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  1. I posted this a while ago. I decided to change some of the lyrics and have someone else sing. I asked Daryl (daryl1968) if he'd do a collab and he agreed. Thanks Daryl! The lyrics were funny when they left my house. Not responsible for what happens to them on their way to SoundCloud. Guess you could say it's been a bad day Since early this morning it's been that way Heard my baby say I love you madly But she was on the phone, she wasn't talking to me So we had us a mighty big fight she packed up her bags and drove out of sight I miss her already we've never been apart I hope she returns my Fender guitar Well I'm out of granola, out of beer and gin The garbage disposal ate my phone again Went looking for my shoes and I stepped on a tack the ceiling's falling down and that rash is coming back chorus Guess you could say it's been a bad day But I'll take all the lemons and make some lemonade Don't worry about me, Gonna be just fine So long as I got all this music inside My shirts are dirty and the washer doesn't work my computer got a virus went completely berserk The raccoons are back, they're living in the attic hey take a look at this do you think it's infected my doctor left a message, wants to see me he said don't drive yourself over come by ambulance instead The raccoons left the attic now they're living in the den And down in the basement, the surf is up again Big altercation at the Dew Drow Inn Fists were flying, the cops rushed in I got the call at two in the morning Had to bail my mother out of jail again chorus
  2. Kevin, Doug, Freddie - Thanks for listening and commenting Bajan - Klaus Schulze is one of my all time heroes. Glad there's another fan here. Steve - I used to only do spacey stuff like this. You'd think arps and drones would be easy but they're not.
  3. Barry Your music always takes me back a few years, back to when music was good. I like how you're not quite rock/pop and not quite country either IMO. Professional caliber singing and playing like others have mentioned. I do agree with Allan above though about the lyrics. You wouldn't be wondering how she felt about you if you're sleeping on the floor. I think the clues about her not loving you should maybe be more subtle. But just my 2 pennies.
  4. bjornpdx

    Home & Love

    Yeah, very nice tune for your daughter's wedding. I was reading the poem without the music and wondering how I would have fit the words in a song. Did you write the melodic part for the singer or did she improvise it? -Bjorn
  5. Somehow I survived the wookie-rays. Really like the vocal treatment. It has just the right touch for that spacey narrator sound. Loved the guitar strums, bass and synth bit up to 1:16 and kinda wanted that to develop more. 2:20 cool little xylophone (?) pattern. 👍
  6. It's a frame from a public domain cartoon that I downloaded from Prelinger Archives. So should be okay...I hope.
  7. Love the "grim reaper will have to wait" You sure fit a lot of 5 syllable words in there! Really like the guitar solo - so bluesy.
  8. I listened to a few of the tracks and I'm thinking wow such great songwriting skills and the voice to go with it. You've got talent for sure.
  9. bjornpdx


    No suggestions, just sitting here getting into it. So nice.
  10. I like the panning percussion at the beginning and then later on, tying things together. Lots of evolving phrases, the ones at 1:15 and 3:40 surprised me a bit - not sure what I mean by that. And yeah, the guitar is amazing. Really enjoyed listening to this one.
  11. Beatle-esque Absolutely love the "I'm Mr Quarantine..." ditty. It's been stuck in my head all day. Daryl's vocal could maybe come up just a bit if I had to comment on anything. Well done, gents.
  12. Gary, Mark, Mr Symmetry Thanks for commenting. This was another song where I randomly choose a synth and preset and try to make it work.
  13. Just The Way It Is Playing around with my synths. Used a lot of Arturia Pigments in this one. Thanks for listening/comments.
  14. Books I decided to take this one down. The lyrics didn't work to make the point I was trying to make. Thanks to people who took the time to comment
  15. Your lyrics made me laugh out loud esp the very good Catholic girl bit I appreciate how clear your lyrics are. The words go by fast, but I understand them.
  16. Very nice! Intricate and a variety of sounds going on in there. Really like it. The synth at 3:40 is pretty darn cool. I was actually getting into the mood for an electronic piece during the intro. Don't think I've heard anything like that from you(?)
  17. I'm not familiar with this song or any Christian music really but I do listen to it now and then, And what I like about Christian music is that it seems to have more memorable melody to it than most genres today. So I liked this song quite a lot esp the female vocalist.
  18. Nice assortment of patterns you've put together with your new toy!
  19. bjornpdx


    Great mix esp the vocal which really stands out well. I think I figured out which part you wrote and which was your brother's. He did a nice job on that main hook.
  20. An assortment of pleasing sounds esp the female ooohs and aaaahs and the whistle-y synth. What David and Daryl said above. Maybe some more sections in a minor key?
  21. Probably won't help you but there are websites that sell sampled patches of old synths in NKI or SF2 formats. I've seen them on eBay so I suppose they're legit. amazound.com is one example.
  22. bjornpdx


    So smooth. Puts me in a nice mellow mood.
  23. Older Geeks.com has a lot of utility and other software. They claim no ads, all free and no crapware all of which I've found to be true. Might be helpful for someone here. https://www.oldergeeks.com/index.html
  24. I should have mentioned that I'm listening with AudioTechnica M50 headphones. - Björn (I'm Swedish 😁)
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