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[I really need to fix the graphics so they work with the embedded code!]

Made with CakeWalk by BandLab

(Description from SoundCloud)

Oxygen by Fred's Gratis Scores
CC-BY (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
High quality download.

A Wurlitzer, guitar and vocal slow it down in this 70 beat per minute piece and is joined by the orchestra to carry the theme.

This piece is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC-BY). You can download, listen, playlist, use in your videos, and create directive works both commercially and non-commercially. Have fun!

Instruments used in this piece:
- Audio Imperia Nucleus Lite Edition
- Spitfire Audio BBC Orchestra Discover
- Realitone Realivox Blue
- Bisonic Audio Keyzone Classic
- Spitfire Audio Labs Wurli
- SONiVOX Big Bang Orchestral Percussion
- AmpleSound Ample Guitar M II Lite


Edited by Fred's Gratis Scores
Added CakeWalk By BandLab reference.
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Oxygen . . . very beautiful, a good breathe of fresh air (pun intended ?) . . . I loved it beginning to end, orchestration, levels, all very well done !

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Nice!   Like this a lot. Really good mix,  and a nice orchestration. I really enjoyed the main theme, and the thematic development during the piece.  Also, I thought the mix of orchestra and  keyboards/guitar/voice was really effective. 

The only suggestion I'd make is possibly  a moment of dynamic variation later in the piece - maybe before the main theme gets stated in its fullest presentation, it might make for a nice contrast to pull the intensity right down for a bar or two, then bring it back with a bang.

Also,  a key change modulation somewhere  in here might be a nice touch, too. 

Those aren't criticism, just observations. I like really enjoyed listening to this. 



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I really liked this one - I got into the mood of the song - mellow and relaxing with a bit of melancholy - to my ears anyway.

The mix sounded quite good to me.

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Thanks for the comments everyone, it's good to hear I'm on the right track (or buss - I hate when I get on the wrong bus).

@garybrun, @Wookiee, @Douglas Kirby - thanks for the read on your monitors. I'm currently stuck with headphones mixes until we can get into a house and I can get my own room for my studio, so it's a constant battle with mix, check everywhere I can, rinse and repeat.

@Amicus717 I recently learned the technique of pulling down both as a transitional and contrast element. I like using it (especially now since I have a decent library of cinematic percussion), so you'll start to hear it used more in my later pieces coming soon to a discussion topic near you. :)

@noynekker - Pun taken and enjoyed!

Edited by Fred's Gratis Scores
Updated the "bus" pun.
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