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  1. Now THAT'S one lady I have all her albums of! It's my go-to when it's cold outside and I've got a fire going in the fireplace. 😉
  2. That guy looks like he needs more fiber! 😆 I think this is a little bit more attractive, ya? 🥰
  3. Ok, and back on topic! 🙂 Sparks > Spark
  4. Shouldn't that green part be on Pet Sounds? 😆
  5. With the new lineup mentioned in the last video. Oh, and for Dave, you can confirm at 5:04 that the second keyboard is indeed a Roland RD-700, but actually an RD-700 GX! 🙂
  6. I'd find a much safer and saner place to live and fly there. Then I'd use the money to buy something that will hold it's value and do so quickly before it becomes worth a lot less! Then I would play my guitar. (I was told to keep it music related, ya? 😁)
  7. Starting with Dave's video, I've been checking out the stuff from both the bass player (Juna Serita) and the saxophonist Harumo Imai. I'm liking a LOT of what I see hear! 😁 (Ok, so I'm already in virtual love with the saxophonist and lusting after the bass player too. Oh well! 😍) Here's a playlist for Harumo: And now my question. I'm really liking this kind of music and I'm sure I probably have some in my collection but... Maybe you guys can give me a few artists in this genre to try out?
  8. But, but, I got a nice Jiffy Lube Fathers Day coupon! Doesn't that count??? 😮
  9. Heh, I'm watching (and listening to) it again! Eye candy AND ear candy! (And wishing I was young again. That sax player and bassist are wonderful. *Sigh...*)
  10. The album or a private fetish? 🤔 😜
  11. So, instead, here's a song about a city!
  12. No. I will NOT be following that up with Jefferson Airplane's We Built This City turd!
  13. I've gotta thank you again for that link Dave! Videos from THIS channel have just started appearing in my YouBoob recommendations! Looks like I'm going to be busy today. 😜 I think they're all named Yum Yum. 😍
  14. First of all, I've always had an affinity for Asian ladies (especially Japanese), so I'm enjoying that video in about all ways possible! (Boy are they good too!) As for that bottom keyboard, it's a Roland RD700! Check out about 1:08 into the video.
  15. Heh, I still remember mine! It was a too expensive Turtle Beach MIDI interface (with onboard General MIDI sounds!) that I used to help Greg betatest Cakewalk v1.0 with!
  16. Ok, since he left a tough one, here's a stretch... Wilco > Wil Co. > Peace and Love, Inc.
  17. Ha! I didn't notice the new page and ended up going the same way pwalpwal did! 😆 I'll see if I can correct things...
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