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Bitter and Twisted - original by the Forum Monkeys


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Hi folks

Here's a new original song from The Forum Monkeys.  

The Forum Monkeys are @Mesh, @Bapu and me. Additional backing vocals by the current Mrs Daryl1968

Lyrics below the link 

Bitter and Twisted
Written, performed and recorded by The Forum Monkeys
I used to be happy go lucky
Now I'm a grumpy old bloke
Now you're lucky if I'm happy
I'm not too fond of folk
I was the life and soul at parties
Drinking 'til the vodka ran dry
Now I'd rather sit on my front lawn and moan at the passers by
...and folks say that I've changed
My demeanour is strange
I'm bitter and twisted
My smile has desisted
My optimism isn't what it used to be
My spark was ignited
But now it's been slighted
Enthusiasm's left my vocabulary
So now I'm used to being this way
You can take me as I am
Old and grumpy is how I'll stay
Frankly I don't give a damn
....and folks say that I've changed
My demeanour's deranged
Chorus to end

Edited by daryl1968
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Brilliant indeed!!!  Great job guys.  Not only great performances, arrangement and mix but really great lyrics.  Now that I am old and retired, I have claimed the right to be an old grouch and I can relate to these lyrics.

It was a  treat to listen to this song.

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On 2/8/2021 at 7:27 PM, Hidden Symmetry said:

Very cool & excellent tune, unique writing style & the mix sounds great too.

Thanks so much - glad you enjoyed.

On 2/8/2021 at 10:03 PM, craigb said:

An anthem for 2020!  Good job all the way around.  🙂👍

Cheers me old mucker - hope you are well Craig

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