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  1. It was mostly a joke because of the thread you're posting in, but the forum software does, in fact, use an emoji font for smileys. The square is what is usually shown when the user interface can't render a character from a font.
  2. That's a different kind of font issue. 😆
  3. It may well be the same for some modern devices, they all have their quirks. 😆 I did a quick test with TTS-1 just to verify and decided to post my findings. You're welcome. I only have a few MIDI devices and had not experienced what Mark mentioned, which prompted me to do a small test.
  4. Please find attached a simple project with a single sustained note. Controller 7 is first used to decrescendo/crescendo and then controller 11 is used to do the same. It appears to contradict what you are saying here. Did I misunderstand you? VolumeChangeExample.cwp
  5. I suspect they mean MPE: MIDI Polyphonic Expression. 😉
  6. Yes, Dimension Pro works fine on Windows 10. Rapture Pro works too. I'm guessing you have something that is conflicting with it.
  7. You can use the Xbox Game Bar (built into Windows 10 and 11) to capture a video of any software, not only games.
  8. Have a look at the free "Glitch Free" ebook. It will likely have some good advice for you.
  9. See those arrows to the left of the word "Workspaces"? Click that icon.
  10. Start the Native Instruments "Service Center" app, click on "Help" and then "Visit the Native Instruments Support Homepage..." which will take you to the support page for your geographic location.
  11. Have a look at these recommendations. They discuss the pros and cons of each: The Best USB Audio Interfaces
  12. Perhaps one of these? The Best MIDI Interfaces for PC / Mac / iOS and More Sorry, these are MIDI only, not audio.
  13. Is this what you're looking for? Turn Your Arduino Uno Into an USB-HID-Mididevice
  14. Search the TTS-1 help file for "cutoff". You can use CC#74 to reduce the cut-off frequency of some instruments to change the "brightness" of the sound.
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