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  1. Where's Joan Jett? 😁
  2. Liked that Clinic stuff! Will have to get some I believe. 🙂
  3. What is it with bunnies and cups???
  4. It is? I only see four random names and some bunnies. 😜 (My coffee tastes hoppy this morning!)
  5. I thought of putting up a pic of "Give the dog a bone!" but I'm sure it would just get deleted. 😜
  6. Lemon to Strawberry? (What can I say, YouBoob had this one following the last, and I like it!😁)
  7. Here's something to improve your mood! 😁
  8. Especially if Kenny were to get ahold of an image! 😆
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a Mesh sighting!!! 😁
  10. Were scissors the equivalent of the MIDI panic button then? 😆
  11. Do not go against the Green Lives Matter agenda! 😜
  12. Wait... A "British" car, with the steering wheel on the left?
  13. All true! However, I was just answering the OP's questions. 🙂
  14. (And... the pic's gone. Oh, well! 🙄)
  15. Just not in the way you probably expected! 😁 Enjoy! 🙂
  16. So you're saying Steve is a bit immature for his age? 🤔 😜
  17. I'm talking about when someone in the band tries to describe a drum sound or rhythm they want played. Most everyone has heard of "Ba-dum ching!" as the description for a rim-shot for example, but I'm sure there are more. My favorites are: "Boots and pants and boots and pants!" (Just say this rhythmically and you'll get the idea.) "Pea soup!" (This one was originally asked as a question to the drummer: "How do you make that 'pea soup' sound?" This comes from opening and closing the hi-hat.) So what have you heard that was interesting or funny? 🙂
  18. Hehe... They probably tried "kitekrazy" in every possible format! 😆
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