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  1. The current melodyne is different from the old one I had with sonar and I find the split screen harder to work with. Also I used to edit my vocal in one long clip but I know now that people split them into many different clips to eliminate noise in between. But how do I use melodyne without creating a new region effect for every clip? That seems too laborious. Any links or suggestions you could point out are appreciated. Thank you
  2. I had Guitar Rig in my copy of Producer. i still have the dll file but when i load it, it's only a trial or buy it again. Is there a way around this? thanks!
  3. Is there a way to do this w o loading each one? Thanks.
  4. I'm stuck. I've scanned the key bindings over & over & the closest thing I find to bind the command G (for clip gain) is "toggle track/clip gain" in the track view. can someone point me to the correct function to bind it to? Thank you!
  5. PS John I want to assign a shortcut to clip gain as you suggested in yr narration tutorial, but can't find clip gain when i search the list in customization/shortcuts. I'm missing a step but don't know what it is... thanks.
  6. Does this matter? I haven't exported yet. If it creates a long silence at the end, how do I delete the gain after the song end? thanks.
  7. Is there a way to do this? I have a lot of old projects I want to remix & use different fx. I want to import them from my template. thanks.
  8. In the track view under "clips," there is a choice of automation volume or clip automation gain. Is there a difference? thanks.
  9. I sometimes have 6-8 fx in a chain, but no more than 2 enabled at one time. That shouldn't make a difference?
  10. a variety of 3rd party reverbs & delays. Cakewalk perfect space works well. With another (voxengo) I can barely hear a delay but levels seem to be set OK.
  11. I have sends enabled to go to a bus and use FX chains I've created on the bus, it seems like I can only get one of several FX in the chain to work. It's probably user error but I check everything I can think of - global FX, bin FX and the sends and return all enabled. Is there something else I'm missing?
  12. later...that works except it deletes all my fx from the fx bin. I'm wanting to zero everything out to use Izotope Neutron & they say to start with everything at zero. However i may want to restore some of my original fx & that's a lot of extra steps.
  13. Solved. That will be a good substitute, thank you!
  14. Is there a way to assign a shortcut to a workspace? Or of not, is there a way to import screensets from another project? Thanks.
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