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Peaktime techno livejam || Moog drone / Peak / MS-20 mini / TD-3 / SE-02

Nick Blanc

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I've been holding on to this one for a couple of months. First, it's a bit different and youtube doesn't like different. Also, it was my back-up jam for when I was away for the weekend. I just got back from Formula 1, so this fitted the bill.

I'm gonna sleep now for a couple of days, enjoy!



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43 minutes ago, Wookiee said:

@Nick Blanc What software did you capture it with?

I'm using Ableton. Which is also my sequencer so to speak. Nowadays I try to build the track live, by having all the channels just run and using the Novation Control XL to mute, unmute, volume, send, etc. 

In time I want to use my Push 2 to build the tracks.

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