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Magix Black Weeks Bundle (Soundpools at producerplanet)

Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann

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3 days left


Soundpool collection for $29.99:

  • The Phonk Phenomena
  • French House - Part 2
  • Indie Rock
  • Organic Soul
  • Metal Machine
  • Up North
  • Infinity
  • Trance International - Part 2
  • High School Rock - Part 2
  • Time and Space
  • Midnight Chill
  • Nostalgia Drive
  • Homecoming
  • Dilogy: Cathastrophe
  • Burning Sun
  • A Fantasy Tale
  • 90s R'n'B
  • Good ol' Trap
  • EDM Bangerz - Part 2
  • Action Cuts

Commercial (royalty free) licensing only (maybe Magix is starting to move away from their non-commercial licensing practices? Kudos to them if this is the case)

Over 1000 unique loops, most of them with ABCDEFG pitch variations (that's how they get to "over 7000 loops"). If you have any of the editions of MusicMaker that include Songmaker AI, these soundpools can provide a good amount of of musicmaking entertainment

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