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    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Try copying the image link from the Imgur multiple choice list that is called "direct link", & post that here using the url selector in this forum. That direct link typically ends with a ".png", "jpg", etc.
  2. abacab

    Air Instrument Cloud

    Actually, AIR and SONiVOX are each owned separately by the parent company that bought them both, InMusic Brands. InMusic Brands also owns Akai, Alesis, M-Audio, and others. https://www.inmusicbrands.com/ I like their plugins, but they really need to show a bit more love to their virtual instruments, instead of just continuing to recycle the same old thing. They had been promising a UI update for the AIR instruments with a new scalable interface for several years. That was according to their marketing rep Simon over at the KVR forum, but nothing has materialized yet. AIR even issued the newer Loom II with the same small UI. I began to lose hope at at that point that updates to the existing instruments were in the works.
  3. See Meng's replies to a similar question last year: http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3745236
  4. abacab

    Air Instrument Cloud

    Perpetual license plans for the bundles will still be available for $400 to $700. Yeah, right!!! Glad I already got mine for $70.
  5. abacab

    Why no offline Help feature?

    The latest PDF is the best option for offline use. No context help (F1) is the only drawback, but if you use a decent PDF reader with a powerful search function, is almost as good!
  6. abacab

    Hide VST2 Plugins [Solved]

    In addition to the setting, the plugin developer needs to have set the appropriate flags in the plugin for that feature to work. Some older plugins are not in compliance with that standard and will need to be manually hidden.
  7. abacab

    Tracktion Retromod synths on sale

    As far as I can tell, Computer Music/Music Radar is not affiliated with Music Tech/BandLab.
  8. abacab

    Tracktion Retromod synths on sale

    I do like that Tracktion does eventually release their older versions for free!
  9. Is MTV still a thing??? Disclaimer: I don't have cable TV.
  10. abacab

    SF2 files not working

    Try importing "FluidR3 GM2-2.SF2" into sforzando. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4Psp5O5pxlLV2RoajBYLXM5SWs/view Works for me.
  11. abacab

    Tracktion Retromod synths on sale

    I have observed that pattern as each (annual) paid upgrade introduces some new features (as well as a few bugs). They issue a few patches before the next paid upgrade, but then they stop maintaining and bug fixing the previous version. So each version remains in a perpetual "unfinished" state, where you will need the next paid upgrade to keep getting fixes. In all fairness, the showstopper issues are generally fixed, but there may be some minor niggles that remain for some folks. I understand that Tracktion are a small team (only 3 developers), and they seem like very nice, helpful and friendly guys. I like the work that they do! But apparenly they only have the resources to fully support the current version.
  12. abacab

    Sonivox Filmscore Companion

    Yes, if you don't have anything else. Takes up a bit of space on your drive.
  13. abacab

    1/2-1 sec delay with Rapture

    I just loaded Rapture v1.22 (full version) into CbB 2019.05, and it plays Rapture .prog presets just fine. Also tried with a couple other DAWs that I own, and it's all good there too! No Rapture compatibility issues as far as I can see, scanning or playing, or otherwise. It still just works! And I am not sure what you meant by getting SF2 files to work? As far as I know, Rapture is not a SF2 player, but it is sfz file compatible, if that is what you meant. But those file types are two completely different things. In SF2 format, the samples are embedded in the file. While sfz is just a txt file that describes samples in another folder container.
  14. I went to a Metallica concert once, and they did an acoustic set. F'n brilliant!!!
  15. abacab

    Any other way with Dim Pro/Rapture?

