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    BOOM! $20 off No Minimum Spend Deserves it's own post 🙂 Use code BOOM-20-OFF to save $20 extra today! - Code is valid for 1 order per user - NO Minimum Spend! Copy/paste voucher code during checkout! Yesterday's MEGA-25-OFF voucher has now expired and is no longer valid! Stacks with loyalty vouchers too. Nice to see PA back with some no minimum spend vouchers again so we can get some free plugins. Lots of free guitar and bass sims for free that are actually very good. Well done PA!
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    I'm still going to hold out for the they pay me to use it version.
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    Just some thanks to everyone here. I've interacted with a bunch of you over the years and most of you know a lot more about effects and mixing than me, so I read your comments, likes and dislikes to guide me through the effects and try things out. I'm sure I'm not the only one doing this, so guys, when you're geeking out about gear you love as well as what you find disappointing, that's really helpful. So thanks, all.
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    Plugin Alliance: Boom $20 Voucher / Free plugins! (No minimum spend) NEW - Don't miss BOOM! $20 off NO MINIMUM SPEND! Use code BOOM-20-OFF to save $20 today! - Code is valid for 1 order per user - NO Minimum Spend! Grab a freebie if you like! Just copy/paste voucher code during checkout. Yesterday's voucher has now expired and is no longer valid! https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products.html?sort=priceLH Making a new post so people don't miss it 🙂
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    Weird. If I go to the link, I see it is free with purchase. When I log in and try to get it free with SubLab for $10, the price is $49. Guess I will send PB a note. <edit> Not purchased from PB in a long time. Not getting the "claim free gift" button at all. <edit edit> Well... THIS is embarrassing. I already had it in my account from a past freebie. At least I don't think I am alone in having this happen among y'all.
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    Normally ~$60. Offer available until October 9th. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/5409-SubLab I think I'll pick this up with the MNTRA Huracan.
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    Go Cakewalk. Can't miss. BUT you really need to put an effort to know the program, as much as we as musicians need to put an effort to learn to sing or play guitar. A lot of the complains about software is just lack of training and knowledge!
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    The Pro Channel EQ is a pretty good EQ but it needs some updates to make it better. 1.Solo frequency bands (This will make it so much easier to hear what you need to eq in or out) 2.Brick wall EQ Slope for low and high cuts (The best way to completely cut off a frequency of a sound that you want to eliminate the 48 curve is cool but doesn't get everything and seeing that you can only use one EQ you have to use another third party EQ to do this action like Ozone or Fab Filter ) 3.The option to add more eq bands ( Some times I need more bands when doing subtractive EQ and run out of bands before I can finish removing what needs to be taken away and once again you only get one EQ to do this) 4.More than one EQ on a Pro Channel (requested before but hey why not ask again) I think these updates to the EQ will help alot of people out and they wont always have to reach out for third party EQ's to do these features. Please +1 the request for the Bakers to take a look at adding these things to the EQ and let us know if there is anything that you would like to add to the EQ.
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    Wow....that really is totally game changing, cutting edge stuff right there.... Oh wait..... I forgot that it isn't 2019.
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    Thanks to some tests from @David Baay I have isolated the issue that causes the UI to be unresponsive after stopping when there are hundreds of tracks with certain prochannel modules. It is fixed it for the upcoming release. The issue is easily reproducible if you have 200 tracks containing the console emulator. The reason for the delay on stop is because the console emulator ends up blocking the user interface under certain conditions. I have worked around the plugin issue in our code.
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    I'm the same, but I'd want to charge them a annual subscription fee just so they know how it feels to get shafted each year like they try and push on their customers victims 🤣 In saying that, there's no way they could pay me enough to use Protools! Cakewalk wins over this crippled free edition hands down in my opinion as well. It's always been funny that the so called "Industry Standard" DAW never supported the "Industry Standard" plugin format, aka VST Plugins! There really are much better DAWs out there these days, with much better pricing and licensing options, along with being more open with plugin standards, so I'm surprised they've held on as long as they have.
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    I deleted all my aax plugins because I had no use for them and they were taking up space. Now whatumigonna do? Good thing I have no use for Pro Tools.
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    Friend does use Pro Tools, he was put off with Cakewalk because it was free and what "some" people say but he has since seen me using Cakewalk firsthand, editing midi, creating my own samples, recording and comping, my libraries and my range of plugins including the stock. Yep he could believe it. Due to it being free and so good, all the other DAWS manufacture's attack it and probably pay for people to spread bollox. Another friend uses Logic on a Mac because they like everything mac. Iv'e been giving some productions lesson and some tips, so hes like how you do that on logic and i just find they made quite a few things on logic long winded and no logical in that irony. People don't realise how good cakewalk is in reality
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    I love the way the "industry standard" hypes "new" features that other DAWs have had for years....
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    I got Bass-Mint https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/unfiltered_audio_bass_mint.html
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    Sweet! I used the $20 voucher and got Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 for 0!!!!
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    I was about to write how I rather invest in libraries I believe I'm going to use rather than libraries I might use but I'm not sure about, and not wanting to buy things on sale just because FOMO, and because of that after much deliberation I wouldn't buy the Anthology Strings. Then I read a few more threads over at VI-Control and listened to a some YouTube demos, and now I have 47 GB of more strings than I probably need. Dang it!
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    I hear Rain's Amateurduce like an Amateur is also totally worth it. The tutorial on how to ruin a potentially decent mix alone is worth the asking price.
