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  1. Have a look at these recommendations. They discuss the pros and cons of each: The Best USB Audio Interfaces
  2. Perhaps one of these? The Best MIDI Interfaces for PC / Mac / iOS and More Sorry, these are MIDI only, not audio.
  3. Is this what you're looking for? Turn Your Arduino Uno Into an USB-HID-Mididevice
  4. Search the TTS-1 help file for "cutoff". You can use CC#74 to reduce the cut-off frequency of some instruments to change the "brightness" of the sound.
  5. Here you go. 🤣 Oh you mean this one?
  6. This issue has been marked "Closed - Fixed" and Microsoft has provided a download for the fixed redistributable. 👍
  7. Microsoft have currently marked this issue as "Fixed - Pending Release"
  8. Upvoted. We'll see how long it takes Microsoft to fix it.
  9. See the section "Using Bluetooth devices in SONAR" in this blog post by Noel Borthwick.
  10. Note that the Roland MT-32 is not General MIDI, which is what the OP is looking for.
  11. You're welcome. Now have some fun!
  12. Did you read the Software instruments section of the documentation?
  13. If you create a small project that reproduces the problem, you can post it here and others can try it out and see if they experience the same thing you do.
  14. Does the same thing happen in Cakewalk by BandLab?
  15. When you look in the Event List view, do you see the extra notes or only the ones you recorded?
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