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What to download making Kygo & Walker music

Prince Edvard

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hmmmm. best guess - a bunch of synths etc and spending lots of time to remix and create... best bet - write them and ask them what they're using?

About - Alan Walker https://alanwalker.com/about/

Bio & photos - Kygo | Official Site (kygomusic.com) https://www.kygomusic.com/biography/

not sure you'll find the tools they use for free, but likely you can find tools for free with which you could emulate the sounds to some degree.

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Well, as Glenn implied above, it's not going to be quite as simple as obtaining a professional instrument to get you the sound of your favorite artist.

  • "best guess - a bunch of synths etc and spending lots of time to remix and create..."

Ableton Live is a popular tool used by professional musicians, DJs, and producers. Tons of free tutorials are available on the web. Here is a 5-part video tutorial series on how to make a track from scratch using Ableton Live Lite. While it's not totally free, Live Lite is often included in a free bundle with other software and hardware products.  

Not trying to say that Cakewalk or any other DAW cannot be used for this, but in order to do so you would need to collect various plugins and experiment with workflows to get it right. Live was designed to make this type of production workflow easier out of the box.


  • Making a beat
  • Building a bassline
  • Creating chords
  • Sampling vocals
  • Arranging and mastering
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