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    Some arp fun

    Thank you Freddy. I did not mention what I had used but for those interested the instruments used were as follows, all voices based on supplied presets, but they all come with knobs to tweak, when one has access to a knob one must play, filters to tweak, envelopes to modify, voicing to change etc etc etc. Arturia V8 Collection Emulator II V Ver 1 OB-Xa V Ver 1 DX7 V Ver 1 CS-80 VF Ver 3
  2. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thank you Sir.
  3. I do not believe you, why? Because you remember it 😂😎. As ever well written, excellent production with all the right things in all the right places, a round of applause to the Staypress production company.
  4. Wookiee

    Some arp fun

    Thank you Sir, you are most kind @daryl1968
  5. Very pleasent voice.
  6. Thank sir you are most kind.
  7. This is pleasantly easy on the furry ears, sounds well captured, mix has all the right things. nice, thanks for sharing.
  8. @batsbrew Bat grooving what is not to like on a grey rainy overcast Sunday. Thanks for brightening the day Sir.
  9. Wookiee

    When You Come Home

    Pleasant easy on the furry ears, nice.
  10. Thank you Lynn. Thank you Tom, just a little cross filtering in the Vocoder.
  11. Thank you Tom you are most kind.
  12. Wookiee


    I was aware I was just making a suggestion as to what I would do if it was my track. I like the track as is I just thought that sense of menace from the bass arp might have added a tad more tension. It was only a furry idea it is your track and I would not push anyone to do anything to a track they did not want.
  13. Oh I could have sworn I had commented on this all ready. It is very Lynn.
  14. Wookiee


    Why the need to "Master" I really hate how that term is used out of the context and why music had to be "Mastered" for Vinyl. If I was going to add anything I would add a hint of that pulsing Bass Arp from the original score. This is beautiful in in its rawness @mark skinner
  15. Wookiee

    "Poppin' Tight"

    You got your funk on with this one @batsbrew, nothing quit like a squelchy gritty funk bass to start a groove going now. Nice Rob up to your normal standard I would say
  16. I am with Bjorn the vocals need a little riding to sit better with the rest of the mix, but this is well crafted and well captured. Thanks for sharing. As to being tortured for being different, no doubt, this world never learns from the past it repeats the same mistake from generation to generation unfortunately.
  17. Wookiee

    Oh So Beautiful

    Listening to the opening bars the drums seem a little awash in reverb, which as the song progresses shows it self in the toms booming/hanging a little, perhaps that was your intent. Overall the drums do end up sounding in a different space to my furry ears, which is shame as it is quite a well craft song with some nice licks on the guitar, nice touch with the B3.
  18. Definitely in the face mix, I do wonder if the Hats and bass are a little to upfront/prominent Douglas. From your other responses you might do a remix I will keep the furry lugs on the look for it.
  19. Listened to the first one, Raptor, should think it would work well in a club environment.
  20. You have obviously worked hard on the composition and capture, it does unfortunately suffer from Mechanical Auto Mastering that such tools as LANDR impart to mixes. Much better to learn how to finalise a tune yourself. No amount of mastering will correct a mix. Start with as near perfect mix as you can get with the tonal balance you want. Theses Mastering Tools like LANDR apply what they believe the tonal balance, i.e. EQ should be before applying limiting. Their Tonal balance is what all other songs sound like and if you want to stand out from the crowd you do not want to sound like everyone else do you? I would suggest you go get your self SPAN from Voxegon which is free that will give you and idea of tonal balance and the Youlean Loudness tool, which is also free. Both, which are just indicative tools, will help you get good tonal balance and level without resulting to computer algorithms to get what someone else thinks your music should sound like.
  21. Interesting stuff Tim, this is of course just my personal furry thought (JMPFT) I do wonder if an electronic drum sound would not have worked better. Other than that it worked mix wise well here.
  22. You are not alone I have had it with Bandlab, thanks for giving your PC the reboot and taking the time to listen and comment. @Makke You are most kind sir, thank you.
  23. Well that is good to know. 😂
  24. Pleasant easy on the furry ears tune, sounds nicely captured, mix woks well here, vocal may be just a tad to forward for some but your tune your mix.
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