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  1. I believe you may have me confused with abacabacaba... ðŸĪŠ
  2. If you have the Labs Unified version, you can layer the hell out of them. The stock Spitfire player can only do one sound at a time, so yep could see why they may sound boring that way. Check out the PluginGuru streaming demo here. He opens playing a cool groove layer.
  3. I only deal with GOG now as far as acquiring games. I have a second PC with the Steam, Origin (EA), and Ubisoft game clients available if I need to connect online to use any games that were acquired elsewhere, such through Humble Bundle or other online deals. But I prefer GOG's methods best going forward, and I have since replaced a few Steam game editions with GOG versions when available and affordable.
  4. Well, it's just that I downloaded ALL of the Spitfire Labs instruments last night so that I could enjoy the new Spitfire Labs Unified. So I just happened to notice... Go grab them if you have Unify! It's a mega free deal from Skippy!
  5. If you click on that first link you posted (to Spitfire Labs), that Pipe Organ freebie is 1st on the list...
  6. Nope. Labs is linked here... 😉
  7. The Waves CLA-2A is on sale for $39.99 https://www.waves.com/plugins/cla-2a-compressor-limiter#intro-to-the-cla-classic-compressors
  8. Here is a list of great LA-2A compressor plugins. https://theproaudiofiles.com/la-2a-plugins/ Among them is the White 2A by IKM, which some of you may already have in T-RackS. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/trwhite2a/
  9. Installed Spitfire Labs and Labs Unified last night. Very cool!
  10. Ironically for me it wasn't the FireWire driver that gave up on Windows 10. I still have a good PCIe expansion card for FW with TI, but no use for it now. It was the non-existent vendor support for the audio drivers that did me in. The old M-Audio company (formerly Midiman) effectively went out of business the day they were sold by Avid to inMusic Brands in 2012. Their former product line was moved to legacy status.
  11. abacab

    IK MIxbox Crossgrade

    It's handy for synth and keyboard players. I understand that guitar players already have boatloads of amp sims and pedals. But adding this to your keys is a bit like having fun with stomp boxes. Without having to "borrow" guitar FX gear. Plus they included plenty of FX chain presets to experiment with...
  12. I finally retired my M-Audio Firewire interface. Was using a TI chip in my PC, but the end-of-life M-Audio driver from vintage Win 7 days would throw an occasional BSOD in Win 10. No problems at all using USB2 Focusrite now.
  13. abacab

    IK MIxbox Crossgrade

    IK MixBox is cool! If you ever thought is would be nice to have the Syntronik or SampleTank 4 FX rack to use anywhere, this is it and then some!
  14. The Discover edition of the Spitfire BBCSO is FREE if you fill out a survey at Spitfire and wait 2 weeks. Or $49 if you don't wanna wait! https://www.spitfireaudio.com/bbcso/ PluginGuru has just released a paid DiscoverStation patch library for Unify that works with the Spitfire BBCSO library. $59 at https://www.pluginguru.com/products/discoverstation-corestation-unify-bbcso/
  15. You can edit and save Syntronik instrument patches in ST4. The saved as patches will show up in the instrument folder. But the newly saved patches from ST4 don't appear in either the Syntronik or SampleTank 3 browsers. I'm guessing that ST4 uses a different database index.
  16. I agree in general, but with the distinction that having an option is also important, as one size doesn't necessarily fit all. I am dead set against subscription ONLY plans, where license ownership has been eliminated completely. Adobe is a prime example of a major company that has chosen to go down that path. My fear is that their success in that regard may tend to lead the way for others. Although Adobe caters mainly to graphics pros that can both afford and benefit from always having the latest versions.
  17. OK, since the plugin is working, then the crash likely has something to do with your project having an unexpected condition. Your best bet is to follow scook's recommended advice to submit a crash dump for analysis.
  18. Hmmm... weird. The SVX is the only thing I'm seeing as a separate product listed with a serial number. The Soldano and everything else that came with Amplitube 4 Total Studio Max is present in the plugin, but not listed individually in my account. Did you buy yours through the Custom Shop? I did not.
  19. Did you overlook the 12 pedals included this amp sim that comes with Cakewalk? Maybe not the ones you are seeking, but they are included. TH3 Cakewalk Edition by Overloud https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Plug-ins.2.html#1813385
  20. I'm not seeing this issue with the Ample riffer factory patterns. To test this, start with a new blank project. Insert only a single instance of an Ample Bass with riffer, then drag n drop a factory pattern to the MIDI track and hit play. Does this still crash?
  21. You can use JamPoints for up to 30% of that!
  22. And it's 180 rather than 90 days... 😉
  23. When I checked on my WavesLocalServer it was only using 122 MB. But the only Waves bundles that I own are Abbey Road and the H Series, plus a handful of other individual plugins, so clearly not as many presets as you! It would be interesting to know what makes that memory usage increase.
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