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    On The Horizon - semi classical

    A work in progress. I like the melody but the arrangement could be a lot better. I wrote this a few years ago with a flute and guitar instruments but I decided to change to violin and piano which sounded better to me. The piano part isn't how a piano is usually played I guess. I used the violin and concert grand instruments from the Kontakt Factory Library so nothing fancy there. Thanks for listening.
  2. bjornpdx

    Dig Summer

    You captured that bouncy spirit of summer sound very well. I thought the vocal was good and the song itself worthy of more development.
  3. bjornpdx

    An Old Old Recording

    John, Yeah lo-fi I guess, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a really nice song. Way better than what I was doing back then. Great guitar playing too. Back in the late 80s I used my home stereo and a cassette recorder to record my music. I didn't do anything that required a mic like sing or play guitar. Had my Atari 1040ST with Dr T KCS and Ensoniq ESQ-M. Eventually I transferred all the tapes to wav files and I listen to them now and then, mostly when I'm feeling nostalgic.
  4. bjornpdx

    Forum members /home country ?

    The PDX in my user name is the airport code for Portland, Oregon. I use that so I can be distinguished from all the other Bjorns around here.
  5. bjornpdx

    Pale Blue Dot - Video

    I posted this a while ago. I made quite a few changes then turned it into an audio track for a space video. The video is a bunch of NASA images and some free video clips from pixabay.com. Omnisphere Z3TA Arturia Modular V3 (great synth for space music) Zebra Diva Thanks for listening.
  6. bjornpdx

    Valse a deux,

    Rik I really enjoyed listening to your excellent playing. I had never heard of Django's injury before. Boy, there's an inspirational story!
  7. bjornpdx

    Pale Blue Dot - Video

    I hate it when that happens. Ouch! 😁
  8. bjornpdx

    Pale Blue Dot - Video

    Jesse Thanks for the comment. Always amazing how advanced our science is and yet our basic human nature remains the same. Kenny Thanks. There's a lot of free video stock out there which I used for the 1st time in this project. Really would like to create my own - flying asteroids and swirly colors and such - but the software to do those effects are kinda $$$. Grem One of the radio stations in town used to play a space music program late at night which was called Hearts of Space. I think they're still around. Hmmm maybe they take submissions.. Larry This thread turned into Physics 101 but I'm glad it did b/c it made me go back and make sure I didn't have the wrong concept all these years. Freddy Thanks again! Paul Thank you! Douglas Yep, Carl Sagan was one of my heroes back then. Still is I guess.
  9. bjornpdx

    "Rise" Solo Piano Ballad

    David Since I'm always midi correcting my playing I thought I could spot the "cheat" you mentioned. Nope. Superb composition. You have a really nice touch which demonstrates the importance of dynamics in a performance.
  10. bjornpdx

    Magnetic Resistance - The Beginning

    Magnetic Resistance Could be soundtrack for soothing video but also stands on its own Very cool Fx on Resurrection. Mind sharing what software you used?
  11. RS Cain I'm not familiar with that particular song but I could tell it was a Steely Dan song just a couple of measure in. Agree on the guitar tone. Real nice!
  12. bjornpdx

    Vegas Pro 17 now Available

    Thanks Larry. As usual, Magix never sends me these announcements.
  13. bjornpdx

    Pale Blue Dot - Video

    Larry, GPS satellites are about 12,500 miles above the earth and Sirius XM satellites about 22,000 miles. There's no atmosphere up there. Amateur radio operators routinely bounce radio waves off the moon in a technique called EME (earth-moon-earth). It's not easy but they do it. The Hubble telescope is about 340 miles above the earth. It's there because the images are much clearer above the atmosphere. I'm citing those things as real world examples of radio communications through a vacuum. If light can move through the depths of space then radio waves can too since they're both forms of electromagnetism. Same speed but different frequencies. And radio waves can be modulated to send information so that's how that image from Voyager 1 came into being. I'm no rocket scientist either but smarter people than me have made these discoveries and I have no reason to disbelieve them.
  14. bjornpdx

    Call Me What You Will

    Jesse This is the best song I've heard from you. Great interplay of whatever you did with the vocal track and sterling drums. Really like the drums.
  15. bjornpdx

    Pale Blue Dot - Video

    Joad Thanks for listening. You can always enjoy the space music induced flashbacks. Kakku Thanks amiller Glad you mentioned the transition. I worked on that a lot and it's still not quite there yet imo. Larry Thanks. You can indeed send electromagnetic waves through the vacuum of space. Local examples would be GPS satellites and Sirius XM radio signals. Ones and zeros sent in patterns at the speed of light and then decoded at the user's end. This stuff just boggles my mind and yet I take it all for granted.
  16. bjornpdx

    Return Ticket

    You guys play really well together esp considering the intricate arrangement of the song. Well done.
  17. bjornpdx

    "Demented Circus"

    Tom that nice bass riff at very beginning got me hooked somewhere in there I was thinking this would make a good Fellini movie soundtrack ~2:44 cool intro into new section I lost track of all the different instruments but the theremin stood out. Oh and also the piano player. He's really good.
  18. bjornpdx

    Despite My Situation - album

    John I really like the unique creative touches in your songs. Wish you the best of success.
  19. bjornpdx

    Bangin and Poppin (metapop tune)

    kakku Very nice. I think I mentioned it before that your music would be perfect for a travelog type TV show.
  20. bjornpdx

    Stream Of Consciousness

    RexRed pop rap? whatever, I really like it. voc needs maybe reverb esp to emphasize certain words
  21. bjornpdx

    I Went to the Well (World Beat)

    Freddy Lots of interesting things going on in the background. Not sure if you'd call it hypnotic but it had me tapping my toes. So is that really a can of Spam that somehow became a guitar?
  22. bjornpdx

    Where Are You Going My Little One?

    Where are you going my little one? This is for those kids who never had a chance for a normal childhood because of some tragic circumstance they had to live through. I tried to bring my vocal track more upfront b/c of comments on previous songs and maybe now it's too much upfront? my singing does not suck, my singing does not suck, nope nope nope
  23. bjornpdx

    Where Are You Going My Little One?

    Wow, thanks everyone! Freddy, yeah I get a bit misty eyed sometimes about what was and what could have been. John B, I wasn't aware of the 60s song you mentioned but I just did a google search and found out the other title is Turn Around. I don't remember how that song goes, but obviously the main lyrics stuck with me.
  24. I went ahead and bought Indiginus the Steel, so now I have Impact Soundworks pedal steel and also somewhere around here is Wavelore which, like Glyn, I never could get my head around. The IS pedal is nice but Indiginus sounds pretty darn good and is dead easy to use.
  25. Ooooh noooo. I just bought Steel Pedal from Impact Soundworks (for 3x as much.)