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  1. Thanks, I noticed that when i posted the screenshot. How does he get that top to bottom layout?
  2. Here's a screenshot. How do you get the top to bottom layout you have?
  3. Does the signal flow in an fx chain go from left to right? So I could change the order of EQ & compression, for example? Thanks.
  4. I dnloaded command center & it said I don't have any content, just trials of Platinum. I had Producer before. I went to a Cakewalk site with "my products" & there are options to dnload Producer part 1, part 2, & additional content, each of them 2+ gigs. Is additional content the correct one to dnload? No separate mention of SD, although it does have a few other vsti's listed. thanks.
  5. It may be a leftover from Sonar that got messed up when i went to Win 10. I couldn't reinstall & gave up until I discovered how good CbB is & now I'm working hard to get up to speed with CbB. I notice it says SD3 & CbB says SD2 comes with it. If that's the issue I can uninstall it, but how do i get SD2 instead? Thanks for yr input!!
  6. Thanks! I found them but when i go to load the program, the browser is blank & I get multiple messages - samples not found.
  7. I don't know where to look for programs to load & it doesn't automatically go to the right folder. Thanks.
  8. Great idea. I just read the documentation on reset and that should work. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Tim, that might work because what I have in mind is remixing some old stuff and trying to make an improvement. So losing envelopes might not be a problem.
  10. Thanks for responding. I wasn't clear in my post & I've just edited it - I mean reset gain, faders or pan on all channels at once. To make gain staging easier.
  11. & pro channel - all tracks at once...or shortcuts to do the same, unless there are already
  12. thanks! I will check those out. I haven't used mix recall yet unless it got in there by mistake. And yes pure audio, no automation that I know of.
  13. I want to mute a track at the start of a song. You can't do a snapshot for mute/solo so i pull the fader all the way down, take the snapshot, start the song & the fader jumps back up. What am I doing wrong? thanks!
  14. Hi I'm trying to learn the new export dialogue. I understand most of the options but tokens are a little vague to me. Do I have to type in the title of my song each time? And for export location, I keep different song styles in different folders so it seems like I have to select the folder each time according to the style of my song? Once I get my preferences set, is the export control module basically an export shortcut? I wasn't sure if it's only to publish to a bandlab account. Thanks!!
  15. Got it! thanks to all for yr support!
  16. Thanks.!! Double clicking works but it eventually returns & just adds one more click to my flow to clear it. Not sure how to dock the Inspector & Browser "under" the Multidock so it disappears in Console View. I'm just returning to CbB after being away from it.
  17. When i am in console view & hide the control bar for more space, I'm now getting this brown horizontal bar across the top & not gaining any more real estate...this just started...did i activate some control accidentally? thanks.
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