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    Avid is getting desperate. Worst DAW upgrade pricing scheme ever. Glad I jumped the PT ship long ago.
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    If you have Ultimate CE13, here's what's new: Kontakt 7 Choir - Omnia Action Strings 2 Ashlight Lores Playbox Sequis Piano Colors Session Guitarist - Electric Vintage Session Bassist - Prime Bass World Series - East Asia Session Guitarist - Picked Nylon Session Guitarist - Electric Mint 40s Very Own Drums 40s Very Keys Ignition Keys Play Series - Soul Sessions Play Series - Empire Breaks Play Series - Glaze Play Series - Deft Lines (i think is new) Play Series - Melted Vibes Knifonium Ozone 10 Standard BX_Console N BX_Limiter True Peak BX_Console Focusrite SC BX_CrispyTuner Unfiltered Audio LO-FI-AF And about 30 new / additional expansions (103 total) Ain't nobody should be complaining about this lol. That is an absolutely enormous update, especially for $250 when it's eventually on sale.
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    Me too. Since PA 7. I just know it so good. I have the latest version of S1 and Reaper, a d will upgrade both. But I just really dabble with them when I really want to do something, it's always CwbB
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    Does this "Komplete" include Absynth? I'll get my coat. 😁
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    and tomorrow we will get Voucher #3 with $50 off. 😀
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    Testing it now with pads and bass synth. AMAZING analog flavor, vibey goodness, electric juiciness, spring-time lower body fatness an all the adjectives in the world cannot describe how this thing sounds. I recommend it.
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    The user Tone Models are getting rave reviews from other users, it is worth checking out ToneNET as there's some really good stuff up there already.
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    Well I'm gonna stick to my theory people just aint buying certain stuff anymore no matter what those stats say. Collecting the "oh but it's awesome eq" to go with the other 47 I have is now a luxury. Maybe just maybe I realize I have too much stuff and would take 7 lifetimes to learn how to use any of it. Then...........I thought about getting Tantra..........BUT I can't get it for $10............THEN I realize I can do the same thing in Live and probably those Cable Guys plugins I haven't used.
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    They're certainly not being shy about blatantly split/A->B testing on us to work out which ones extract the most profits from us! But I'm still glad to see all these vouchers and deals back anyway 🤣
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    2022.9 update adds ARA 2 Melodyne support and Aux I/O for easy audio routing to and from other software and hardware In terms of specs, Pro Tools Intro gives you eight audio tracks, eight instrument tracks and eight MIDI tracks. Unlike in Pro Tools | First, there’s AAX support - so you can run compatible third-party plugins - and Pro Tools Intro uses the standard .ptx session format. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthklhp3GozCN3aeBfiGYHQ?feature=emb_ch_name_ex https://www.avid.com/pro-tools/intro
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    Likewise. I have not bought anything since the voucher change. I used to buy a plugin a month on average. Now I used every voucher during this sale except the second $25 voucher, which probably brought my average up to one plugin a month again. Damn you Dirk!
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    Yeah, me too!! There was not much I wanted at the prices before these "good vouchers " came around. Now I done spent a fair amount in this week!! Well ya'll talked me into it... I got the Ampeg -15N and Bass Mint for $20, ten bucks each. Sweet
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    BOOM! $20 off Minimum Spend $29 Use code BOOM-20-OFF-29 to save $20 extra today! - Code is valid for one (1) order per user - $29 minimum spend (net) BOOM-20-OFF-29 Copy/paste voucher code during checkout! Yesterday's voucher has now expired and is no longer valid!
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    If someone can't write banging tunes and create good music using Cakewalk, i don't think it is the DAW to be fair
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    I'll see you're Prodigy and raise you a Depeche Mode and Hardfloor ... Depeche Mode - It's No Good [Hardfloor Mix]
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    You're right, it does say free for a limited time. I wonder if The form still works to get it for free 🙂 https://apogeedigital.com/products/plugins/soft-limit
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    Now I'm not on a great machine for this example but in terms of resources they are in two totally different catergories
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    After reading what's new I can't find a reason for upgrade. Really, I think this should have been a .5 update at most. Yeah, I know that 5.5 plus a .5 update equals 7, but the new features doesn't look enough for a version jump. Now thinking in returning to Reaper. Still good with my license purchased on 2016 and valid until the current version. I am getting tired of these greedy companies.
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    Use September Monthly Voucher code to knock down price of eligible plugins (see list here) to $29.99 and then use the BOOM-20-OFF to bring it further down to $9.99 Works on Neoverb and all Native Instrument plugins too.
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    MonsterStringsVST is a Free String virtual instrument that sounds great but is still lightweight in RAM usage. In this first version, Monster Strings has 13 Presets, divided into 2 main categories: ACOUSTIC and SYNTHESIZER. ACOUSTIC has 2 sub-categories, ENSEMBLE and SOLO. https://agushardiman.tv/monster-strings-a-good-free-string-plugin-with-small-ram-usage/
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    yup. all those wanna be LOTR composers jumping in the game. LOL!!!
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    Studio One 6 - Leaked? https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:EsGPD4uLE0sJ:https://vintageking.com/software/presonus-studio-one-6-professional-electronic-delivery&cd=15&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=es Of course there will be the usual multitude of other stuff we will only find out about with the 'Full' list of stuff. Don't know why they do that, but anyway . . .
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    Yeah... waiting for next Summer's 50% off deals..
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    Doh! Great Peter, you just put it out there. Now, when it happens, it'll be ALL your fault and you'll have to deal with the wrath of @Fleer...
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