    I would say DimPro and Rapture classic may be out of date, and time to move on to something new. Not to misunderstand, I love them and they are classic Cakewalk synths! But for new projects and moving forward with supported products for a sample player, you could not lose with Kontakt! Full disclosure, I only have the free Kontakt Player, which is compatible with all of the NI libraries for sale on the NI website. All KONTAKT instruments from NI run in the free KONTAKT PLAYER. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-6-player/ https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-6/kontakt-ecosystem/
  16. abacab

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    Buy a custom built audio PC. Yes, that's actually a real thing. The guys that do that for a living know what components are compatible with real-time audio. The guys at Best Buy or otherwise retail haven't a clue.
  17. abacab

    Need help finding a Dim Pro patch

    There is a lot going on in that track. It is difficult to discern what sound you are looking for at the times described.
  18. abacab

    Cakewalk / Cakewalk Sonar PSR 975 question

    You need to select the MIDI output port for the Yamaha MIDI, if you want the Yamaha keyboard to play its onboard sounds.
  19. abacab

    1/2-1 sec delay with Rapture

    Well hopefully BandLab will re-release Rapture Pro, as Rapture classic was at end of life years ago. I would expect that Rapture Pro should be supported on the latest Windows versions, and any bugs from the original would have been handled. I assume BandLab has been focused on the core DAW to date, but hopefully eventually they will move in the direction of supporting the last Cakewalk supported instruments, Rapture Pro and Z3TA+2.
  20. abacab

    1/2-1 sec delay with Rapture

    Was this happening with any particular Rapture preset, or with any one?
  21. abacab

    Dimension Pro

    I would probably opt for something that has a 64-bit OS, at least 8GB of RAM, and at least a 3.0GHz dual core CPU. SSD drive wouldn't hurt, either! Surely there are some inexpensive refurbs for sale with these specs...
  22. abacab

