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  1. You don't need to backup the plugins, such as Amplitube or T-RackS. The IK downloads for those never expire. Only the IK sound content/samples downloads for the instruments expire after 180 days. I just thought it was a relevant point to make, considering that this is an Amplitube thread, and as such this product is not affected by expiration policies. Unless you just want assurance against IKM going out of business, or having a full subscription meltdown, etc.
  2. It's safe to delete the IKM download folder. It gets recreated anytime IKM Product Manager downloads anything.
  3. Microsoft Defender has also been flagging stuff other than NI. Seems that certain archive files (.zip) can set it off in an apparently hit or miss fashion..
  4. The easiest way that I have found to remove old shells is uninstall them via Waves Central > Settings > Maintenance > Uninstall [select].
  5. It appears that the place to register a serial is still available online at the Waves site. https://www.waves.com/account/register But does it still work? That is the question...
  6. Have you looked at iZotope Vocalsynth? https://www.whippedcreamsounds.com/ovox-vs-izotope-vocalsynth-2-which-is-better/
  7. Interesting question... I doubt that they will ever be full retail list price (as in they need to remain competitive), but also doubt that we will see the $29 forever sale resume.
  8. I wonder if Waves is going to resume working with third party distributors and new product registration codes (you know, the ones that everyone was giving away the other day)?
  9. Yeah, there are miles of comments in a few threads regarding that issue over at the NI forum. The PM for Native Access has come out with a statement that it's a false positive and a Windows Defender issue. Here's the official statement: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/11699/known-issue-windows-defender-flagging-products-as-trojans/p1 I concur with the Defender false positive theory, as there have been reports of applications from other manufacturers that got flagged for the same Trojan name. It also appears to only flag zip files for some reason.
  10. They haven't pushed NA2 out to all NA1 users yet. It's still opt-in by manually downloading the new version. The reason is that there are apparently a small group of users with incompatibility issues with NA2, so NI are not forcing a migration just yet.
  11. WUP. The new and improved alternative to a subscription.
  12. At this time, Mac users are probably the main group to be concerned with OS upgrade compatibility. That sounds like a biggie! But as far as I know, there are no issues with running the existing Waves plugins on Windows 10 or 11. So if you are still using Windows 7 or 8 it shouldn't be a problem upgrading to one of the current Windows versions.
  13. The latest Waves Central still includes the function to manage your license storage locations, such as your local drive or a USB key.
  14. I store my Waves licenses on a USB2 flash stick. Can move them to any PC with Waves installed just by plugging it in. No need for a 2nd seat, unless you intend to run both computers at the same time!
  15. Actually, Scheps plugins are only available in the "Ultimate" tier, which costs a bit more monthly...
  16. If the VSTi you are playing is inserted on an instrument track, just record arm that track, press record, and go. That will record MIDI from your controller. It should play back any MIDI data recorded there just fine.
  17. I doubt that even a Waves u-turn would restore customer trust and goodwill at this point. Plus there's too many alternatives out there, not like they are the only game in town...
  18. As the shock and awe of the announcement sinks in, even though I am firmly in the camp of "no subscription ever", I have taken stock of my perpetual plugin inventory. Even though these plugins should continue to work for the foreseeable future, I will still have the feeling that I have been screwed. I think the only way to get over this feeling will be to stop using them, as I doubt that they will ever "inspire" me again. They will just be a reminder of "argghhh"!!! 🙄
  19. See you next month!!! 🤣
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