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  1. That's my biggest gripe with UJAM. Wet as hell. So far unable to locate either a "dry" or "DI" switch. Sometimes it's OK to not be "mix ready". Or at least have that option...
  2. Like this: USD $36.65 = €29.00 EUR. So [29 / .7912] = 36.65 (in USD).
  3. ^^^ Now that right there will remove the mystery of what a "simple instrument track" is. ^^^ A "simple instrument track" is not really that intuitive, and hides the actual complexity of a "simple instrument track", so when a newcomer tries to do some special routing with an instrument, it is often difficult until the above knowledge becomes clear. You can also split apart an instrument track into its component audio and MIDI tracks, as well as combine an audio and MIDI track into an instrument track.
  4. Studio One also does this. But I have learned that it takes two to be compliant. (1) The software dev has to set the proper flag in the plugin, AND (2) the DAW has to support it as well.
  5. In re-reading this, I noticed another possibility in "what I'm trying to do is select MORE than one output in the sequencer's settings." I mentioned a bit earlier that this can be done easily with one MIDI track per output. If you were implying to that you instead wanted to send a single MIDI track to multiple instrument outputs, a Cakewalk MIDI track only has one output option. To use multiple MIDI tracks like this to arrange or layer different parts, you would need a MIDI recording or pattern on each track to playback, or if you wanted to perform them live you would enable "Input Echo = On" for any tracks that you wish to trigger from a hardware controller.
  6. Cakewalk can output to as many external MIDI instruments as your system has MIDI outputs equipped. Just assign one additional MIDI track for each MIDI hardware output you plan to use with the USB MIDI interface, and route them accordingly. An internal soft synth will have it's own MIDI track, so that's an automatic setup for that first one. Here's a quick overview of adding MIDI tracks to CbB.
  7. abacab


    It's alive!!!
  8. That's correct. Vital need to be run on it's own instrument track as a virtual instrument. If you try to put any instrument into a track's FX bin that was not designed for that job, you will just get silence. Some developers ship an additional FX version of their instrument as a separate plugin, but that will usually include "FX" somewhere in the name. To put it in basic terms: Virtual instrument plugins take a MIDI input and use their internal sound generators to output an audio signal. FX plugins take in an audio signal input, process it, and then output a modified audio signal.
  9. For Schep's Omni, you also have one modular "flex" slot, you can add any other single Waves plugin to the strip, as well as bypass or reorder the modules in any manner. So you have a bit of versatility with SOC in just a single plugin instance. And I didn't notice a big CPU hit either. Supplied with many helpful factory preset examples of different channel setups that make for some good starting points. SOC seems to make anything you put it on quickly sound better. Especially with some of the presets that Andrew Scheps contributed, such as "Hammond", "Clean up my Acoustic Gtr", "More Pick on that guitar", "Sustain my El Gtr", "Bass DI", "Clear Bass", "Dirty Bass", "Synth Pad", etc. Some of the guitar presets work well on synth leads, too. Apparently he's already dialed in some close approximations to make certain instruments sound cleaner and better defined. You will just need to tweak to taste.
  10. No VAT here in the states... (29 / 0.79 = 36.7 ... so there's 36.7 USD in 29 Euros. The current exchange rate is not that attractive. (29 * 0 .79) = 22.91 ...that calculates 79% of 29. Cheers! 😉
  11. This plugin is really intended to be your drummer. You tell it what to play, and it does. It doesn't sound bad, but it's not attempting to be a top tier drum sample library. Now with VD-2, you can drag and drop the MIDI drum patterns from the plugin UI into a DAW MIDI track. At least that way you could trigger any drum virtual instrument (for example, MODO Drum) from that track.
  12. And if you do not have Schep's Omni Channel yet, you are totally missing out!
  13. I got Xpand!2 for $1 about six years ago. Money well spent! So I won't comment on the current value. I definitely got my $1 worth... 😁
  14. abacab

    Eventide Quadrovox

    I've got that one. Plus the Blackhole and Shimmerverb. Awesome stuff, and buying on sale is the best plan! Just be aware that Eventide requires the Pace iLok software manager, if that is a concern for you. That's working fine for me here.
  15. Yes, I got VIP 3.0 bundled with my VX49. Have over 20,000 patches imported into VIP. I like the browser and filter for finding patches by tag. There really is not anything that compares with that feature. Big suck is that it does not recognize VST3, so those presets are ignored. I am not aware of any alternatives for user VIP map exchange. Another big suck is that inMusic removed their 3rd party forum from "Get Satisfaction", without any notice to users. That is where the VIP map exchange was hosted. The auto import feature for VIP was reliant on the plugin developer being highly compliant with sharing VST patch info with a host. So a bit hit and miss. As compared to Native Instruments, who obviously told the plugin developers, "Here's our NKS standard, and if you want to play with us, you must comply". So in that regard , VIP was never destined to be 100% compatible. But I am happy for what works. I can still load it into my DAW, and use what it does self contained. And then insert other VSTi's as needed to round things out. If you are into preset layering, have you checked out Unify, by Plugin Guru yet? Amazing! https://www.pluginguru.com/products/unify-standard/
  16. With VIP you can create layers or multis. In Komplete Kontrol you cannot. I have both. Multi-timbral vs. not. I hope NI ups their game and improves KK to add layers. Otherwise, it's a great tool! I believe you are correct about Akai and AIR products. Their parent company inMusic Brands, has shown no interest in either updating their portfolio, or being responsive to their customer base. But they continue selling their products dirt cheap. Shame on them. But someone just starting out may decide to take a chance for $10 that the stuff still works (for now). Still not a huge risk. One is probably better off in the long run just saving up for Komplete Ultimate.
  17. Yep. And €1 = USD $0.79 today. So €29 is actually $36.65.
  18. Overview of the VD 2 series. You can drag the MIDI patterns out to your DAW timeline now!
  19. Makes sense. Cakewalk applied some new plugin scan rules a while back to prevent inadvertent scanning of anything but legit VST3 plugins in the VST3 folder.
  20. TAL Vocoder doesn't need to output anything. The output should be grayed out. It is a effect VST that inserts on an audio track (that is the modulator for the vocoder). A MIDI input modulates it. Did you do these steps exactly? Drop the TAL Vocoder into an FX Bin on an audio track. Enable MIDI in on the plugin. Add a MIDI track and make sure it is receiving input from your controller. Set the output to TAL Vocoder. Play an audio source through the audio track (you can also loop an audio clip to test), that is your modulation source. Play your controller (send MIDI to TAL), by default TAL uses the internal VCO as the carrier. Leave "Input mode" unselected on the TAL GUI.
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