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  1. That's what I had been doing. I have been using Amplitube 5 CS version 5.2.0 and I had been going into the Custom shop to restore my gear, but to no avail. I also realized that I had the same issue with the Mesa Boogie amp head that was given away as well.
  2. Is there a reason why loading the amp head results in white noise being generated every few seconds?
  3. I wish I have 300 Euros to burn, this is a pretty cool GB.
  4. I can personally vouch for the quality of EP2
  5. Incoherent idiotic political ramblings aside, this is a really cool sounding synth. The colour picks are really pleasing to the eye, and I am loving the different types of modelling synthesis available.
  6. This is actually kind of a surprise. Additive synthesis seems to be something not many synths made use of, and their 3 flagship synths just uses them as part of their core features. I wish them luck on their future ventures.
  7. This is a good freebie, it's a nice workhorse channel strip that you can throw into your buses or channels, if you have the CPU horsepower for it.
  8. While I already have 3 of the items, the ha•pi and the Lyrical Cello Phrases alone made it a no-brainer deal.
  9. Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Analog Lab V? Have you tried running the synth standalone?
  10. Yeah I found a deal for under US$200 (HK$1500) on Carousell, and I instantly jumped on it.
  11. Fortunately I got all of my software GAS out of the way this February by acquiring a Roland XV-5050 and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, which also allowed me to conveniently play my Bass Guitar without hassle, due to the fact that I suddenly have no desire to save for a bass amp thanks to already having stuff like Amplitube 4 and now, Guitar Rig 5 Pro. I also grabbed Opacity and Cyclone Retwisted. I was planning on grabbing one of Cherry Audio's Synths like the CA2600, but I realized I am going to go for an SC-8850 soon and after that, a hardware synth, so I have no reason to make any new purchases. Oh yeah, and also Vital dropped and Surge updated to include MSEG, and that's a lot to play with too. Actually, come to think of it, that is still a lot of GAS, just more focused on big things than...you know...trinkets.
  12. I paid for Sonar X1 Producer and a few upgrades, like sample packs for Session Drummer 3, and world instruments for Dimension pro. I'd say IF and only IF they include an update to Dimension Pro to bring it in line with more modern systems and workflows, and also include Rapture and Z3ta 2, then I would. Something like Roland SCVA but with multi-timbral outputs would be nice too, as would porting the DXis like Roland GrooveSynth, Psyn II, Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Beatscape, Cyclone and Hexagon to a more modern 64-bit format. (Why? Nostalgia, of course!) I think overall, they did a good job of de-Gibsonifiying the DAW and made it useful as a workhorse DAW once again.
  13. Another way would simply be to create a chain of patch points, I think you can bounce with FX that way too, that way when you want to go back a step you can unfreeze until you get to the point you want to change and then refreeze the tracks. The reason this is useful is that there are some FX you'd want to freeze as they take up a lot of CPU and add a lot of latency, and/or a part of the sound design process. Or maybe you just want to generate samples to add to your sampler.
  14. It's hard to put into words the feeling you get when you let go of the bonds of your body and explore the vast expanse of the universe by your lonesome self. It may seem lonely at first, but eventually many spirits like yourself pop up, all bearing different shades of purple, al coming from different lifetimes, different world, but all bearing the same struggles you did to get there. In that moment, you are one with the universe, basking in the serenity of the purple rain that is existence. This started off as an experiment with ambient electronica loops provided by Bandlab. Valerie did most of the work, I just happened to take over the mixing and mastering work. - Julayla
  15. That's brutal. Guess upgrading will have to wait.
  16. Is there/will there be a crossgrade option for those who own the full version of Amplitube 4 and want to upgrade to the full version of Amplitube 5?
  17. My first attempt at a trap beat that turned into a 9 minute long orchestral trap hybrid epic about a character coming to life from a story from a wish.
  18. I use it to lay down some rhythmic and percussive beds for anything that involves orchestral and cinematic elements.
  19. Just want to poke in and remind you that Orchestools 306 is a thing and may contain some cello-ish sounds that would suit you.
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