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New MidiFX Available


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On 9/12/2019 at 3:58 PM, Variorum said:

Thanks for the encouragement @Jim Fogle 😀

I'll see if I can modify the compander to work with controller data in addition to velocity... or maybe just modify it into a separate effect for now. I like the Transform tool for smaller changes, but an MFX  might be useful for track-wide CC modifications.

Good idea. The way I see it is that Transform tool is more flexible, you can change the events by dragging any of it's many points, but it's often difficult to go back without ctrl+Z, if happen to make some false move, especially in soft mode. Your Velocity Compander gives the chance to adjust values to your liking in a sooo easy way otoh. To make it work with CC is a really good idea!

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Thanks @Starship Krupa 😁

Technically, I should put something on the GUI to differentiate them from built-in the Cakewalk MFX... I did shamelessly rip off their design 🤒
If one of them has a bug or spontaneously becomes self aware and takes over the computer (BTW, check out my SKYNET MFX... coming soon!), I don't want the Bakers to get blamed...

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Here's an update to the Velocity Compander MFX.  It works the same way, but extends its functionality to Poly Aftertouch, Channel Aftertouch, and Control Change values. The Aftertouch modes will probably be most useful when you're playing your keyboard to modify its response curve, but they work when playing back or Processing, too.

This works identically to the Velocity Compander when Velocity is selected so you can uninstall the original component if you want to, or just keep it. It's tiny 😉

When using Ctrl Chng mode, you can type in the CC directly or use the mouse wheel to scroll the value.

Download it at Viramor.com

Hope it works!

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i kant spel
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A few days ago I stumbled on a post here by @sadicus that referenced a problem with the CSTranspose MFX screwing up key-switches and realized that a lot of VST's would have a similar problem, so I updated the plug-in.

It now lets you specify a key range. Only notes within the range will be transposed. If transposition would move a note from inside the range to outside, it will be filtered. This effectively isolates the "music" keys from the "control" keys.

Note: The Range setting is not part of a Group so each instance can have its own range regardless of the Group setting.

You can drag the arrows on the left and right or use the mouse wheel while hovering over the note indicators to change the upper and lower limits of the range. Alternatively, you can click on a note indicator (its background will turn orange) and tap a key on your Midi keyboard. To make life easier, when you set the range for a VST, save it as a preset!


Download it at Viramor.com

Let me know if you have any problems...

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19 minutes ago, martsave martin s said:

thanks Eddie

Yeah, thanks @Eddie 😋 

One day I'll write a real installation package that'll make things a bit easier....

14 minutes ago, martsave martin s said:

ok the link work now thank you again!

Hey @martsave martin s. Looks like the site was inaccessible for a few minutes, that may be why the link didn't work. Don't know what happened... nothing in the logs. Maybe the server was eating lunch. Glad you're all sorted out.

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