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    Not quite! It's had hundreds of bug fixes since Splat. Just take a look at the list of fixes in 2019.07 alone: https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk/whats-new Bug Fixes Crash when pasting automation Crash on opening project after closing another Improved notification handling Crash copying and pasting bus automation Projects using élastique audio crash when playing if audio is missing Screensets in projects with high track counts load faster Multi threaded UI updates for notifications Undo redo of Take lanes is slow Bounced track fails to appear with user created Lens Changing Lens and reopening CbB changes 'None' unexpectedly Full Screen Mode only expands across multiple monitors Changing screensets slow with large number of tracks CTRL-selecting clip doesn't work if the clip is partially selected as a result of a time selection CTRL-clicking a clip during playback creates a clip envelope instead of selecting the clip Select tool cannot select comp clip Control Bar Export Module can lose gripper Export Control Bar module is cropped when Control Bar is locked and justified Resetting the Control Bar doesn't unlock module order Draw issue with Control Bar when floating after justify Copy paste in Take lanes can delete source data Editing clips in Take lanes can lead to un-editable clip envelopes Copying and pasting clips from multiple Take lanes is not possible Loop recording in Comp mode with Take lanes closed causes unexpected cropping of clips Some projects could prevent clip envelopes from being edited Now Time jumps in playback when isolating clips in Take lanes during playback Copy/Paste does not work as expected in Take lanes CTRL-selecting neighboring clip doesn't work immediately after isolating a clip region in a Take lane Copying data from non-adjacent lanes pastes to adjacent lanes Dragging MIDI clips from Browser goes to Take lane 1 Pasting multiple clips in Take lanes to a track with single lane does not refresh UI Drag drop of multiple audio files from Browser to Take lanes not supported Pasting Multiple clips in lanes to bottom lanes cause clips to collapse to single lane Double clicking Take lane in Clips pane does not select lane Clips in lanes cannot drag from one track to different lanes in another track Dragging takes to a new track skips over populated lanes Drag drop between lanes doesn't work properly when hidden tracks present Clips can be moved from their original take lane on CTRL drag and drop Copying clips in Take lanes with envelopes gives unexpected results Clip can no longer be selected after undo of drag Pasting clips in lanes to new project does not refresh UI correctly Undo of paste of multiple lanes in new project does not behave as expected Comp clip draws unexpectedly after crop Dragging clips on MIDI Take lanes to create overlaps does not crop data Dragging group of clips to new track deletes existing clip on destination track Pasting multiple lanes to last lane in a track creates extra lanes Comp clip remains visible after dragging outside of the Clips pane 'Delete Muted Takes' renamed 'Delete Muted Clips' Lane order changes pasting to new project Lanes out of order when dragging to create a new track When creating Take/Automation lanes, Take lane initially appears grayed out Shift+click does not work on comp clip when Take lanes are open Bouncing to clip causes clip to change lanes unexpectedly Duplicated tracks with lanes inverts order Redoing a loop recording in Comp record mode fails to restore recorded clips state Clip envelope in lanes cannot be edited after save/reopen of project Reassigning automation envelopes closes lanes unexpectedly Automation from multiple lanes pastes to a single lane Pasting multiple automation envelopes to track with fewer lanes has unexpected result Dragging clips from Browser to Take lanes removes automation data Drag copy to new project does not copy automation Automation lanes not created after recording track automation Automation lanes are copied out of order, and not all copied if automation lanes are expanded in destination project Some projects are saved with clip envelopes assigned to incorrect lanes Setting Edit Filter to 'Clip Automation' on a lane doesn't work properly when multiple clips present Clip envelopes on lanes don't respect Edit Filter state when loading projects Clip envelopes lose visibility on Take lanes when toggling 'Show Take Lanes' Duplicate Track does not persist Automation lane state When pasting automation then showing lanes, Edit Filter is not set correctly with FX automation Redo not populating automation lanes correctly Edit Filter in Automation lanes not behaving as expected after paste Edit Filter not behaving as expected with auto track zoom Pasting Take and Automation lanes simultaneously has unexpected results Aim Assist remains visible after dragging outside of Clips pane Aim Assist not visible when dragging clips to a different project Clip name moves up a pixel when right-edge crop reaches it Dragging Punch range in time ruler before measure 1 shrinks range unexpectedly Mouse cursor jumps to different monitor when clicking in Staff view time ruler Notes may not appear in Staff view in some projects V-Vocal clips do not drag copy as expected Missing Help Module text for several views/contexts Help Module content for ProChannel EQ Fly Out Notifications only appear on primary monitor Several 'Importing' messages displayed when closing project after previewing MP3 files in Browser Some projects can fail to cut/copy on track Delete Track can delete unintended tracks Browser drag preview image now aligned to bottom right of cursor Track view key bindings are not listed in Preferences dialog when using Basic lens Dragging clips between projects can fail to create a new track in destination project Keyboard shortcut for 'Show/Hide Clip Properties' does not hide Mouse cursor flickers between arrow and I-beam when moving mouse over Automation lanes External Insert can be dragged from Browser to clip Dragging Punch range in time ruler doesn't update time rulers in other views Improve Time Ruler marker/loop/punch/selection handle feedback while dragging User reported crash on launch Change title capitalization in Preferences dialog and menus If toast notifications are turned off, 'Check For Updates' menu item does nothing Using 3 monitors causes notifications to stop appearing Edit Filter not set correctly after writing automation Dragging audio to time ruler to do ARA convert audio to tempo map does not prompt Dragging audio from Browser to MIDI track to do ARA MIDI extraction does not prompt Dragging multiple audio clips from Browser to convert to MIDI stacks MIDI on same track Nudge causes MIDI notes to change lanes Automation selection not working correctly in lanes under rare conditions Crash dragging empty cell in Matrix View Tab to next/previous note in the Piano Roll can cause crash Preview not working when cropping a track folder composite clip Draw tool mouse cursor flickers rapidly when moving mouse over envelopes Snap module displays Whole duration when creating new project Projects with Edit Filter set to 'Clip Automation' load with only one envelope visible Clips drag drop or paste across lanes can lead to inconsistent clip envelope visibility ProChannel modules can lose states ‘Failed to load plug-in state’ message after creating send Time ruler drawing issues when Aim Assist is enabled Crop cursor appears when holding CTRL key with the Select tool Closing or opening projects with Media Browser is very slow when Browser points to folder with many files Changing app focus causes control surfaces to fail to update
  23. abacab

    What other DAW is most similar to CbB?

    I doubt that, simply because it's only existed since 2018. The latest release is 2019.07.