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  1. I am more asking about best practices. Like number of bars, BPM, etc.
  2. Does anyone know how to make use of the User loop section of the instrument? I figured that it's a way for us to insert our own things into the instrument, but I am not sure how to prepare and integrate my own sounds.
  3. FrontDAW is good for when you have to have some more drive and character to your tracks. The Pro Channel console has a bit of a gentler character that is good for general purpose, so it's one of those cases where having more tools at your disposal is better. While we're on the topic of console emulators, Waves Abbey Road REDD is also on sale for $29.99 with code CREATIVE40, it's a no-brainer at this price point.
  4. Y'all should grab this. I would have grabbed this myself if I didn't already own it.
  5. Yeah, I stopped looking at the TH-3 series the day I found out about Audio Assault, which is really a shame because the guys really looked like they wanted to make the best amp sims they can.
  6. This is a powerful synth for which I only begun to scratch the surface of. Highly recommended
  7. As an early adopter of Paradox Lost Redux, I highly recommend anything this developer does. I absolutely loved what they did with Mountains and Allmosphere, Autumn Choirs is also very nice.
  8. This is a company I would definitely recommend you check out, they put out quality plugins at practically dirt cheap prices, and are super helpful. They also worked with Wavelet Audio when they produced the seminal Cabal8 virtual guitar library for Kontakt Full, by also making an amp sim that goes with it, called the Bulldozer. If you're not convinced, Glen Fricker has reviewed their two recent ones Sigma and RVXX.
  9. Yeah I am inclined to agree, they do sound like amateur recordings that you'd find in soundfont files for GM 20 years ago, quite synthetic.
  10. I am looking for a nice keyboard carrying case that will fit my Arturia Keylab Essentials 49
  11. 5h left on the discount at the time of writing: https://www.kontakthub.com/product/paradox-lost-redux-kontakt/ ICYMI, the sale is also in the Triple Spiral Audio website, should at a less steep discount: https://www.triplespiralaudio.com/product/beautiful-void-audio-paradox-lost-redux/ Playlist with a selection of videos showing the different aspects of the Paradox Lost Redux Library
  12. This was a nice package, but I am very happy with Clip Studio Paint Pro
  13. I would recommend, for now, that you get the free Kontakt player first, and then purchase any of the Kontakt player instruments that you'd like to use. This does 2 things. First, it will give you time to get a feel for using Kontakt in your workflow, and secondly, purchasing an official Kontakt player library will grant you a $150 discount when upgrading to the full version. This is going to compound when it gets on sale for 50% off during the summer sale, and suddenly you're looking at spending $125 for Kontakt instead of $399. Which, if you were budgeting $400 for the software, will leave you with $275, minus what you already spent for your first Player library, to buy extra instrument libraries. It gets even better if you're looking for a drum library because these two libraries are free AND grants you the crossgrade pricing.
  14. I still would love to see the return of old Cakewalk synths though. it would be nice to be able to get Rapture Pro since I missed out on that boat, or the ProChannel expansions.
  15. NO I have it turned off because for some reason my hardware couldn't handle it and would render garbage with it on. If you remove this, the app will become unusable for me. These options are there for legacy hardware support.
  16. I would like to be able to access midi automation lanes on an instrument track, instead of having to split it into audio and MIDI, and then re-merging the two tracks once I am done writing the automation. It would be so much faster than having to go into PRV and opening the MIDI automation pane, plus you get to draw smooth curves of MIDI CC that won't be baked into the track as discrete MIDI CC values, but stored as vector curves..
  17. Highly recommended as well as Sennheiser's DrumMic'a which also sits in the Kontakt player. They are both player libraries, and they both sound great for freebies.
  18. Debating whether or not to get Synths I DX by Karanyi sounds and complete my Karanyi Kontakt collection.
  19. Oh yes, I heard tales of modular synth racks the size of cathedrals.
  20. Not exactly, what you hear in movies as far as synths and hybrid scoring are synths like u-He Diva, Zebra (Regular and Hans Zimmer editions), Omnisphere and Serum. Unfortunately, Massive X had been received not as well as expected, due to it not leapfrogging Serum in terms of features and UX design.
  21. Gotta hand it to them, they make really good instruments that make me giggle with joy when I play with them.
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