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    Considering the constraints you have, you're making great music, keep it up. The fourths as in the circle of fifths - of course - please forgive my weak attempt at some wookie related humour. On a more serious note, those fourth intervals do make a change from the more usual musical constructs many of us have been brought up on. I have a theory book to read, I really should dig into it. Andy
  2. AndyB01


    As in 'May the fourths be with you' 😉 Enjoyed that - a lot - lovely subtle drum fills and great bass track. Loved the little synth runs - great stuff. Andy
  3. +1 to this suggestion - Mike's videos are really good. Enjoy the ride!
  4. AndyB01

    me like gap

    It's a journey in percussion for sure - definitely on the experimental side - but the mix was fine. Andy
  5. AndyB01

    Time Can't Deny

    Oh my - that vocal starts and I'm gone. Can't say I was a massive fan of the synth sound in the instrumental but this is simply a matter of taste - fabulous work as always. Andy
  6. AndyB01


    Paul I hear the timing issues - do you need a drummer that can follow your timing instead of you following theirs? If so, I can absolutely identify. 😂 Rhythm issues aside - I like the groove on this - guitars sound great (might come up a hair) and the vocals are also sounding good; bass maybe down a tad and perhaps roll off some of the low end as there's a bit of mud down there on my Sony cans - other ears may hear it differently. I'm the worst at playing in time and what I have started doing is trying to follow a really simple drum pattern - like a click track but using drums instead of the monotony of a metronome - it helps but I'm still not the best. In my experience you're never going to fix this in the DAW - however much you quantize it - you'll just end up making it worse (well that's what happens to me, as quantizing is a dark art I am yet to master). So unless you get advice on here from a quantizing wizard (I am sure there are some), you're either going to have to re-cut it until you're happy or learn to love it as it is. I do find it hard to follow more complex drum tracks and stay in time, but a simple kick and snare I can usually follow relatively well - I bin it afterwards and replace it with the drums I want. Another good piece of advice I was given is to practice it until you can virtually play it blindfold, then on takes you can focus on the timing and not worry about spotting the right notes and chords (easier said than done though). Have you tried comping the guitar and looping around five takes then you can switch sections in and out to try and get the best overall result - might help. You can always fix vocal timing in Melodyne to a degree (but don't push your luck) so there's always that. I hope at least some of that helped but - all that aside - I really enjoyed the listen so give yourself some credit; good song. Andy
  7. AndyB01

    Sun and the Sand

    The sax is the stand out - the classical guitar could maybe use a slight lift? I don't know, it sounds a little lost in the mix on my headphones - perhaps a touch of reverb would give it some more presence but these are very fine margins. An extremely well done piece - very enjoyable listen. Andy
  8. Great chops and each instrument seems to have its own space - I'm not finding anything to crit here - great work.
  9. AndyB01

    Aluminum Stan

    Take a bow mate - that was awesome - stunningly good and a lyrical dexterity I can only applaud. 👏👏👏👏👏 Definitely the #1 best kazoo solo I ever heard. 😉 I hope you're on the mend Andy
  10. AndyB01


    Very clever David and super inventive, I wasn't expecting the transition at around 1:15 but it all gelled together very well. Enjoyed the listen Andy
  11. AndyB01

    third rail

    Wow Jesse that's amazing mate, I would never post my raw vocals - especially without backing - you can really feel the emotion coming through. Terrific stuff - loads of light and shade - well done 👏👏👏 Andy
  12. âŦ†ī¸âŦ†ī¸âŦ†ī¸âŦ†ī¸âŦ†ī¸ What he said The words: 'barge would a pole not with touch' come to mind. Caveat emptor
  13. AndyB01


    Percussion reminds me of an Eagles track (Last Good Time In Town) - agree with Wookie, some variation would add an extra dimension; mix sounded good. Andy
  14. Sounded pretty good to me on my old Sony MDR-7506s - great stuff as always - loved the solo. Andy
  15. AndyB01

    Livin' It Down

    Love the lyrics - made me laugh out loud in parts - paints great pictures. Mix sounded pretty good too. 👍 Andy
  16. Great job - really excellent cover 👏👏👏 Andy
  17. Music is my therapy and I've been playing guitar since I was ten (nearly 50 years). I'm a bang average guitarist, considerably less talented on piano and was well down the line when vocal talent was handed out. Doesn't stop me writing songs and publishing them to SoundCloud and BandLab. Do people like them, I'm not really sure (I guess I care but I don't obsess over it). I sometimes get a few strange spam comments and the odd like from all sorts of strange and exotic creatures, but I just delete them and carry on. I'm not interested in monetising what I produce (as if I could) 😂 but I love engaging with the folks on here - the feedback is almost always constructive and I've learned loads from the super-talented people on this forum. However, if you're not feeling the love then stop doing it. My other favourite hobby is fishing but I only go once in a while - too often and it becomes a chore and I end up resenting time sat by a lake that could be better spent doing other stuff. Each to their own I guess, I hope you find your answer. Andy
  18. AndyB01

    Sing a Simple Song

    +1 to all the above - top work all round. Andy
  19. Wow the background sounds are powerful - reminds of watching my kids play in the park when they were small - you can be kind of 'in the moment' and 'not in the moment' at the same time. Andy
  20. Hmm very nice, I like the stripped back nature of it so not sure I'd be looking to add a lot more to this. Great job. Andy
  21. AndyB01

    So Good

    So many genres at once in here - great production - really well done. Andy
  22. AndyB01

    Dream Layers

    I've had this dream: the one where you're floating and then falling to Earth at terminal velocity - you'd better hope you wake up before impact! 😂 You paint a great soundscape, almost orchestral in parts and I love that didgeridoo type sound in the background - doing the job of both bass and rhythm. Great stuff Andy
  23. AndyB01

    How to hire an expert

    Have you tried Mike Enjo's YouTube channel @Creative SauceMike's videos cover a lot of bases and give excellent advice and instruction for novice and experienced users alike. Andy
  24. Ok, well each to their own I guess, thanks for the listen Allan.
  25. AndyB01

    "Turning Sixty"

    Happy Birthday! I'll be joining you in the sixties club later this year but I can still run a 10k in under 60 minutes (just about) and I never imagined doing that in my sixth decade! Just shows how times change and you can do this stuff if your body and attitude allows. I'm not trying to prove a point though, it just helps me stay sane. Loved the sentiment and song, I'd bring up the BGVs a tad and the guitar solo - one crit: did you really have to mention the prunes... ☚ī¸đŸĨ´đŸ˜ Andy
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