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  1. A better question would be "Why do you still need Windows 7?" 😁 (That said, my current DAW server box is still running SONAR Producer v4 on XP! 😆 )
  2. I considered going the multiple OS route, but I have to use more than one at a time too often... Also, thanks to the scarcity of video cards and other chipsets, I will probably not attempt to build my own from scratch (my usual approach). Although I will still want to talk with Jim Roseberry here, it appears I can get a good discount on Dell computers through the new company and that has some additional benefits: I've heard that Dell stocked up on video cards prior to the "mining shortage," but you only can get one if you buy a system. We'll see, more research is necessary!
  3. Here's my "Two for Tuesday" special for this! 😁 The Cure Pornography (Full album) & Def Leppard Pyromania (Full album). I'll leave it up to whoever follows to determine where we go next! 😉
  4. Yes, I landed a new IT job which I start next Monday (4/12). I'm not a fan or either the hours or what I've been told to expect (getting up at 4:30am and having to be onsite every day at a client filled with Type-A personalities where there are no problems, only emergencies), but I should be able to catch up on a lot of other areas which include getting a new computer. I should note that this does NOT include the new laptop I'll be getting for the actual job (just replacing my 11-year old main computer that's been having all sorts of bizarre motherboard/RAM/GPU/chipset/disk/USB type issues recently - lol). What I'm trying to figure out is if I should strive for the old style of separation where I get individual, physical computers for each task (personal work, games, DAW, etc.) or a beefier single computer that I can run VM's from (virtual machines). Note that the final answer might be a combination where one handles most things and the DAW is a completely different animal. So, to help me figure things out, I'm first seeing what's possible and that means seeing if anyone has successfully used a VM for their DAW! 🙂
  5. Wah-wah, volume and a few to change between settings are all on another board. 😁
  6. What that fortune teller saw... What the other guy was thinking: "I need a bigger pedal board, I'm out of spaces!" 😆
  7. Sounds like another Rush to judgement there Steve! 😜
  8. craigb

    My moves

    Last night I went into a room and completely remembered why I went in! 😊 Of course, it was the restroom, so that might not count as a win... 🤔
  9. What's wrong with rockin' the boat? (To be fair, these guys were probably told they were too fugly to play on land, but the point remains! 😁 )
  10. Betty called Joe a shrimp! Now that's just shellfish!
  11. Whoa! Bob snuck one in just as I was pressing the Submit button! 😮 Lucky for me, my entry still works though! 😉
  12. craigb

    My moves

    Smooth move! 😁
  13. Bill's getting a feedback tube installed next... 😁
  14. Keith actually died a long time ago. Thing is, nobody thought to tell him! 😆
  15. No, Aerosmith's too old for Aerosmith Live! 🤣
  16. That's nuthin'! I just inherited my Mom's VHS collection that I have to figure out what to do with (165 movies!). Why? Because HALF are still new in their shrink wrap! 😲 That means their in perfect shape for those weirdo's that actually collect them... I've got them all separated and photographed, I just need to write down all the info then start my search for someone who wants the whole collection (I certainly don't want to try and sell them separately!).
  17. Dang it Bill! I keep trying to tell you that there are better ways to meet cute nurses! SMH... Now get better and get yourself outta there! (Doctor's orders. 😉👨‍⚕️)
  18. Plus, if you're by yourself in a would row boat, you could use ether or! 😜
  19. This thread has definitely made a turn for the better from that boring start! 😁👍
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