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  1. Couldn't agree more, an excellent audio editor and more, with Premium you get a whole lot for your money, with the additional plugins. I already had RX and bought Acoustica Premium after demoing it, as I found it better and faster than iZotope RX for somethings. Plus developer is helpful too.
  2. It was a library for Kontakt, but now a new plugin version, I bought the Kontakt version of Le Skank as it looked fun, plus I love reggae and dub, but haven't got around to using it properly, but I did enjoy messing about with it though. Plus I like Sound Fingers / Matt's vibe too.
  3. Many thanks... pseudopop ...I've been wanting to get Kilohearts Toolbox for ages... many thanks.
  4. ashley_k

    Eventide SplitEQ

    It looks to have been on Sound on Sound as a News, Eventide SplitEQ unveiled (Published 3/11/21) but seem to have been deleted, just google cached left now. Mentions special introductory price of $99 (normally $179), looks to be a great eq tool. Here's one of the Eventide youtube promos on it.
  5. I do have the MKI versions of Musiqual EQs, not downloaded the free update to MKII yet, I do have the others three super plugin as well, I’ve never really use any of this bundle, the Red, Blue, Green Musiqual names don’t mean much and don’t help you remember which one sounds like what, so I end up using something I know instead, although the new MKII version look much improved with new features like a harmonic distortion, compressor, so I'll probably give them a try. It would be much better if they just combined the there plugins into one plugin, that would make a really usable single plugin, rather than let me try the blue, now let me drag the red and try, etc. If you wanted some plugins to add some colour, analog flavour, etc., it’s good value, as long as you get some use out of them. One plus with MIA Laboratories is they haven't charged existing MKI plugin owners for the recent updates to MKII plugins, so props to them for that. I’ve found the MIA Laboratories Pi and Phi MkII EQ to be more useful (it’s also on sale, and on JRR Shop and AudioDeluxe), the Pi and Phi MkII EQ is unusual EQ / enhancer that works really well, but one plugin that you need to try, and decide for yourself. https://www.jrrshop.com/mia-laboratories-pi-and-phi-mkii
  6. A bit of long shot, but if you can find a cheap copy of the "XCHANGE Recording Collection" this includes the PSP 85, that's how I got my PSP 85, was a good few years ago though. The only things is from memory, you have to have the physical box as it has the serial/registration info in it, so it's a bit of a pain paying for shipping, but if you can find "XCHANGE Recording Collection" for a cheap enough price it could be worth it.
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