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    Will be playing catch up tomorrow...zillions of emails to go through...
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    https://www.softube.com/marshall-plexi $19 USD in cart with promo code PLEXI19, expiry unknown
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    OneKnob Pumper Free for Ullie Swan followers and subscribers. 24 hours only! https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-pumper-free
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    Proclethya Synth (Windows only!) is FREE until the end of the month (July 31st) via coupon code: JLYFR31 (apply it at checkout!) Check it out at https://proclethya.com COUPON CODE (100% OFF until July 31st): JLYFR31
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    Hey...tell that Larry guy to get back to his job!
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    Your latest Plug-in Collective offer is PUNCH module & Balancing the Channels Course. Login and download.
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    Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location in Kentucky, the true whereabouts of Larry.
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    Nanohost is a plugin wrapper that will allow you to turn any VST instrument (32-bit & 64-bit) plugin into an executable standalone program to use your synth or sampler outside of the DAW. It’s by Tone2 that use to be a 3rd party supplier of its BiFilter2 plugin that came bundled with SONAR PLT. The Nanohost is totally free and shareable. https://www.tone2.com/nanohost.html
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    With coupon code JULY2021 https://www.finalmix.biz/m1 https://www.finalmix.biz/
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    https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/blog/blogpost/items/bx-under-water.html?vgo_ee=rc%2Fqkc0kn1H2KdGl1oWnKnqAHELO3MbXkFl%2FT4FHv5M%3D BX has decided to run some short-term sales to help minimize the financial damage, and to help get the team back to work in a professional surrounding as soon as humanly possible. Plugin Alliance will forward 100% of the proceeds of the "Support BX Sales" to Brainworx in Germany. You can support BX by buying some BX plugins, or some of their cool merchandise. We will start this series of "Support BX Sales" tomorrow with... guess what? Brainworx bx_console N for only $29.99 (24 hours only) Farewell sale for the console that started the TMT story... Stay tuned! Your PA Team
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    I use OBS Studio to record the Webinars I give. It's flexible, free, open source, and gets updated regularly. I know it has a lot more features than I am capable of using.
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    Here: https://www.samplescience.info/2021/07/french-violin.html?m=1
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    I use Screen To Gif for screen capture video. https://www.screentogif.com/ I was told about this program several years ago and have used it with great results. Editing the video you make is very easy. It also has other features that I haven't used yet. And it's free and gets updated.
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    PEDALz: 5 in 1 drive pedal. - 5 models (old plugins combined) Models: DoDod - GUNNER - OverDiver - PigPie - Zupaa - Pre-TONE control to shape signal before drive circuit - Two band tone control - Gain & Output https://www.patreon.com/posts/pedalz-54136573
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    MDynamicEQ from Melda! https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1738
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    Over the last couple of decades I've become concerned with the danger of extinction to the honeybee. Their population has twice been decimated, and their importance to agriculture cannot be underestimated. So along with some of my dearest friends (new and old) I wrote a song and made a video about the plight of the bee. Those of you with sharp eyes may spot our own Freddy J (Webb) during the grand finale, but the rest of the choir includes Pat and Jane Norman, Roger Fife, and Karyl Wilson. Roger played bass, and I did the rest. Each choir member contributed their own video clip, so my thanks to them! I hope you all enjoy! As always, I look forward to your comments and thank you for your time. Here's the video link:
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    A Soft Parade An instrumental using only Softube Instruments. ARP Pattern from the Model 72 (MINI Moog) Squelchy swirling Pad in part 2 Model 84 Polyphonic (Juno 6) Bass from the MONOment Bass Lead in Part 3 from Statement Lead Jangly Pad in part 3 Parallels Marching drum Pattern, complete with Machine gun Drum Rolls, from Heartbeat Thank for listening, I hope you enjoy.
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    I for one I’m slightly peeved he is starting by going over old emails instead of looking at our witty comments on threads as we pretended everything was okay, our best effort at posting deals hoping we were doing them justice, and our attempt to quell insurrection/talk of other forum. hahah
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    Schweet! I hope you had a safe productive trip. Welcome back!
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    Whew! Oh boy, did this livestream take us into some crazy places. So grateful for the opportunity to share.
