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  1. I went and fixed dinner, came back. and we have 1 remaining....
  2. PluginGuru takes Crystalline for a test drive in this livestream (video is cued to the topic at 28:33):
  3. Well I was basing my conclusion on the last promo redemption that I used. I only saw 4 items that I did not already have, then selected one, so that would leave 3, right? Unless my IK account was maybe missing one from the promo list...? I'll need to review "My Account" and see how many synths I have registered this year. D*mn!!! Spreadsheet time!!! 🤣
  4. Well regardless of my inputs, I now have 30 synths. So I only need 3 more (plus the multis). That was my point, Mr Mathematician...
  5. That's the IK valued customer approach. Just ask Larry! 🤣
  6. I only need 3 more freebies to hit all 33 synths, because I already had two, plus I bought one to enter the GB. But I will be there at 2700+. No MAX for that. 😢
  7. The Syn2 MAX multis will only be made available to all GB participants if the count hits 3000+ by the deadline. Regardless of what you may already own.
  8. Up to 60% off! https://www.amazon.com/deal/deffbcaf?showVariations=true&linkCode=sl2&tag=dealpost2022-20&linkId=70decfc8cca91eb93999359aa1980b9b&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl Amazon is taking up to 60 percent off WD and SanDisk storage for today only https://www.engadget.com/wd-sandisk-memory-one-day-amazon-sale-120311260.html
  9. https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/borderlands-3
  10. So smooth sailing for the next 9 months!!! 😎
  11. Well, you made me curious to what my offer would be to upgrade from Komplete 13 standard to Komplete Ultimate... My Upgrades: Ultimate $599!!! vs. $1199 Bundle price Ultimate CE $999!!! vs. $1599 Bundle price
  12. After update, these presets are found in Massive X in the MX 1.4 Library.
  13. I picked up the Kontakt version of the Resonator by Tracy at Indiginus. I'm not really enthused about the strumming and pattern engine in SampleTank 4, although the instruments and samples themselves can be quite nice!
  14. Check out Mike's full Cakewalk playlist here! >>> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ylp_4AhfKtyYYRWyp9B4v2CLm32__9P
  15. abacab


    Or just wait for the next Total Studio crossgrade, which should include everything released to that date...
  16. 2 more... Well in the morning hopefully will be 25 free!
  17. OK all you holdouts and lurkers... It's TIME to pile on!!! 🤣
  18. Cakewalk basics. You need to enable "Input Echo" on all of the tracks you wish to "layer". This overrides the auto selection of just the track in focus.
  19. abacab

    Korg Software Updates

    The presets are organized differently with the Triton vs. the Triton Extreme. The regular Triton includes all 8 of the factory expansion library EXB-PCM cards. The TRITON comes with every one of the original TRITON preset programs. In the Triton Extreme all patches are organized into factory banks containing most of the waveforms. No EXB PCM cards. https://www.korg.com/us/products/software/kc_triton/
  20. That could be done, if the Keystep can assign a separate MIDI channel output from each sequencer. Then you would use 4 instrument tracks, each with a different MIDI channel assigned to a different Keystep MIDI channel on the track inputs in Cakewalk.
  21. VC8. But the reworked Piano, Prophets and the CS-80 look interesting...
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