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  1. Thanks for thinking it 's worthy, and sure go ahead and use it. No need to put my name in there though, since the line isn't totally original to me.
  2. bjornpdx

    Cool Water

    Lynn, I'm getting a log-in page with that link
  3. Ms Thunberg's words and her delivery of those words are powerful and your music and images make them more so. You asked for suggestions. How about something like: Today's history books show us that one side or the other was correct in some deeply divided issue of a previous time. What will a history book written 50 years from now say?
  4. Freddy The doo-wop bgv and the triplet playing piano define 50s music and you nailed it. Like you mentioned the song needs a little more development but it's pretty darn good as is. Really like that outro bit starting at 3:15
  5. Cool concept. (Is it still okay to say "cool?" asks the Boomer) The lyrics were kind of muffled/indistinct so I didn't catch a lot of the words so maybe providing the lyrics in text form would be helpful. I really liked that you used the old Allan Sherman song, the Hello muddah, hello faddah bit tying in so well with the message.
  6. Gary Well the vocal sounded pretty good to me. I have a couple of de-essers and I can never get them to work well for me. Sometimes I just split the waveform around the ess and reduce the volume. Kind of hit and miss though. Craig Anderton has written about vocal techniques. Here's one of them: https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/how-make-your-vocals-twice-good-part-1
  7. Took a bit of doing to find your song (had to log in to Bandlab twice). Very nice heartfelt lyrics and melody. I think your vocals keep getting better and better with every song.
  8. I never heard the original Pretenders version so what I'm hearing is brand new to me. And I love it! I've played it a few times now, liking it more each time. Really has that Xmas vibe going for it and Mrs Daryl gives an outstanding performance. Very well done!
  9. Who would have thought a shopping basket sign would become a song? Love the brass and guitar. Well done!
  10. bjornpdx


    Randy Nicely done. I wasn't so sure of a video that shows only lyrics and the soundtrack, but I think it works. Very engaging music. I'd suggest the piano not follow the vocal so closely in places. Seems like you have a lot of unfinished projects, like we all do. It's time to finish them or just go ahead and declare them done. (Mostly speaking to myself here.) 😀
  11. bjornpdx

    Flowing Going On

    Kakku Nice dance tune but it still sounds like two different songs to me. Maybe that's the effect you want?
  12. Randy Tribute to Tolle I love space videos and flying into canyons clips, all set to music. I've done a few of them myself using NASA images. I really enjoyed what you did here and I hope you make more of them. I don't remember you from the old forum. What was your screen name back then?
  13. FMented I like it. Nice driving beat with really interesting stuff going on. The mix does need some work to bring out the individual instruments more.
  14. Very cool! Love the glistening globules pulsating to the music.
  15. Douglas Your songs are always so well put together. Verses naturally lead into the chorus in interesting ways (chord changes, tempo changes), the solo guitar comes in exactly where it feels right. It's always a pleasure to check out your music. I think the vocal track here needs to stand out more, to make the song more engaging. Not a matter of volume but more like in passion or attitude. I know I'm the least qualified person to offer that opinion, but there it is.
  16. bjornpdx


    Andy Very enjoyable listening to the meandering music. I was really getting into it around 2:50 because of that cool little melody starting up. I think that could be developed some more.
  17. bjornpdx

    guitar instrumental

    makke Nice interpretation of a classic song. Robert Burns would approve.
  18. FJ Lamela Closest I'll ever get to one of these dance events. Nicely done. It's interesting that I use very similar arps from Synthmaster and Air (but without the incessant kick drum) in my electronic songs.
  19. Randy It's not easy to coordinate unrelated video with a tune. You did a great job with this project. Have to say I went hmmmm with the primate clips, but that's just me.
  20. bjornpdx


    Steve You have a talent for conveying a mood into music and vice versa. You nailed that melancholic feeling of a long ago summer in this song.
  21. JohnB Those Old Feelings Intro went on a little too long Suggest dropping the chirps or whatever they are in the intro Really nice melodic phrases here: "In the Dark of Night" 1:11 "Welcome to my world" at 2:00 (effective use of strings) Kind of expected it again at 2:53 Strong songwriting skills esp accompanying phrases in background but maybe too many different instruments. I didn't analyze the lyrics much, just sat back and let the music tell the story.
  22. Now you can grocery shop in the morning in the middle of the week when nobody's there. I wrote a song about my retirement: https://soundcloud.com/orygun/im-retired
  23. Lynn I've learned a thing or two about music from you. Not sure if you can learn anything from me. 🙂 Nigel, amiller, gary, daryl Thanks for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it. Kenny Chubby Checker? That's cool as all get out. You must have been really good, even back then. At what age did you start playing? I'll never attain that level of playing. Like all my job evaluations over the years I just want to be competent. Part of my practice routine is improvising to your Tales of an Almost Forgotten Yesterday. So far I have nothing to write home about, but there is a melody developing. Thanks for commenting.
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