis' Oceanic album. So I put the project on hold. When I heard that Vangelis had passed away recently, I got back to the project, changed the melody a bit and tried to make the song sound like something Vangelis would have done. So kind of a tribute to Vangelis. 6 minutes. Sorry. Pigments Omnisphere u-He Zebra and Repro Analog Lab V Wide Blue Sound Orbit
  20. Moods correspond to different scales, for example the "Spanish" scale has a mystic quality to it. Not sure what kind of mood corresponds to the scale you just played Wookie, but definitely not comfortable, at least to the Western ear. IMO -Bjorn
  21. bjornpdx


    Nigel, short but sweet bonus track. One of those songs that carry you off to someplace pleasant. -Bjorn
  22. I'm really liking the melody and lyrics John. You have a strong vocal range that handled the highs and lows of the song very well. -Bjorn
  23. Like Larry T. said above, definitely a Eurythmics influence here. Sounds great! I always enjoy your vids because they have that Lynch/Fellini kind of strangeness. -Bjorn
  24. bjornpdx

    Modal Mini's

    Nice one. Different from your usual. I'm guessing you were switching from one mode to another (Dorian, Lydian...) Reminds me of the communicating with the aliens scene in Close Encounters. -Bjorn
  25. bjornpdx


    Spanish guitar song but no guitar? Orchestration with the flute is very nice. I like how you handled the ending with the ascending notes before landing on the final one. -Bjorn
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