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    I have a suggestion that may help in differentiating plugin selections when selecting a plugin to load. Right now ts very hard to distinguish which is the current group of plugins since the background color is the same for both list and plugin group as well [see pic 1]. It would be easier to tell what is what if there was a slight difference in the color of the groups of plugins from a vendor [see pic 2]. I'm not sure if this was the right place to post, but wanted to bring this to the devs attention. Thanks for the time, and great program updates guys!
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    Good Story ! Makes me wish I was a Mod around here . Kenny
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    2021.06 Update 2 has been released.
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    So I finally believe I understand my mixing environment and now they want me to learn some other W.A.N.K.E.R.'s environment? And not include it in my WUP'd Mercury? Pass.
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    Just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is where I hail from. While Queen Elizabeth "rules" over this land, Larry is my King.
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    Where is that "ignore user" button? Ah yes, there it is. Problem solved.
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    My wife has relatives that live in rural Indiana and the internet was iffy at best several years ago. So I can see how Larry's internet service might be hard to come by. Plus he has more important matters then us right now. I'm just letting him know he is missed. Peace πŸ˜ƒ
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    My best compressor for drums and I have way too many. Just did a shoot out with a bunch of 1176 clones and none sounded like the fetpressor.
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    Mode audio and waves gift Until July 26, 2021. https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-filter-free?utm_campaign=modeaudio-july-2021
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    If you can afford Standard Fleer is right. The morphing is only on Standard and Pro. Standard is nice to have for some other goodies too! Pro is only for the tinkerer. I'm amazed at all the things you can change/mess-up with the Pro version.
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    Anything by Kanye West (of course Rap isn't technically music, as music needs rhythm, harmony and melody)
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    Welcome back Larry! Hope the family are well and you had safe travels. We tried to make do, but it just wasn't the same without you around here πŸ™‚
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    Agree. Please send any unused crypto my way. I’ll help you dispose of it
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    I have never been a fan of any of the Guitar Rig series before. Although I play bass, I was always under the impression that Guitar Rig couldn't offer me anything for my bass playing. I recently upgraded my NI Komplete 12 to Komplete 13 Ultimate and I figured I'd take a stroll through the software and every thing it had to offer. I went to the NI website and looked up some information on Guitar Rig 6 and I was surprised with the information I found on the software. Of course it supports electric guitars, but bass and not just a a simple bass amp, but amps, multi fx's other instruments and vocals. Oh, did I mention Vocals!!! My goodness Vocals, and the presets it contains for vocals are amazing. I was playing around with it as a plugin and the fx's and vocal processing were just mind blowing. Bottom line, I love Guitar Rig!!! Oh my goodness, I am going to add Guitar Rig 6 in my Vocal chains.
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    Out of just feeling sorry, bought the bx_console N. It seems a fine sounding plugin, I think. 😐 They should easily be able to afford a new office with all the money I've shoveled in their direction even before, though. πŸ’Έ Well, jokes aside - I hope they get the operation in full swing soon enough.
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    Nobody needs my analogies this morning, but What we have in this Forum is the Shire . . . thanks to the good Hobbits and the most often excellent moderators, wizards like Gandalf and elvish kings like Elrond. Without these fair moderators, and the integrity of the hobbits and dwarves and such, we would likely see the Shire overrun by trolls and orcs. Occasionally, in some other distant forum land, we hear of a moderator turned into a Saruman. Scary but not insurmountable. I could go on, but you get the gist. Take the metaphor as far as you want. To save you all time, it ends up with Zuckerberg being Sauron.
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    I thought that I'd be saving money with Larry on leave but you guys are doing a good job of holding down the fort!
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    I have now had Copacabana in my head on a loop since this thread. I don't dislike it (I remember it quite fondly from my childhood), but for 4 days now???? I hate you πŸ™‚
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    https://babyaud.io/bitwig-users Part of the "Bitwig Circle" -edit- You must have a current upgrade plan in force to get the "Bitwig Circle" goodies.
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    They probably own a lifetime support license.
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    Do they require full Kontakt?
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    +1 for OBS Studio. It is an incredible piece of software. It can even load VST2 effects on the audio channels.
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    The Bapu doesn’t compare. The Bapu compiles.
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    Aaaaaaaand …. WUP!
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    It is also nonsense to charge $300 for a DAW these days when Cakewalk is Free.
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    What's that you say? Not all Guitar Center employees are dedicated sales professionals anxious to meet your musical needs? I'm shocked. Next you're gonna tell me some of them don't know what they're talking about.
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